My Cold Gentle Husband


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“Boss, Madam wants to play a role in a movie.”

“Invest in a movie and make her the lead role!”

“Boss, Madam wants to be a model…”

“Bring international models for her to use as a stepping stone!”

“Boss… Madam wants to be a singer…”

“Buy 1 million copies in advance!”

In her past life, Bai Qingyan hurt the man who loved her. He looked at her lovingly as he fell to his death and she realized she loved him all too late. To live a life once again, she vowed to grasp this happiness with him. No longer will she regret.

“Who calls my name? You aren’t worthy! Also, it’s time to pay off the debt and enmity incurred from the past. Are you ready?”

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Chóngshēng Yúlè Quān: HI, Dìguó zǒngcái!
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New _chkmng rated it
May 30, 2020
Status: c128
Honestly, I can't understand why there are bad reviews for this book.

Yes, it is very frustrating to read, and very dramatic, and the character's decisions are questionable, but I think it is a great book, especially if you typically read wattpad ffs.

It is a good book, but you will question the characters' behavior; like if your husband is seen hugging or kissing someone else. But I generally think that this book is good, but I can't tell if it is good in later chapters, as it is not completely translated... more>> when I am writing this review. <<less
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New BakaNekotin rated it
May 9, 2020
Status: c300
This novel is just total garbage. The stereotype domineering obssesed Male Lead and a useless Female Lead is just effin CRINGEY! The FL's only crowning glory is the ML's emotional obssession to her. There are many FL that has the same stereotype as this one, you know, orphan, pitiful past, stellar student, etc.. but Bai Qingyan is a bad botched female lead that sucks every life force out of the male lead. Aagh!!! Frigin cringey! She does nothing but mostly acts pitiful, cries, couquettish, gets angry and jealous then replay... more>> the whole thing. As the Chinese proverb says... She is a useless vase (beautiful but shallow woman). The ML is not any better. He is obsessed to the FL to the point of being retarded (literally). Oh! Another thing, everyone else in the story were an EFFIN megalomaniac, obssessed, narcissitic, shameless cannon fodders. Yes. That is exactly it. It is like every men and women in the story are high on drugs and delusional for the ML and FL.

I'd say, the story is a better plot for a cannon fodder/villainess rebirth story. Bai Qingyan is just a perfect sandbag for a better reincarnated cannon fodder/villain turned FL. <<less
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blazikens rated it
April 16, 2019
Status: c10
Another modern rebirth type novel that seemed promising due to the summary, but ended up falling seriously short. I really should stop having even low expectations for these type of novels. Seriously, all I ask for is coherent enough writing, no abuse/r*pe, and at least a likeable, if not strong MC and ML....

But the first few chapters already told me everything I needed to know - and the added spoilers from the previous review just reinforced my decision to drop this:

... more>>

The story starts off w/ the man who the MC loved killing her husband (ML) and her, but the fact is that author just drops us in the middle of the scene w/ no warning and barely any explanation of who is who, what is going on, where this scene is taking place, etc. It makes it extremely hard to connect to the characters, and it's not helped by the fact that..... the writing was really melodramatic and cringeworthy - adding that to the fact that I didn't understand / know anything about any of the characters beyond superficial info, I just couldn't get into it. Like I get it's the beginning and we're not going to know much about the characters from the get go, but it all happened so fast, it felt empty and very unrealistic.

And the shift to the rebirth was so abrupt....I just couldn't. I get the author is avoiding the typical info-dump, but she went too far and it just feels like I'm reading about cookie-cutter characters jumping about lmao. Add to that the typical scumbag and white lotus villainess in the next chapters.....I'm out.


The MC in the first few chapters already seems really dumb, like she managed to turn around the first event after her rebirth.... but she didn't really use her intelligence, it was quite simple to see what she had to do lol. Also... she's so dumb when dealing w/ the ML - of course he's going to treat you coldly if you mention the scumbag he still believes you love!!!

And if the spoilers from the previous review are true, I'm not going to stick around for an ML that abuses the MC, even if "loves" her lol. This is why I'm so tired of "powerful, cold, and possessive" CEO type MLs, they're just really psychopaths. <<less
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Sariska rated it
October 18, 2019
Status: Completed
The setup is interesting: the FL was a woman who in her first life manipùlated her husband the ML who truly loved her in order to make her lover, his nephew get all his assets and ended up betrayed and murdered by him. At the end of her life, the FL finds she did actually love her husband, rebirths and decides to treat him better in her second life but it turns out now her husband is acting cold towards her and she doesn't know why. ... more>>

He rebirthed like the FL. He knows she married him with hidden intentions and doesn't trust her but still loves her and is conflicted.


The story then moves on, she enters the entertainment circle, receives some scheming and they start to understand and trust each other, all fine and dandy until the last arcs where the author decided to ruin all that development.

I am going to rant because this really made me angry.


