My CP Rumor With The Movie Queen Has Gone Viral


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Ruan Jinghong is an unpopular female star.
Despite having a “a face drawn by God”, only have dramas where she were small support beggar characters, with make-up lowering her beauty.
(Mostly because she refuse to use her body to climb higher and/or have no background, in an entertainment industry where this kind of thing proliferate)

But one day, because the rich heir and top Movie Queen Wen Jin used her as a distraction shield for the livestreaming journalists after the reward ceremony, spectators were surprised by her perfect face (without make-up) and became curious about her.

Until soon the fans of Wen Jin discovered that Ruan collaborated with their goddess before in a drama.

Then because of brain supplement (imagination), fans that like “yuri”, fans that wont accept their goddess marrying a male, and the logic of “why did Wen Jin pick Ruan so far away as distraction despite dozens of people around?”, trollers, GL-appreciaters, and finally the fact Ruan’s face is so beautiful, able to rival Wen Jin,
~~~the CP (Couple Pairing by fans) of Wen x Ruan started, and in less than a day has gone viral~~

From simple screenshots, to funny edited GIFs with captions, and fanfic novels and drawings.

Looking at the 500 000+ fans of [Wen x Ruan] on Weibo, Ruan Jinghong is very confused.
Ruan : “I obviously never said a word to her and she simply used me as shield, so why do everyone is saying that i am in a underground (=secret) relationship with her since 4years ago??? Shouldnt I as a participant know it beforehand ??????”
Next day
To profit from this new topic popularity, the popular variety show “Holiday Saturday” that had actress Wen Jin participating in the episode, invited Ruan Jinghong.

(Lazy) Ruan : “The show just wants to profit by firing up the CP, right? I’m just a basic wage earner, I don’t want to fire up the CP ! Its too much trouble ! Isnt it better to sleep and play videogames !?” _(:3」∠)_

(Kind but tired of Ruan’s laziness) Female Manager : “Refuse the invitation and your basic salary will also be gone”

Ruan Jinghong ٩(^ᴗ^)۶ : “Did i say i didn’t want to join ? I mispoke i meant i am really happy to join !!!!”
[“Big deal, on the show, I’ll just try to distance myself from her”] —————————————–
During the show

Ruan style to avoid suspicion #1: Keep a distance, avoid intimacy.
CP fans (≧∇≦*): “Ruan is so cute running away like a kitten from the big wolf Wen!!!”

Ruan style to avoid suspicion #2: Addressing honorifics, showing unfamiliarity.
CP fans (≧∇≦*): “Acting cold to Goddess ! Clearly its a cold war fight that couples often do !!!”

Ruan style to avoid suspicion #3: Lack of tacit understanding, performance of unfamiliarity.
CP fans (≧∇≦*): “No tacit understanding but still very affectionate, what a perfect love !!!! JinRuan CP FOREVER !!!!!!!!!! When is the marriage !!!! Everyone call your family members to support them !!!”

Random viewers (⊙ᗜ⊙) : “We thought that like other CPs of stars that this CP was fake, but we didn’t expect them to look so good together and that this CP to be true. We also support your love !”

Ruan ╥﹏╥ : “I just wanted to be lazy and get the paycheck of the program group !!!! Why did the CP turn even more popular !!!!”

Wen (*^.^*) : “Ruan Jing ? I need your help for the script, can you join me in my room at 10pm?”

Ruan : “? Ok.” (⑅⌒_⌒⑅)ノ
2months later, whole internet bless their relationship

Ruan (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞ : “My wife is too fierce !!!!!! Someone help !!!!”
Wen (^∀^) : “You can’t run away now, its too late. The room is soundproof, no one will hear even if you break your throat~”

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My CP Rumor With The Movie Queen Has Fallen Off The Horse
Wǒ de yǐng hòu fēi jiān cp diào mǎle
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June 10, 2023
Status: --
50 chapters in and somehow I already feel that this story is a hidden gem.

