My Cold Gentle Husband


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“Boss, Madam wants to play a role in a movie.”

“Invest in a movie and make her the lead role!”

“Boss, Madam wants to be a model…”

“Bring international models for her to use as a stepping stone!”

“Boss… Madam wants to be a singer…”

“Buy 1 million copies in advance!”

In her past life, Bai Qingyan hurt the man who loved her. He looked at her lovingly as he fell to his death and she realized she loved him all too late. To live a life once again, she vowed to grasp this happiness with him. No longer will she regret.

“Who calls my name? You aren’t worthy! Also, it’s time to pay off the debt and enmity incurred from the past. Are you ready?”

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Chóngshēng Yúlè Quān: HI, Dìguó zǒngcái!
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New laexdream rated it
July 31, 2019
Status: c26
I wanted to like this story. This story could have been promising. It could have been really fluffy... But the ML is braindead, constantly punishing the MC by making her jealous, and then feeling guilty about it and turning it around. The MC goes from feeling hurt to being enraged about it, but also guilty due to her past life... I just felt really jerked around.

My three stars is for the translator, for doing such a good job.
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blazikens rated it
April 16, 2019
Status: c10
Another modern rebirth type novel that seemed promising due to the summary, but ended up falling seriously short. I really should stop having even low expectations for these type of novels. Seriously, all I ask for is coherent enough writing, no abuse/r*pe, and at least a likeable, if not strong MC and ML....

But the first few chapters already told me everything I needed to know - and the added spoilers from the previous review just reinforced my decision to drop this:

... more>>

The story starts off w/ the man who the MC loved killing her husband (ML) and her, but the fact is that author just drops us in the middle of the scene w/ no warning and barely any explanation of who is who, what is going on, where this scene is taking place, etc. It makes it extremely hard to connect to the characters, and it's not helped by the fact that..... the writing was really melodramatic and cringeworthy - adding that to the fact that I didn't understand / know anything about any of the characters beyond superficial info, I just couldn't get into it. Like I get it's the beginning and we're not going to know much about the characters from the get go, but it all happened so fast, it felt empty and very unrealistic.

And the shift to the rebirth was so abrupt....I just couldn't. I get the author is avoiding the typical info-dump, but she went too far and it just feels like I'm reading about cookie-cutter characters jumping about lmao. Add to that the typical scumbag and white lotus villainess in the next chapters.....I'm out.


The MC in the first few chapters already seems really dumb, like she managed to turn around the first event after her rebirth.... but she didn't really use her intelligence, it was quite simple to see what she had to do lol. Also... she's so dumb when dealing w/ the ML - of course he's going to treat you coldly if you mention the scumbag he still believes you love!!!

And if the spoilers from the previous review are true, I'm not going to stick around for an ML that abuses the MC, even if "loves" her lol. This is why I'm so tired of "powerful, cold, and possessive" CEO type MLs, they're just really psychopaths. <<less
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Sarah018 rated it
April 12, 2019
Status: c100
Its the same rebirth, revenge story. Im a su**er for such stories so I couldnt help but read this. But MC and MLs characters seriously piss me off.

... more>>

MC is reborn and wants to love ML but seriously whenever ML is abit different from her previous life shes like he doesnt love me, I wanna divorce. At one point she realises that MLs mood changes whenever she talks or visits his nephew and thinks he must be mad and what did she do about that? NOTHING. If you love someone and want them to love you back them you need to show them love not seduce them, girl there is something called talk and showing love. Kissing and x** isnt gonna solve the problem



I dont know what the **** is wrong with ML sometimes he is just so idiot. You cant just abuse her then say Im not gonna hurt her and then hurt her again. Boy you are rich and powerful for ****ing sake you are gonna know truth if you investigate.


This novel is full of web of misunderstandings and I really hope to see character growth. I didnt see any character growth till now but I really hope MC and ML grow some brains. <<less
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pokeito rated it
May 7, 2019
Status: Completed
Can't chinese authors just make it short and not too dramatic?

I mean, this novel, like most chinese novel, starts out good and after a few hundred chapters.... it's a MESS

The story is just messy. Rebirth, drama, make up, drama, divorce, more drama, make up, drama, remarry, MORE DRAMA and it continues on and on and on and on
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June 4, 2019
Status: --
A mess. It has a general plot that I like, which is A second chance story where the MC realized how much ML loves her at the end of their life and in the other life, chase after him and treat him better. But this story is disgusting, the MC, the repeated stupid cringy misunderstanding, and how none of them use their brain or tried to understand each other.

The MC at the start tried to atone all the wrongdoings she had done to her husband (ML) by calling him and visiting his company. But. But she didn't show any move to get close to him, she just keep complaining and making her husband misunderstand her intention, never making or doing anything clearly. When her husband act cold, she claims that he didn't love her anymore.. She shouldn't have fall in love with him.. Blablabla.. Like wtf??!! She's so weak-willed, spoiled, dense, and completely dumb.

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mintgirly rated it
May 5, 2019
Status: c12
The classical rebirth revenge plot, the characters are deprived of intelligence. She wants to take revenge on his former love cos he manipulated her So she scammed her husband, and betrayed him. She preferred to blame everything on him. She did not even realize she was the problem.
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