My Childhood Friends Are Trying To Kill Me


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She was not only reincarnated into someone who died in an absurd fashion, but she also took the crown prince’s place and went to the secret neutral territory, where male members of the five imperial families gathered. As a result, her childhood friends know her as a boy.

“Goodbye, guys.” she cried in front of her friends who she would never meet again. That was because officially, she (the prince) was going to die soon!

It was fun spending time with them, but she will never see them again. She hopes everyone lives happily!


After many years, her childhood friends turned heroes who defeated the wild dragon visited her.

“…Was it you? The one who killed my friend?”

“After killing the previous crown prince, the mu*derer is said to be living comfortably as a princess, right?”

“I will torture you, so much so you’ll wish for death.”

“Answer me. Why did you kill him?”

Of course, they didn’t recognize her at all. No, that’s not the problem… The problem is that her childhood friends are trying to kill her. Wait a second, guys!

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소꿉친구들이 나를 죽이려 한다
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56 Reviews

Sep 06, 2021
Status: --
Well, it started out alright, not the most original plot, but pretty decent. A bit slow, but I liked how it took time to show how FL build her friendships with MLs, how caring she was towards them just out of goodness of her heart, and not selfish reasons like FLs in these books usually do. FL was pretty likable, I even felt sad reading about FL's hardships and grievances as a child, thinking, this book is pretty good so far and then BAM! - Out of nowhere she gets... more>> a random system straight from some facebook tier crafting game she played in her last life with constant messages complete with this obnoxious type (ง˙∇˙) ว~ (ว˙∇˙) ง of emotes and now she has constant notifications how she completed 10% of some crap or something or how she can create an item out of thin air to advance plot because coming up with something that makes sense is too much work for the author. Anyway, after that the book is pure garbage. <<less
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Jun 11, 2021
Status: --
Came here looking for copper but got a diamond book instead. And I don't usually write reviews but guess what? I'm here because I just want to elaborate my feelings in this novel. (≧▽≦) IMO, this book is EVERYTHING! The MC is just my type, male leads are lovable, pacing is just right and dayum, the plot twist is chefs kiss👌

MC is just too pitiful. In her past life, she's bedridden in the hospital and in this life, her mother died while she was a baby, her father hate her,... more>> her brothers abused her, the workers in the palace neglected her even though she has royal blood, she's also forced to cross-dressed, and her childhood friends are trying to kill her. What I like about her is that she knows what she's doing. She thinks about her future and finds a way to survive. She's not childish, and mary-sue type. She's actually smart unlike other mc's who are smart but act s*upid or smart but lacks backbone. In short, the MC is smart and capable.

And now, I usually don't like reverse harems but this novel is YASS BTCH GET IT GURL!!!

The male leads are perfect ಥ‿ಥ, they're all best bois. They all have sad backstories and are just pitiful ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ I can't blame them for liking the MC and their bond is just GOLD. I don't care who will end up being the ml, I just want them all to be happy especially the MC, she deserves all the love (*´ω`*)

But can we talk about the PLOT? The plot is well thought, pacing has the right speed, character developments is yes and almost no plotholes in the story. Kudos for the author/s for writing the story and the translator/s for picking up this novel. (◍•ᴗ•◍) I really enjoyed reading this. <<less
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May 14, 2021
Status: --
Honestly, this is one of the best and well thought out reverse harem that I've read so far. It's still ongoing, but the plot, the character development, and the interactions are very much to my liking. The writing is clean and smooth, and there are little to no plot holes. I totally recommend this!!!
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Dec 20, 2021
Status: Completed
It's a good read until chapter 100 or something, but then it just gets boring and also the characters take a 180 degree turn and not in a good way. It's like the authors changed midway, because the writing just got extremely shitty and nearing the ending you just want it to end. The ending is also rushed and the characters are made fun of, MC suddenly turns s*upid after returning from the castle and they make Perseus out to be this huge Villain and that he deserves hell but... more>> he does not at all.

also, there was no reason to revive the mc's dead mother because she did nothing to contribute to the story. Literally nothing at all. Also she just abandoned and didn't go to see her sons (even if they are a**holes) and husband who grieved for her and was just like "yeah imma stay with this daughter who's like basically a stranger to me and never see my sons again and idc if my husband dies" LIKE WHAT also the emperor killing her was just s*upid and it wasn't like he thought he was killing his wife? He thought he was killing the man who killed her. And mc's regret over not letting perseus know about her mother just vanishes once she's revived like 😕 and Oscar and her relationship was so poorly handled as well like what happened? How??


