My Cold and Beautiful Wife


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A part-time job contract. He became the cold CEO’s imitation boyfriend. He merely wanted to earn a few small bucks and live a comfortable life, but a pity, he was in constant turmoil since then. Well, life had something else for him despite his wishes.“That… beauty, will there be an increase in wages for conversion from ‘boyfriend’ to ‘husband’?”

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cencourang rated it
November 15, 2019
Status: c1200
Update reviews up to chapter 1200..

Huh... I really don't know how to say this, but really, this author really can't handle romance story. If the romance only sub plot or just side story that we can ignore, this novel would be great. But no, Romance is major plot for this novel, and again, author bring his style from MWBC to this novel.

Lets talk about what makes this novels more superior than MWBC.

    • The MC. In the beginning, we got premise Ye Fan character that even tho he got backstory that "mercenary or whatever his mysterious background is", he really try to became normal people. He's more easy going, not easily got triggered by enemy, and kinda working hard in normal society. For example, he later work as assistant in his Girlfriend company. When he got personal office, 1st thing that he wanted to do is playing video game (just like MC MWBC), but when he got something to work, he will working on it. Not slacking by teasing other female worker, grope them, or whatever. What makes him more fun character, he know how to respect woman. Can you believe, this story didn't have s*x scene up until ch 250+? Yes, he respect the woman he love, with understood their feeling by not selfishly f*cking them. He want to make their heart became his, and want to accept him as a person. Thats a good guy right there.
    • The main heroine. She is a lot more better than main heroine in MWBC. Her character are straight Tsundere, nothing more. If you read or watch japanese manga, novel or anime, I think you understand how Tsundere character works. They only can't be honest with their feeling, but when the moment is right, their will be honest. Thats her characters. She is not annoying, she just got trauma by her childhood, thats why he quite hard to open her heart to a man. But slowly, she accept not only how MC behave, how MC have woman beside her, and how to she tried to understand MC. Later, she tried to cultivate yo!
    • The premise is almost the same as MWBC, but the pace are more fun to read.
So, what makes this novel a bummer?