First off, my love to the translator: The translation is clear and easy to read and understand. The translator is thorough and thoughtful with their TL notes.

For the story itself, like it's said in the summary, this is not a dog-blood novel. It's a sweet and funny romance. In some ways the setup is fairly typical with the high achieving "cold" FL paired with the newbie "little fool" FL, but I would like to note some... more>> small things that make this different and especially lovable to me.

Ruan JingHong/Ruan Meow Meow- Our little fool. But she is not JUST a little fool. Ruan Jinghong is actually quite an intelligent and grounded character, but like most people, she has areas where she is more inexperienced and her strengths aren't always on full display. Ruan Jinghong is a dance major with a love of literature and liberal arts, it's also implied she has a more humble and financially troubled upbringing who entered the entertainment industry purely because it would make more money and she needs the income. Her character strengths reflect this. She's a very capable cook, is clearly skilled at dance, and has a broad knowledge of analyzing media, especially analyzing character emotions. But that doesn't mean that she is also a master of analyzing live human emotions, even though she definitely tries. Despite her "naive" personality, she is actually the more realistically minded of the CP, initially putting financial stability and professional fulfillment over romance. In fact, she is only really all that naive given the type of company she's surrounded by: actors and idols who are more experienced in drumming up hype for themselves, manipulating audience perception and navigating reality show production staff tricks.

Wen Jin/ Teacher Wen/ Queen Wen- Cool and capable Movie Queen. OP and black-bellied. While being a lot more experienced with the entertainment industry, Wen Jin is also humanized by her own set of blind spots. Wen Jin is a love fool through and through, as soon as she realizes that what she feels for Ruan Jinghong is romantic attraction she's immediately all in. The ultimate simp hidden behind a mask of perfection. Girl basically has wedding bells going off in her head every time she sees Ruan Jinghong, no one ships the CP harder than she does lmao. As someone blinded by love, Wen Jin can act surprisingly childish despite being the older of the two. Where Ruan Jinghong is able to see the possible consequences of their CP going viral, Wen Jin is basically single-mindedly focused on seducing Ruan, even sometimes forgetting that her little tricks are going to be broadcast on TV. Wen Jin is often described as being like a tiger, but to me she's like a cheeky little fox.

Overall, I am loving this story so far. The interactions between the two make me laugh and the side characters are also very cute and fun. <<less
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Fossil rated it
August 3, 2023
Status: c76
I was really enjoying this story. But, I can’t after this chapter. Dropping as such.


Basically, Wen Jin sexually assaults Raun Jinghong while she, Ruan Jinghong, is drunk and asleep.

If Ruan was conscious or something I’d be okay with it more but... no. That’s not what I want. Especially since that’s how they confess to each other? It’s just... not how I’m wanting to read something.

7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Frosty_Witch rated it
August 22, 2023
Status: c76
So I am reviewing it right now after catching upto ch 76 after reading review of "Fossil" they certainly leaved many things out in their spoiler and faulting it all on wen so I am gonna explain it more and I understand if you think otherwise from me and wanted to drop it

... more>>

so they said she basically assaulted raun in her sleep which is not all the truth so let's see what happened

At this moment they are pretty much in love with each other and Ruan feels inferiority complex that's why she doesn't accept her feelings

So ruan was getting lessons on acting from wen on how she (wen) was able to act sorrow of drunk in her movie amazingly so she (ruan) had to drink to feel tipsy for every time she (ruan) practiced in which she (ruan) got completely drunk and made advancements on wen clinging to her so wen took ruan to bed and leave but ruan made wen sleep next her and in her drunkenness touched her "everywhere" and in retaliation wen returned her advancements (which were quite a lot imo) to her

So let's see now Fossil said that wen sexually assaulted ruan which feels like complete stretch to me, you could say it s*xual harassment I might have believed you if ruan hasn't made the first advancement. It's the same as saying you made advancement towards your crush and then they made advancement towards and you called them s*xual assaulter

And one more thing the they didn't go all the way wen controlled herself and it was kissing (not on the lips) and playing with her.. Melon?? Whatever you wanna call them. You certainly can say it was too much but I don't think so afterall ruan already likes wen she didn't feel "assaulted" by her

Td;lr: ruan got drunk and made advancements toward wen in her drunken state and got handled by wen who got seduced by her drunken advancements and lost her restraint which she had been controlling from the start

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Cactiii rated it
August 26, 2023
Status: c113
At first I enjoyed this novel, there were parts that I think could of been done better but it was overall pretty good. I started to lose interest around chapter 76 and after that point there was just a lot that I didn't like causing me to drop the story at 113.
