My Childhood Sweetheart Gradually Puffed Up


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Before his reincarnation, Wen Yu always thought that his childhood sweetheart, Fu Chengque, was like the snow on the high mountain, unattainable.

But later, he realized that she was not ice and snow at all. She was clearly a penguin standing on ice. With one slip of her foot, she tumbled down the mountain…


Next door.

Fu Chengque looked at her golden finger and felt extremely puffed up! She wrote hastily: “I, the future empress, the superhuman, the destined deity Fu Chengque, am recruiting talents! Help friends regardless of reason, sign up quickly!”

But her tasks were not only related to her childhood sweetheart Wen Yu, but each one was super difficult!

【Make Wen Yu say “But I like it.”】

【Have a candlelight dinner with Wen Yu.】

【Whisper to Wen Yu for ten minutes.】

She’s just a girl, not a lover. How could she possibly complete them!

What’s absurd is that, although things didn’t go as expected, she still completed them all!

[Highly recommended for people who enjoy both male protagonists and/or female protagonists]
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My Childhood Sweetheart Gradually Swelled With Pride
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