  • Just like what I said in the beginning, slowly this novel became MWBC. Even the MC slowly became Yang Chen, yes, slowly he became self righteous bastard.. Lets talk about other thing first. This author just can't stop to add "MORE" harem member. 50 chapter already got 5 harem member. around 150+ already 8 I believe (I forgot), and maybe still more in the future. The problem with this is, the progress and development of MC and main heroine became pain in the ass, its the same as the progress and develpment between MC and main heroine in MWBC. The simple example is, we got 3/4 chapter that told the story how sweet these two, they slowly close their gap, and we got sweet moment, especially in this novel, like I said above, the main heroine not pain in the ass, even tho she is tsundere, she is not that hard to get closed. She is honest and straight forward. She even told MC that he need to honest to her and at least tell her if he isn't going home (in tsundere style), and MC said "YES". You know what will happen right? We got 3/4 chapter of sweet moment, and the next 1/2 chapter, MC getting caught or do something with other woman and the progression back to zero again. At the beginning, this plot works, because these two understand that they are just in contract, even the main heroine accepted MC have relationship with other woman. But this happen a lot in the story and later, when they already married, and main heroine already try to make their relationship work, this keep happening again and again. Even I feel bad for the main heroine. Can you imagine your husband f*cking a woman while in video call, and justify it with "This is the only way to save you" (because at that moment, his wife got caught by female assassins, and he f*ck the leader). The heroine accept it, and later that female assassins became his wife bodyguard and the MC still f*ck with the leader even though his wife didn't like it. MC slowly became self righteous bastard just like Yang Chen, the fun part was when main heroine met with her classmate, and her classmate flirt with her. MC getting angry. WTF dude? You can f*ck with other woman, even tho your wife didn't like it and you still doing it, and somehow some friends flirt with your wife and you getting angry? LOL.. Later, the bodyguard woman getting force to get married again, so MC doesn't want her to get married because he love her, so he want to met with her parents. The woman ask "Don't you want to ask your wife 1st?", do you know what his answer? "I don't care so much". LOOOL.. This literally happen after the arc of his wife getting flirt by her classmate. LOOOL
  • Author really like to make woman annoying characters. I don't know if he got a grudge with a woman before, but really, some character just there to annoyed you, not because her personality like that, but author make them like that. For example, there is a woman bodyguard in the company. Her 1st impression to MC is, MC is a coward, because when their 1st met, MC run without helping her fighting with some dude that want to harass MC. She understand her job to protect MC, but MC attitude straight run away like that, she didn't like it. Pretty reasonable right? Later when MC working at company at met with her. He keep try to annoyed her at some point author try to make "its the woman" is the annoying one. LOL..
  • Did you read the 1st point that I said, MC respect woman in aspect he will ask woman and tried to know each other first, fall in love first, before continued their relationship (getting f*ck) ? Welp, not so long, later on after ch 280+, he begin his f*ckfest without asking the woman, Straight to f*ck them just like Yang Chen in MWBC. LOOL
  • At chapter 1000+, the story will focus on cultivation (because MC destroy his 1st cultivation), but, the power level in this novel is quite ambiguous. For example, if you read this chapter, this guy feel like he/she is strong. But at this chapter, this guy is a bummer. Its look like, they got downgrade just for the sake of the plot
  • Again, author use the same thing as MWBC. In here, MC still got "EPIC" background and it make more hard to read, because for the sake of the plot, MC became out of characters (just like the romance part). In this part, this whole background thing, its just a thing to downgrade MC brain and strength. This background only exist just for the plot where he got control by the people. Thats why I said he got downgrade. For example, MC don't want to do this. His reasoning quite understandable and suddenly background plot appears, MC became "Oh okay then, I will do that". Or, "I don't want to join or help or giving bullsh*t about your clan" MC said, but in the next chapter, for the sake of the plot, he became like "Ahh, Okay then, I will do it"
  • O yeah, do you remember the plot, where MC and his wife still not f*ck yet? At first the she said "she doesn't want to do it because she want to hold marriage first". Pretty good right? But no. It turn out, its just the plot. The plot to annoy you. Did you read my point above? Yes, this plot being use to controlled MC. Plot say, MC and his wife can't be married and have a child, because its taboo and iron claw of the clan. So this people try to match up MC with his wife best friend. MC just like s*upid and ret*rd man that hesitated with his decision. When he talk to his wife, or when he have monologue, he said "f*ck with that, I only married my wife". But when people talk about it, and keep asking him and try to control him, he be like "ahh, , emm, , omm...". Really, the more you read this novel, the more triggered you get by making every characters "OUT OF CHARACTERS"
Like I said, the premised of the story is great, better than MWBC. Even the underground world are more refined in this story rather than MWBC. But because of what I said above, and romance is major plot of this story, slowly when you read it, it makes you cringe so hard and finally you have enough. Yes, what I said above happen a lot in the story. Rinse and repeat, especially with progress and development of the main heroine. Why I can read this far, its simple, I just fast read and skip annoying part, and read seriously when the main plot started. But its turn out, not only romance hard to read, but the plot with MC background make it worst. MC more more Out of Characters. What you read from chapter 1 and for me its already ch 1200, its not MC anymore. I dont know who this guy is.
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Tobi rated it
July 21, 2019
Status: c623
Fair WARNING The start is kind of similar to My Wife is a Beautiful CEO BUT it's fundamentally really different.

You see, for the first 100+ chapters, you'd think the MC is the usual Mary Sue character that is a pe*vert and would like to bang all day kinda similar to Yang Chen. Well that's true, except the Mary Sue part.

The MC is a talented man that shocked the Underworld since he started his journey, but wait, he crippled his own Inner Force, reason being to search for a new 'path' for himself. A cultivation he made up on his own.

The Characters especially the female leads are endearing, but the main female lead is a complex one, not what you'd expect by the title. She is made of pureness and cuteness BUT she is very deceitful, even tricking a few people of her 'kindness' to make use of their service, but deep inside she is indeed kind.

The Story, phew, my god the amount of good sh*t in the story. Besides the usual filler of flirting and doing stuff with the MC's girls, the story inside is so tense. It's actually filled with mysteriousness, especially the weird feeling knowing that some characters in the story is doing something in the background to release it to the world.