The side stories also contribute basically nothing to make up for the plot holes and loose ends in the main story. <<less
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Dec 03, 2021
Status: --
it's bad

it's a silly reverse harem gimmick, and that's fine, that's why I picked this up. But then takes forever to get to the gimmick, which is then instantly resolved. ~50ch to get to the scene where the male leads confront the protag for killing their childhood friend, and then in 1-2 chapters she's convinced them and they're completely on her side. This is way too long to get to the point of the series and then having them instantly have a change of heart is 1) s*upid 2) completely... more>> contradictory to the title and expectations set for the work. We all know long titles are supposed to give you a look into what you're getting from the novel, and this one just lies.

it introduces a system like mechanic involving a game from the protag's past life becoming something she can use in the real world now. It's not introduced for 20+ chapters into the story so it feels out of place since it wasn't there from the get-go and never improves. It's just annoying and awkward and makes no sense and makes the already contrived plot even more contrived.

on top of the fact that the original work is pretty mediocre, the translation is not good. names are not localized consistently, with me seeing leria and lelia and calix, kalix, carlix, etc all in the SAME CHAPTER. So maybe it's not that it's not that they can't decide on how to localize the names so much as that zero proofreading is being done to these translations. On top of that I sometimes have no idea what's going on, because the translators grasp of korean is not great so when they're unclear on what is happening they just leave it unclear. And on TOP OF ALL THAT this is one of those amateur tl groups that has elected to leave their translation and editor notes mid chapter, and these notes are just pointless commentary. Completely disrupting the flow of the text to chime in with things like [t/n so cute], [e/n the antagonist is such a botch], [t/n so-and-so is so hot], and the like. It's incredibly obnoxious

don't read this. Just don't. I regret my life why do I insist on reading tr*sh I had things I needed to do today and instead I read this <<less
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Jul 25, 2021
Status: c165
I made this far omg lol. Anyway, I am a person who accept harem, but somehow my guilty pleasure is oscarxleila ship 😩🖐well I don't mind if they were all together;)

Okay. I have pros why I love this novel, but the cons couldn't get ignore either. And the cons mf makes my head boils in anger.

So let me start from cons

• mf can't we just get rid of uriana/julianna right away ? So upset of how she always act like a lotus b*tchass.
The author somehow made her looks innocent, but for me she's the main sole of my frustration. (Ps she RARELY show up but everytime she show up, I always want to vomit blood)

• at this point I just want the problm between mf emperor p-what/MC dad is solved. I am not feeling anthing Sorry to this b*tchass, I only want him died Now

• BUT guess what?! Is the same f tropes, emperor p-what/MC dad will get AMNESIAA— plizz why every f drama novel genre always put this amnesia-chan in the middle of something important? This makes me lost my appetite reading it.

• I think this novel will get hundreds of chapter considering MC problm hasn't solved any and It's boring already (but somehow still interesting ughh)

• I am feeling happy that MC mom is died BUT the author makes her alive and yessss it's amnesia-chan againnn!!

• I want the f twins bro get their slaps but author hasn't satisfied my desire yet. So it's a minus to me.

The pros
• it's good. IT'S REALLYY GOOOD!! Try to read this! It's cute tho ;)

Anyway OSCARXLEILA ship sailing smoothly~~

Imeanit'sobviousfromthestartoscaristheoneleilalovedfirst. Cuzhegotthemostpainfulchildhood
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Aug 31, 2021
Status: c90
Has promising beginning but potential is unrealised.