It would not be a chinese novel without some ridiculous long separation and misunderstanding. Finally after three, three! years of marriage, FL gets pregnant. The couple by now have been through a lot and fully love and trust each other, oh so fluffy but noooo, the ML's evil scheming jealous assistant (who by now has repeatedly plotted against the FL and even got punished by the ML for some of her "errors") pushes down the three month pregnant FL down the stairs, causing a miscarriage. Finally the FL who by now has gotten fed up of tolerating the assistant because she is important to the ML decides to tell him that she got pushed down the stairs by that evil bi***, killing their baby.

Since they have three years of solid marriage, they have crushed menaces who wanted to separate them and they repeatedly confirmed that love and trust of each other by now, he should believe her right?, right? right? well... NO.

He gets remembers his past life when the FL wrongly accused the assistant pushing her down the stairs and causing their miscarriage (it was her cousin who did it then) as part of the nephew's plot to weaken the ML. He does not believe the FL now and thinks she is still hung on his nephew (this is ridiculous cuz by now he has been dealt with and out of the picture for a long time) and fully trusts his assistant when she says the FL fell on her own in purpose. In front of evil assistant he tells her he is dissapointed with her and abandons her choosing the evil bi***, serves her divorce papers (while she is still in the hospital room!) and in order to make this story more dramatic gets shot by his stepmother making him fall into a coma. FL is heartbroken, she lost her baby and her husband who she thought truly loved her decided to abandon her and stay with his assistant. She rebirthed and still lost everything in her second chance at life.

Five years later, the FL is back with her father's family (found him, yay!) and hasn't gotten over her lost child, keeing a room with her sonogram pictures and baby clothes. She encounters the ML again (who is very sick and dying with a bullet in his head) and he has a cute daughter who turns out to be that three month old fetus that the FL supposedly miscarried and got saved in some ridiculous way, of course the ML still believes that the FL tried to kill her own child, still believes his female assistant who is still with him and pretty much has the wife role and bullies the daughter while the ML is not looking. Hell, the male assistant who knew the female assistant's obsession with the ML asked the FL why they got divorced, and after getting the answer tells his boss that the evil assistant has been love with him for a long time, that he slipped out their madam was pregnant in order to make her give it up, fully believes the female assistant pushed her and feels guilty of indirectly causing that. Does the ML believe him? NOOO.

Only until the second attempt at hypnosis does the truth come out and the ML regrets how he didn't trust her and ruthlessly separated mother and daughter because he trusted an outsider instead of his wife that has been through through thick and thin for three years, by then she has proved she loved only him and rejected the nephew in from of him a long time ago and he should have know that his present life was not the same as his past life and as far he knew, the present version of his wife didn't wrong him. He gets all angsty and stabs himself with a knife because "he wanted to experience Yan Yan's heartbreak" half assed grovel my ass. The FL tells him off but quickly forgives him takes him back because she loves him and he is dying blah blah blah.

Oh, and the evil assistant is the lost daughter of the villain guy who is enemy of FL's father, after she gets crippled after being repeatedly pushed down the stairs as punishment and sent back to her family she plots to get the daughter claiming she is hers and the ML's test tube baby with a DNA test. What does the ML do? he immediately trusts her and feels disgusted with the daughter rejecting her. This is some ridiculous drama, the FL still tries to verify the truth but the characters are idiots and instead of using the FL's blood sample they use the evil assistant's without thinking it would be one of her plots but whatever. More angst about the ML dying and got operated and healed, is known the FL's father has been wearing a green hat for 30 years, mom gets found, the gifts FL received as a teenager were revealed to be from ML, second wedding (the proposal was in the same bloody hospital room where he divorced her while she was mourning her lost child), the main couple reveal to each other their rebirth, blah blah blah, end.

The person who the ML trusts the most in the world is the evil assistant. They should have ended up together, if the ML didn't have mysophobia with the FL being the only exception, I bet he would have gotten drunk, bedded and married the evil assistant in heartbreak after divorcing FL or maybe not since he would have abandoned the FL just after his rebirth (with good reason since by then he was distrustful of her).


The story was decent, even good with some fluff until the later parts. It got so ridiculous later on just to add some drama. Oh, and the ML fell in love with the FL at first sight while she was 15 and he was 23, talk about being a cradle robber.

Maybe if he revealed himself and told her back then he was the one that sent the gifts he could have avoided all that trouble.

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MintQueen rated it
October 9, 2019
Status: end
Fu*k I wish I read the novel spoiler before I read this abused novel.. "Cold Gentle Husband" my ass... more>>

the ML is douchebg, he went behind FL’s back to save the child and separated them for 4-5 years! FL lived all that time thinking her daughter’s dead And when the truth was found out the ML was like oh I’m so sorry here’s a knife, you can hurt me all you want and he stabbed himself because he wanted to know what was the pain the FL had like and got himself into a coma, playing the pity card and everyone was like, oh forgive him AND what FL do? Act all lovey dovey and very concern about the ML! Forgive ML very easily! Are you s*upid!!!

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Sarah018 rated it
April 12, 2019
Status: c100
Its the same rebirth, revenge story. Im a sucker for such stories so I couldnt help but read this. But MC and MLs characters seriously piss me off.