Details on why:
... more>>

So the beginning is pretty good I think, when they were on the one tv show I think there were parts where it went on very long for things I barely cared about like the murder mystery but overall I think it was pretty good. I think the story started to go downhill once they started getting together. There are also other things that I think were pretty bad like the famous female lead realizing that they were friends (the other female lead did not know that her online friend and famous female lead were the same person) and this was taken advantage of a lot, which I feel like could destroy a relationship, especially because it was intentional. Not that I've advocating for this but the famous female lead should of at least left hints by mentioning similar things happening to her, that way at least when its revealed she can play dumb. At chapter 76 (I'm assuming, taking this chapter # from another review pointing out this issue, the famous female leads takes advantage of the other female lead when they were drunk (To clarify the female lead committing the s*xual assaults was not drunk) which is always a issue with a novel, although I kind of skipped over it and just pretended it didn't happen. (As a note I was skim reading that part so while I know it happened I don't actually remember much about it, hence why I'm not making it a bigger issue since in a lot of novels this is a huge issue that I would probably instantly drop for since with most novels you need to like the main cast and this is something that would make you hate them. I really think the author should of at least made the famous female lead drunk or something when doing it... It wouldn't excuse the action but it would at least add a level of accident to it, where right now it is literally just them taking advantage of the other person being drunk.
Anyway, the part of this novel that really made me dislike it and make me stop caring is two things. First once they got together the novel felt like it was becoming more of a smut and flirting novel, and I just got tired very fast of basically the same conversations happening. The other bigger issue that made me actually drop it (To clarify I was dissatisfied but would probably continue reading because content, but this made me drop it) was the entire case where the less well-know female lead was kidnapped. To give some context on the arc, the famous female lead had a guy who was obsessed with her and he got jealous causing him to target the (I'm just going to call her cat female lead now, shortened to CFL) cat female lead. To do this he worked with an actor who disliked CFL due to a misunderstanding and hired the part-time director. It started with a threat from the actor he hired, I'm just going to call her bit*h because I forgot her name and she acts like a b*tch. Anyway, bit*h threatened her to leave the cast which she ignored, then later that night an anon from the group chat for that project sent her a bunch of graphic images of actors dying in accidents which the famous FL sees causing her to send her aid with the CFL. When the famous FL asks if there was anything suspicious we get to my first issue. The CFL for whatever reason, decides to not mention the fact that someone literally threatened her. Now, this pisses me off because its dumb and prevents the famous FL from adding protections, but I can excuse it because its the first time and it could be excused with not wanting to worry the other person. But then the next day on set when she is on wires not one but two issues occurred due to tampering, and even at this point there is still no action being done. At this point you have threatening pictures sent, then on camera tempering with machines that could lead to a serious injury or death, and yet nobody decides to contact the police or even investigate. At this point the CFL still doesn't say shit, its still not being mentioned. I for the life of me cannot understand this, at this point its just pure negligence that she got kidnapped, caused by them lacking the most basic communication skills on both ends while also not taking any kind of percussion other than sending an aid. Then surprise surprise she gets kidnapped. At this point b*tch, who is backing out because she doesn't want to get involved with murder and just wanted to get CFL to quit the set, realizes the issue but instead of just contacting the police with the information she knows, instead she decides to go to the location sent to her by the evil guy and only after seeing the car there calls the police. Why. What is even the point... You have a strong suspicion that she was kidnapped, you have evidence of someone wanting to plot the crime, but instead of reporting it so the police can arrive sooner instead she decides to follow for no reason delaying help for the entire travel time for no reason. Then this dumbassary continues further with the famous female lead going