... more>>

First of all the system she has is really awful, basically while other people strive refine their magic, their skills... all she does is click and ingredients would turn to elixirs. All the story she didn't do anything useful rather than use this broken alchemic system that is also plot armour device, didn't use her knowledge from Earth, nothing like that. She also randomly gets useful recipe for alchemy at the most convenient times, how strange.


My second concern is forced plot


Basically she achieved her goal and found holy artifact that will turn her wish true... And out of nowhere because of her system she needs to pay additional large sum of money to make it work, despite the fact that initially it is basically free use. So conveniently story needs another 100 chapter or something for her to unlock the curse.


Some people here claim that MC is really cool, smart and all sorts of things. I don't get where they got that from. She just click buttons in her system without doing anything, without taking any decisions for herself. <<less
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Aug 09, 2021
Status: c65
There's a lot of good points in this novel, but there's also a few things I really dislike.

The author intentionally withholds things from the reader, even though our POV character, Lelia, knows them already and would definitely have thought of it before. This is a pet peeve of mine, so I'm probably being more annoyed than most readers, but this is one of the things that breaks my immersion like nothing else.

Examples and my exaggerated rant (Heavy spoilers) :... more>>

In chapter 20, the author abruptly drops the bomb that MC is not, in fact, Princess Iris' daughter, but Emperor Perseus' child who had been switched in at birth. MC knew this, but of course never mentioned it because yeah, that's not an important detail or anything *snorts*

In chapter 28, the author introduces 'Alchemy Lottery', a game MC played in her previous life and wished to reincarnate into. Yeah, that's not worth mentioning until 28 chapters in, apparently. It adds this strange game element that I feel the author just added to drive the plot and doesn't fit the setting nor tone at all.

Why? Let's see, what kind of game is 'Alchemy Lottery'? It's one of those microtransaction-filled games with loot boxes/gacha, this one about gathering ingredients and crafting alchemy products, then selling them to residents of the game. In my head, it's the kind with flashy and kid-friendly graphics, maybe since the game system speaks with emoticons. Anyway, this leads to MC needing to feed the game real money, and in return she gets very convenient gadgets and trinkets so the author can explain how she manages to do things so easily.

Yet, later, the system gains a quest function that can see people's affection levels and rewards the MC for raising them and helping with their troubles... Is this an otome game? Come on.

Oh yeah, and of course nobody questions the fact that MC magically knows the formulas of various alchemy products. It's just talent, you know? The same way people who are talented at cooking can figure out how to cook dishes they've never heard of before with ingredients they've never heard of before. Sure, maybe MC took alchemy classes during her stay at her maternal relatives' place, but shouldn't that have been mentioned, then?


Alright, beyond those things, it's a pretty good novel. The MC's angst is written pretty well, and her character is decent and relatable. The premise has amazing draw, and so far the family dynamics and relationship with the MLs looks promising. Also, man, the Complex Family Relationships tag is not there for nothing. This is some next-level family drama.

But it could have been so much better without that system. <<less
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Nov 13, 2021
Status: c187
This one is hard. There are some parts that I really liked, especially the suffering of the MC and "healing" after she decides to finally escape. The healing part of the story is really nice and I loved it.

But then the MLs show up, and at first, the drama (that names the novel, as they want to kill her) is interesting and all. She has to face some of the scars she received and all is nice and interesting. However, after some point, the MLs obsessions explode, and it devolves... more>> in typical shoujo crap where the males are so obsessed by the MC that you just get crept out. Actually is complicated, there are 4 of them, of that 2 are completely obsessed, bordering psychopathy, and (at least for me) even with all my fond childhood memories and all I would want to be as far away as possible from this kind of person, that loves you so much that wants to possess you by any means. This is justified by the story as they got so many problems while growing up and etc, but the fact that the MC has a hard past complicates it all, it is terrible to think that someone that suffered as the MC has to save someone f*cked up that only wants to control and squeeze her dry for his obsessive impulses. The other one is dense, which is kind of nice for some time, but then it turns out he is not just dense but borderline incapable of rational thoughts, and you start to get pissed of every time he appears or talks. The last one is the most normal, he seems obsessed but not to the point of suffocating her (at least yet) and has not forced her to do anything, but he gets forgotten along with the story sometimes and that's it.