... more>>

MC is reborn and wants to love ML but seriously whenever ML is abit different from her previous life shes like he doesnt love me, I wanna divorce. At one point she realises that MLs mood changes whenever she talks or visits his nephew and thinks he must be mad and what did she do about that? NOTHING. If you love someone and want them to love you back them you need to show them love not seduce them, girl there is something called talk and showing love. Kissing and xxx isnt gonna solve the problem



I dont know what the f*ck is wrong with ML sometimes he is just so idiot. You cant just abuse her then say Im not gonna hurt her and then hurt her again. Boy you are rich and powerful for f*cking sake you are gonna know truth if you investigate.


This novel is full of web of misunderstandings and I really hope to see character growth. I didnt see any character growth till now but I really hope MC and ML grow some brains. <<less
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pokeito rated it
May 7, 2019
Status: Completed
Can't chinese authors just make it short and not too dramatic?

I mean, this novel, like most chinese novel, starts out good and after a few hundred chapters.... it's a MESS

The story is just messy. Rebirth, drama, make up, drama, divorce, more drama, make up, drama, remarry, MORE DRAMA and it continues on and on and on and on
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elish rated it
June 4, 2019
Status: --
A mess. It has a general plot that I like, which is A second chance story where the MC realized how much ML loves her at the end of their life and in the other life, chase after him and treat him better. But this story is disgusting, the MC, the repeated s*upid cringy misunderstanding, and how none of them use their brain or tried to understand each other.

The MC at the start tried to atone all the wrongdoings she had done to her husband (ML) by calling him and visiting his company. But. But she didn't show any move to get close to him, she just keep complaining and making her husband misunderstand her intention, never making or doing anything clearly. When her husband act cold, she claims that he didn't love her anymore.. She shouldn't have fall in love with him.. Blablabla.. Like wtf??!! She's so weak-willed, spoiled, dense, and completely dumb.

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mintgirly rated it
May 5, 2019
Status: c12
The classical rebirth revenge plot, the characters are deprived of intelligence. She wants to take revenge on his former love cos he manipulated her So she scammed her husband, and betrayed him. She preferred to blame everything on him. She did not even realize she was the problem.
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freedommm rated it
December 20, 2019
Status: c51
  • This book is horrible ! Firstly, all the side characters seems so s*upid. They just yell at MC and try to insult her but somehow ending up complimenting. There was this girl who hated the MC and blamed her for getting her look through plastic surgery, when the MC denied it she said:"No way, how can you be so beautiful!! " 'cause thats what you would say to a person that you hate. Come on?!
  • ML is a total failure. He is a educated, talented person then how come he is constantly lushing out to his employees. Everyone seems to be super scared of him. All I saw a man with anger management issues, he wasn't attractive at all. Just get some therapy, dude.
  • I don't even want to mention the interaction between the ML and the MC! I read this far just so that I could see how they became a couple. I thought it will be easy. They are already in love with each other. She is the ML's whole world. So what could go wrong? Just misunderstanding and miscommunication over and over... Just sit down and talk to each other that's how human communicate! They just tried to guess what other's thinking and they guessed wrong every time!
  • I sent my respects to the translator for their quality of their work but they wasting their talent on this book! A total waste of time.
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Shortk rated it
March 19, 2020
Status: c103
I feel so much DUMB heartache. This is a rollercoaster we don't need. It's this CONSTANT misunderstanding, indifference, and then s*x reconciliation and again and again and again... I'm exhausted and just no.
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amilah123 rated it
January 10, 2020
Status: c9
I dropped this sh*t.

I was really disappointed. I read the synopsis and the first chapter and thought this has potential to be good. But NOPE. The mFL is s*upid after rebirth. The ML us s*upid as well. Even other male leads in the genre are possive, dyeharted wife fanatics but he takes it to a whole other level. Like the plot went left real quick. There are too many misunderstandings and it doesnt seem it will be solved anytime soon loking at other reviews. And the supporting character have no... more>> depth to them. Just over all not one of the best rebirth novels. Dont even bother. <<less
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laexdream rated it
July 31, 2019
Status: c26
I wanted to like this story. This story could have been promising. It could have been really fluffy... But the ML is braindead, constantly punishing the MC by making her jealous, and then feeling guilty about it and turning it around. The MC goes from feeling hurt to being enraged about it, but also guilty due to her past life... I just felt really jerked around.

My three stars is for the translator, for doing such a good job.
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QueenShiro rated it
February 11, 2020
Status: --
okay at first I think it will be good. You know A good story a good plot. It's going well at first but I keep reading and somehow I just feel it's wierd. How the character act or do things. How can you just brush it off when you caught your husband kissing someone?!. Anyway its just wierd
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SamSam rated it
April 18, 2020
Status: Completed
i absolutely hate those kind of chinese webnovels, free violence, free s*upidity, free drama, so absurd etc in an all disjointed story... actually there is no storyline. The ML is a super bastard and the FL, a super useless one BUT I still had a look randomly JUST BECAUSE I'm looking for a time killer and I was so dead with all those comments, really all it's already said LOL. I can't believe there is a public, seriously. However, you can enjoy it if it's your style. At least, the... more>> translator is making a good job (my stars are just for him/her) ! <<less
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