Aside from that, I also enjoy the ass kicking in this novel, also the MC's background and past achievements is so interesting to read, different from Yang Chen of that novel yknow.
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Fatbirb rated it
October 18, 2020
Status: --
A waste of time, beta MC is insulted 24/7 and all he can do is smirk like a clown, the fmc? Copy pasted ruoxi (both tr*shcan tier characters btw) just don't bother.

I should've known this would stink the moment I found out the author is the same one who dared to claim that chinese cultivators are stronger than ancient gods, what a joke.
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dragonray250 rated it
December 18, 2019
Status: c2728
Currently up to date with the raws ch2728, im native Chinese so I can read without mtl.

If you like My Wife is a Beautiful CEO then you will like this one. This novel is written by the same author and it has everything u liked in My Wife is a Beautiful CEO with improvements by the author from reader feedback.

The novel starts off kind of the same as My Wife is a Beautiful CEO, top dog outside of china and comes back to china and works blue collar jobs. MC... more>> starts out op and throughout the novel he doesn't stay weak very long. Every time he finds out about stronger enemies or moves to a new place he always manages to power up very fast until he becomes the strongest and then something happens and he needs to train to beat the new area or new boss that shows up.

The novel manages to keep me hooked and the romance is a bit worse than My Wife is a Beautiful CEO but I like the female lead alot more in this novel than My Wife is a Beautiful CEO. The female leads from both novels are basically cookie cutter from the same mold as in they are basically the exact same Cold and powerful ceo with low eq and has a soft spot for certain foods (strawberry donuts in this novel) but alot less annoying than the female lead for My Wife is a Beautiful CEO. The other female leads seem to be slightly less fleshed out in this novel but he 100% has alot more harem members in this novel. My Wife is a Beautiful CEO seem to miss a few female leads in the end while this novel just collects them if the MC has a liking to them.

Overall the novel is very well done, I wished a english translator would pick this up so more people can read it <<less
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Bai Long
Bai Long rated it
December 5, 2019
Status: c1
You can treat My cold and beautiful wife as a superior version of My wife is a beautiful CEO. Be it characters, the protagonist, mysterious past, factions, conflicts, love interests, interactions, lore of the universe and suspension of disbelief - everything is on a whole lot different level. If you came seeking for an urban harem novel with the overpowered protagonist who has a mysterious past, then you definitely should read this novel, or you can also try reading the predecessor of all such novels that started everything (Flower master... more>> in the city). Those two are the best reads you can find in this type of genre. <<less
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Loneous rated it
September 9, 2020
Status: c3278
If you liked MWIBCEO you should just go and read this novel!

yes its the same author and the starting of the novel is same too but this story's depth is way vast than mwibceo!

in simple term mwibceo finished its story on earth but this novel's story exceeds earth and go beyond earth and goes higher realms. and he even takes harem members with them in other realms. And the story isnt repetitive even with long chapters and the enemies aren't all brain-dead.

The FMC is way less b*tchy and not as... more>> annoying as Ruoxi but she still manages to become irritating time 2 time. she is the brain truster of MC and everything she does its for the best of MC even if MC dont like it or dont want this so it gets complicated lols. what is most irritating is she is still virg*n after 3.2k chapters! smh... there are times when the novel gets boring but good parts overwhelm the bad parts. later part the story and plots becomes very intriguing.

so its worth a read! <<less
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Andeetected rated it
August 9, 2022
Status: --
The characters are dumb and have no reason to exist except to annoy the hell out of you. The “plot” is so s*upid it’s beyond ridiculous. The problem with most Chinese Modern Setting webnovel is that it is plagued with sh*t like this and this is no different from the previous work of this author.

Instead of creating a smart plot, he dumbs down everyone and makes his MC as s*upid as a rock to make the enemies seem smart and his audience claps like mindless zombies. Instead of innovating, these... more>> “authors” have no originality and just plagiarise works from others. They don’t evolve at all. Case in point with this author, he just basically copied his own novel and renamed the characters.

His audience on the other hand is so used to digesting sh*t that even though the author just rearrange the shape of his shit, they think it’s gold. No, it’s not. It’s the same sh*t in a slightly different shape.