to the location and entering with only 6 guards... Again, this is just so f*cking s*upid, you have no idea what is inside or how many people there are. What would you do if there was a significant number. I know that its a f*cking novel so everything will work out but during this entire arc the characters who are suppose to be smart just continue to make the absolute s*upidest decisions. So many modern novels do this type of thing, where they have a situation like this occur and then nobody decides to call the f*cking police for some reason. What would they have done if the CFL didn't get lucky by having the evil guy be a dumbass giving her a chance to lock herself in a room and protect herself? The book doesn't go into details but its explained that there was a camera and something about scandal's so she probably would of been violated and had that be uploaded ruining her life. This is caused from so many issues on so many fronts that its just plain s*upidity... After receiving the threat they don't tell the director or someone in charge... After having the machinery tampered with it at no point gets investigated (by the actual staff)... When the vice-producer suddenly wants to reshoot some scenes at night nobody thinks anything of it (idk if this is normal in china)... When someone thinks she was kidnapped they don't call the police... There are just so so so many things that make me feel like every single character lacks a single thought since not once are the police involved until after everything is resolved. Of course everything is resolved because its a book but it just really makes me hate every single character. The entire arc is just bad, I really don't know why so many authors add these because I have never once seen one of these arcs executed in a good way. They work (barely) in isekai novels because the person who does the saving has powers, but with these modern day ones there are police, laws, regulations, ect. Idk, it just really bothers me how characters that have been built up to be smart are then displaying idiotic actions solely for the sake of a bad plot.

0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
cly1212 rated it
August 24, 2023
Status: Completed
Actual Rating: 4 stars for the story, 5 stars for the fluff and since this is my personal project, I'm biased

Feel good read, simple story that doesn't require too much thinking. Just a perfect read when you're tired from school/work or after reading another emotionally heavy novel, the author's take on a template about a slightly ditzy MC (Ruan Jinghong) and a cold on the outside, warm on the inside high mountain flower FL (Wen Jin).

Like in every novel, misunderstanding and miscommunication plays a big role in so many comedic,... more>> ridiculous (sometimes frustrating) and most of the times super fluff events.

Ruan Jinghong is a silly beauty but not to the point of being annoyingly dumb (in my opinion), her assumptions were just clouded by her fan filter and inferiority complex. She views Wen Jin as a Goddess; unreachable and faultless, and is ought to be worshipped on the altar. While she views herself as a lowly commoner that doesn't deserve love, and doesn't need to enter any romantic relationships, as to why, this will be explained on a later chapter.

Wen Jin is a bit OP for me but hey, who doesn't love a CEO/Movie Queen who uses all her resources to protect her baby?

Also most of the supporting characters are adorable (hating on author for not giving the side CP a special chapter 😭).

The inner thoughts and the fans comments are funny too.

A slight bump on Chapter 76. The questionable scene wasn't really depicted in detail but it was mentioned by one of the characters that this and that was done. And yes, it was still an uncomfortable read (for me). Makes you question your beliefs and author's beliefs, which I think is a good thing. Reading the author's note made me see her take on a real social issue, I can see some sense in them but I don't think I totally agree.

I don't think it was because of cultural differences because many readers on the original platfrom were also peeved, I guess it really depends on the person.

Whether to drop the whole novel or not because of this, also really depends on the reader.

As for me, 148 chapters of fluff outweighed that 1 disappointing chapter. Probably because

1. My moral threshold (in reading these kinds of novels) is super low and my tolerance to Yuri is super high

2. This is fiction, my personal take on pop culture: watch or read and then decide whether to like, brush off or condemn. Otherwise with so many red-flag infested CN novels, I won't be able to finish even just one. 3. I suffered from Stockholm Syndrome with the characters.

And I don't think I regret pushing through. The ending was satisfying, the novel promised sugar in my mouth and it was indeed delivered. <<less
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