My Cold And Beautiful CEO


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Because of his master’s wine, he had somehow become the husband of a cold CEO — I’m still a virgin, please be gentle. He was from an ancient sect and had both Buddhism and Dao cultivation methods. The youth Qin Wu stepped out of the great mountain once again, stirring up the winds and clouds in the city.

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Date Group Release
05/11/20 Babel Realm c82
05/04/20 Babel Realm c81
04/30/20 Babel Realm c80
04/29/20 Babel Realm c79
04/28/20 Babel Realm c78
04/27/20 Babel Realm c77
04/24/20 Babel Realm c76
04/23/20 Babel Realm c75
04/19/20 Babel Realm c74
04/13/20 Babel Realm c73
04/12/20 Babel Realm c72
04/10/20 Babel Realm c71
04/09/20 Babel Realm c70
04/07/20 Babel Realm c69
04/06/20 Babel Realm c68
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