Then some stuff happens and I got even more pissed of, as she developed what seems like romantic feelings for one of the worst one of them. And all I wanted at that point was it to end already to do not see more of this shit.

There are some redeeming parts even at this, as some of the things she does have terrible repercussions, but it gets so out of nowhere and seems so jumble that more than being interested in the fact that she has to face the repercussions of some of the bad choices, you asks "what the, where did whis come from, why?". Being kind of a spoiler, she has some revenge from the suffering she lived, but the consequences were totally unexpected, and the price she paid for that was terrible, to the point that you ask yourself if the author is a sad*st or something like that, as it can not be karma, as this girl has one of the worst lives in this novel.

The other complaining is that, out of nowhere, a game hud appears to her and starts to mess up her life. It was unnecessary, to say the least. I get it that this gives her tools to not be only a useless suffering MC, but this was unexpected and gets in the way of what could be an interesting drama where she has to solve the things in her life more by herself, with her own strength and all. And when the hud interferes in the love part it gets even worse and muddier, so it is really bad. Maybe if they just gave her a fairy and did not force her hand it would not be that bad.

So after this wall what is the conclusion? To me this had potential, the drama is forced as she suffers in childhood that it looks like suffering p*rn, but that could be fine if she deals with it and "gets revenge" over the one that made her suffer, to get some cathartic resolution over her suffering (I know that revenge is bad and all, but f*ck man, this woman got it bad, really bad, she deserves some revenge, and you will agree after ~30 chapters). But it gets so strange and bizarre that I end up wishing she got back in time and just run away at the start of the tale and lived as a monk in some mountain. The f*ck does this author smoke?

I do not know if I would recommend it. The drama part is really nice, to me, but it does not justify passing some crap along the way. And if you like these obsessive partners (that could be called yandere at some point I guess) that is for you, but you should not like this type of toxic relationship haha.

Edit: So I came back after it finished. Just to add some points. First, the justification as to why she had previous memory and why the ML that she loves is special is s*upid (to say the least), I get it that this could justify how all that happened, but damn that leaves a bad overall taste. The resolution regarding the princes and princess that treated her badly was very disappointing, in the sense that it was less a berating for how shitty they were and more of a bullet point of what happened after they got exposed, I would enjoy more of a talking resolution that was better and longer than the end result (not that they weren't berated, but it was really short and fast to how deep they wounded her, hell, the "first timeline" of the MC ended indirectly because of the action they took, those f*cker needed to suffer verbally to the point of ultra pain and extreme shamefulness, the princess too, but more for the fact that she is an abnormal borderline imbecile human being with a barely functional brain). The only interesting resolution was the new empress, but that was talked about in a sentence, so f*ck me I guess. Maybe those points will be addressed in the after stories, but anyhow I would prefer it in the main tale, but that is me. Lastly, the game hud end reveal was painfully s*upid in my opinion. I understand it, but f*cking hell dude, get your sh*t together, damn it all. I can't contain my disappointment with this, which showed so much promise at the start. I get it that some of it is my personal bias that desires much more of a drama resolution with a good verbal attack to the perps over physical resolutions, but anyway, it could very well lead to a really better and more just resolution to a MC that is first and foremost a fairly good person that deserved happiness, after all, is said and done. Anyway, sorry for the long end rambling, but that is it hahaha. <<less
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Oct 13, 2021
Status: c127
This is the first time I write a review here, and I apologize if my lack in language is obvious because English isn't my first language.

This novel was so good and I was so exited and keeping up with the chapters one by one at the beginning, but as the novel keeps going I couldn't be as exciting as I used to be. And is not like I lost interest in it but the poor characters development and the Illogical events makes me feel disappointed A lot as how I... more>> used to like it from the beginning.


Like first, I understand how lelia is suffering and all and It's not like I judge her, but to me she seems like she can't make her own decisions, all her choices based on the alchemy thing or she just make it according to the situation she is having. And after thinking, she wasn't like that when she was small with her friend, she was more confident and smart than how the story carry her to this point.