Avoid at all cost unless you want to waste your brain cells. <<less
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JeanBg rated it
September 29, 2019
Status: c2442
For those of you repelled by the title or the description, maybe thinking the author made another MWBC, I have to say that while it share some similarities, the MC cultivation system in this novel is probably the best I ever read in any cultivation novel. Its very unique. Other thing is that the scale of power in this novel is by far above MWBC, Ye Fan could easily kill hundreds of Yang Chen without sweat. And Su Qingxue is adorable, somentimes a litle annoying, but never close to the... more>> point of being Lin Rouxi. Last thing to say is that this novel is by the most part 70% action and the other 30% is Ye Fan having fun with his women or face slapping people, in the start is like 50/50 of this and by the chapter 2000 or so is 100% focus in cultivation, action and superior realms. And no, by this point characters aren't forgotten or let behind, well, maybe a few. Anyway, just give it a try, really worth it, when I started reading it I didn't think it would be one of the best Xuanhuan novels I've read.

P.D: Sorry for my bad english. I'm not native or wherever it is called. <<less
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heartlessbambi rated it
July 6, 2022
Status: c2605

This book is one of the most mature novels I've ever read. The author describes human nature in a profound way. Everytime he explains complex feelings in a simple way so everyone can understand. This is what I fell for, in this well written master piece.

Each and every character has his/her unique role which is indispensable. Every character has been brought to life in a realistic way.

ML is super good that I don't have words to describe. I totally fell in love with the male... more>> lead. Since this is a harem novel, we cannot forget about the amazing ladies who add colour to the novel. Character development should be given 10/10.

I must say this is one of the best harem novels out there.

Some people disgust harem novels. So if you aren't into harem, then please don't read this and blame later.

This novel DO NOT deserve bad criticism.

When we talk about the plot, I should mention it is perfect with no mistakes. Each and every arch only becomes more interesting than the last one. Plot gets the readers hooked up, never letting them stop.

At first this novel seems very similar to "My wife is a beautiful CEO" since this is from the same author. But that's only at the first few hundred chapters. The plot in this novel is a whole different one and the world it interacts is not only limited to earth. This novel rotates around a vast world.

Unfortunately half of this novel is raw so it's a bit hard to continue till the end. I had to stop midway because I couldn't find properly translated chapters. Hopefully it gets translated so I can continue reading this.

All in all, My cold and beautiful wife is a book that is a must read. I highly recommend this to everyone who are interested in cultivation and romance type novels. <<less
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ahmadaiman00 rated it
July 27, 2021
Status: c4297
I personally like this novel because of the plot. The plot is very intriguing. Second, I like how the way of the author keep linking to the past of the story meaning that the ML will not forgetten his root or something like that. I like how the author keep maintaining the original power of the ML and keep upgrading to who know the limit is. (Some novel that I read, the ML keep changing the power that he obtained and I personally dislike that kind of story). Third, I... more>> like how the author keep relating the science and cultivating system even though some of them do not make sense. Fourth, the ML is very smart. Fifth, I like how the author keep relating the plot with some myths and history either Western myths or Chinese myth. So for me, this novel deserved 5 star from me. <<less
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January 27, 2021
Status: --
Okay first of all, I'm gonna say few things before I start reading this novel... Well actually I was just gonna say that... I'm hoping that I'm not gonna be disappointed in this novel like how I was before the three previous novels that I read that has the plot like that yang cheng and almost has the same title or something like ceo the main wife ceo the most loved wife or something like that and how he will keep improving himself and even did not care about some... more>> woman that loves him so much which actually hurt me and gave me the reason to stop reading it, and especially how the main wife... yeah, is so selfish which is actually natural but still hurt me about his.... I am really hoping that this one won't give me reason too stop... well just hoping

DAAAAMMMMMNNNNNNNN NNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!.... I have actually already read this..... this is actually one of the story that I have mentioned damn noo....... ugh I can't taje this novel I was around 2000 or something and maybe close to 3000 when I stopped reading this ugh.... I just don't wanna be a spoiler but I really can't help it..... I actually stopped because around those chapters.... just almost kept thinking of pursuing strentgh that almost to the point.... that he neglected his wife..... and especially that su qingxue is selfish of ye fan.... its already very vague to me coz I really can't stand it ugh..... just remembering that makes me sad ugh especially after ascended to higher plains ugh nothing good happened to him

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