And as I was looking for how she will meet her friends and how they will find about her identity and what kind of relationship will she got with them after A long absent, I got disappointed by how they immediately all fall in love with her just because she is girl and she is related to their childhood captain, And how they selfishly force their feelings and affection on her and never even a bit think of how they were pure friends before and treasure what have been remained of that friendship or even respect it. The poor lelia was the only one who does that when she forced to kiss one of them because of the alchemy mission and she cry like " omg how can I do that to my childhood friend ".

And I know they faced alot and they all have their own backgrounds and personality, but that didn't appear to me. All I see is 2 pyschos and 1 clown and 1 strangely normal dude. Their goals and paths seems flat while their obsession for FL is a whole mess in every chapter.

Aside from that, I got frustrated and I just want to know the end of this mess so I read the spoilers and thankfully I restrain myself to continue reading to this point because I wouldn't handle the unnecessary drama at the upcoming events.


Like how the FL mother is alive

And she'll come back to make the emperor suffer more


But regardless, I really like this novel and I don't regret reading it. I enjoyed the first arc so much that I'm thinking of re-reading it if I run out of novels to read. I just hoped that the plot were strong and good to the last. <<less
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Nov 07, 2021
Status: Completed
YES I enjoyed this a lot but I also hate how it's written.
Out of enjoyment and all the fun I had it's a 4 but quality-wise it's 2.

-I'm warning you the genre seems to be changing a lot and the characters had no relation to the poster. (Especially the dark-haired ML, he has negative amount of charisma). The translation was good, I usually don't enjoy translation notes inside the story but this novel is sometimes so ridiculous that I enjoyed someone commenting on it.
-Also didn't know this was a system novel. (now I see that it's on the tags so it's not a spoiler) I did think of dropping this story when it showed up but soon I got used to it as I thought of it like a weird money-loving fairy that supports her. It certainly changed the flow of the story if we can say there is a thing called "flow".
-The story begins as a tragedy then becomes comedy, then it's a creepy love story, then tragedy again. The original characters from the book are all so annoying that they made my cancer cells grow.

I started writing commentary after I've felt like this was a decent story but you can see I've changed my thoughts a lot while reading. It's really chapter by chapter pouring emotions so be aware:


Ch36-I'm so so glad that I continued reading after that system reveal! My biggest weakness arrived! A loving family member! I'm glad she found her grandfather! Go grandfather take your revenge!
Ch37-"They felt like they were turning an abandoned puppy into a puppy loved by all." It definitely feels like it!
Ch47-Yeah f*cking Juliana didn't stop them so fuc her too!
Ch50-Uncle sus? Yeah.
Ch54-omfg Ruth and Juliana parts are so annoying. Dammit quick! Recognize her!
Ch55-Imma go have a heartattack.
Ch56-I just looked when they learn the truth and it's very far away. I guess it's okay since I have to look after her now.
Ch57-Aww good old Romeo :D
Ch61-Imma just pass anything related to twins with Juliana to not to get annoyed to death. and Kalix is the goodest boy.
Ch62-Ruth is annoying as Juliana, they are made for each other.
Ch64-Aww Romeo taking care of Lelia makes me happyy.
Ch67-Ughh, the next chapter's gonna be torture.
Ch68-Here we go cancer four is here.
Ch74-I skimmed this chapter the fuc out of it.
Ch75-Can we get back to the Kalix???
Ch76-Oh. My wish worked VERY quickly.
Ch77-I feel like this arc lasts forever. and Kalix seeing the peepee was a little too much. the story didn't need that part.
Ch80-Hmmm can we just... get out of the palace ALREADY!! It's chapter 80 for f*ck sake.
Ch84-I'm sorry... I wish this could get better but it's even getting further and futher ridiculous.
Ch85-Why would you add misunderstandings on top of misunderstanding. WHY. It's not funny, it's not adding anything to the story, it's frustrating the reader only. If I didn't like reverse harems and yanderes I've would've dropped this already.
Ch91-Okay here we go the good parts. Finally.
Ch92-My mouth is gonna stay open a long while for the unexpected boner. Holy sh*t didn't wait THAT.
Ch96-Ive been thinking about it... did the old duke's name ever revealed? AND! I wonder if Oscar will look at Lelia's ti*s will think "those are definitely real"
Ch97-Oh.. right! the big ding dong.
Ch98-I'm visibly upset that the other three disturb their tea time. And Kalix is a brainless log.
Ch99-Ughhghghghgh why would the system force her to do these things.
Ch104-Ewww cringe arrived.
Ch106-Did Oscar approve this companion of Lelia? Hm? I think not.
Ch107-It's an emotional chapter and all but CAN WE PLZ GET OVER THE MISUNDERSTANDING!!
Ch108-I'm glad she didn't have to talk to him about the kissing. and AWW fighting with bare fists? GENTLEMEN! and Romeo... Dear, you're dealing with big babies.
Ch109-Just take the punishment girl.
CH113-We didn't get many Grif moments so I'm happy.
Ch114-Wow. He's deliberately making her high.
Ch117-Well... He fully deserved it.
CH118-I was upset that I read about Juliana again but now my heart is beating fast.
Ch119-For fuc sake, Kalix is annoying af.
Ch120-Burnnnn burnn the emperor!
Ch121-The ending scared me :o
Ch123-These jobless men...//I wanna burn the emperor when he sh*t on our old duke, how dare you, you bastard.
Ch124-I'm a %100 agreeing with the translation notes.// my chili pepper ::DD::D:D:D
Ch125-I'm lolling at Oscar's reaction.// Emperor... It shows who raised Juliana.
Ch126-Uncle? Hello, get the f*ck out of there. //Jesus Grif. GEt yourself tofgether.
Ch127-Drugging your first love, Grif.. tsktsk.
Ch129-Grif is the biggest yandere here huh.
Ch130-A-oh. Oscar?
Ch131-Oscar's absence scaring me more.
ch132-Slap him, girl, please slap your biological dad.
Ch134-Well I'm so glad about the abduction. Good timing Oscar!
Ch142-Aww yeah don't leave Oscar alone.
Ch143-Hell yea the emperor needs to eat shit.
Ch145-Oh Kalix, f*ck off. Oscar needs her.

Passing to the MTLs with changed chapter count.
Ch139-Lelia if you go back... I swear... Don't break Oscar's heart.//Oh good ending.
Ch141-Quick girl go get your husbando.
Ch143-I think he just gonna deal this the throne and go back to her.
Ch145-Bruh I'm starting to hate Grif.
Ch146-Don't brainwash her you bastard.
CH149-Man, I just can't get used to Grif.
Ch152-Wanna gut-punch Grif...
cH155-Griff left a bad taste in my mouth.
Ch160-Enough with the tragedy. I wanna see Oscar.
Ch163-"Hey, concubine." The first time laughed at Kalixi2s words. Wow.
Ch166-I'm glad she asked first :o
Ch167-Seriously, fuc off Griff.
Ch168-I didn't get this chapter? Wut?
Ch169-"I just couldn't believe that this place I thought was a novel was my previous life." Oooooh! It's like thaaat. // I swear... Ruth and Juliana... ugh.
Ch170-Yeah fuc it all up Grandpa.
Ch171-Yeah fuc it all up Oscar.
Ch173-Oh boy.
Ch178-All the wedding and sh*t are okay but Grif... you are still creepy buddy.
Ch180-Like I said before, all the MLs seem to be jobless snobs. The end.

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Nov 13, 2021
Status: c151
Really interesting book with twists and turns.

However, the plot started to go into weird places and the beloved childhood friends, who make up so much of the charm of the book, turn twisted.

I don't like Yandere characters, as I can only really view them as abusers. I tried to stick it out, but have given up now.
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Oct 28, 2021
Status: c100
I see that the reviews are not looking good... I suspect this to be an awfully forced story (as most korean stories are), still I'm going to have a go on this one. I'll jot down the reviews later.

Yeah, just don't waste your time in this novel. I'll just say that this story is emotion based.

Author thinks of writing a particular scene that is supposed to be dramatic, yet fails to connect two scenes. Connecting them with such a s*upid manner that I'll have to give a one-star. The... more>> idiotic tension grows as the story proceeds.

Forced story with idiotic logic, don't read this novel. <<less
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Aug 08, 2021
Status: c56
Omg I found a gem. Read it in one sitting. I am rooting for Kalix to be the ML. Can't wait till they all find out about her real identity. In the meantime, I am enjoying the plot very much. Thank you so much for picking up this novel.

Also another scene I would like to see is the Emperor and her silly twin brothers realising who she really is. MAUaHAHAHAHA too late to regret!!!!
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jitjiritjit alibangbang
Sep 14, 2022
Status: c187
(⚠️ spoiler ahead ⚠️)

I am not satisfied with the ending of the main story. What a simple MC. She's so selfless. I want her to be greedy at least more than once. And what's the point of forgiving and forgetting if you still resent them? I feel like I'm too narrow-minded to understand. At least replace those unpleasant memories with pleasant ones, right? I want to know what happened between the Emperor and the mother. The twins? I hate that there's no character development. They are still the... more>> same. Ugh. Anyway, I love the part where she meets her maternal grandpa and family, as well as the part where her mom regains her memories. It made me cry. First, I was rooting for Kalix, but in the end I was torn between Romeo and him, though he's kind of dumb XD. Don't trust Griffith. I'm telling you, you'll be disappointed : ( (I don't like nor hate Oscar, but I still can't accept that... Yeah, I haven't read the side stories yet, so don't criticize me. 👍

And there's also a lot of things to point out. I'm too lazy to point them out. I recommend you read it so you'll know. It's at least worth the read. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dec 25, 2021
Status: c187
It was really good at like 100 something chapters as it had unexpected twist and good plot but then it just went down hill, it had so much potential to have a great ending but there are a lot of plot holes and lack of character development :... more>>

the mum comes back alive but she contributes nothing to the story and even though the dad did kill her before she revived, she doesn’t even meet him after she regains her memory or try’s to meet her sons. And it really annoyed me how there was so many things left unmentioned like what exactly happened to the royal family, like it talks about them in one chapter in the side story but that’s it and in the side story it talks about how emperor persus has another plan instead of making one of the twins emperor after him but it never tells us what the plan is or did it even happen. And it was really annoying how they tried to make up for Romeo not getting the MC with the side story about the MC’s daughter and her childhood friend. Even though I did like Oscar and Lelia together at first the Pace of the story and their character development together just didn’t to it well.

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Oct 09, 2021
Status: c138
I'm having a hard time rating this bc I like it... but (without getting into details) certain plot devices that appear later in the story really undercut the sincerity of her relationships with her friends, which is really a shame since that was exactly what was so compelling about the early chapters.

I get that they probably wanted to give her deus ex machina control over some of the events around her, since she isn't otherwise a particularly powerful character... but I do feel that there were more organic ways that... more>> they could have achieved the same things without having to rely on such weird devices.


Personally, if I had been her friends and found out that there was a weird system telling her to kiss them, I'd feel pretty... betrayed. Like these actions and feelings should be coming from her heart, not from some digital demon pushing her into forced, artificial intimacy. I would have preferred it if they had just given her cheat magic powers, or even the ability to use her position as the precious granddaughter to get her hands on potions/relics/etc that could have achieved the same plot effects.


Overall I am enjoying it and I'm delighted that

her immediate biological family has found out the truth and that her dad is suffering

, but (like others have said) I do wish that s*upid system didn't exist. It's not enough for me to drop the story, and I'm not mad that I spent time on this... but I think there's definitely a lot of wasted opportunity that got squandered on an objectively weird and out of place plot device. <<less
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Jul 02, 2021
Status: c187
I have finished the entire novel and I have switched from 5 to 4 stars.

As explained during my previous reviews the users you are giving this 1 star most likely just don't like the format, but that doesn't mean it isn't well written.

The story is very interesting in the first half of the novel, but it fails to stick the landing. This is not an uncommon problem. Many novels tend to continue on when they should have come to a conclusion. This novel on the other hand has the opposite... more>> problem. I felt like the writer either got tired of writing it or didn't really know how to finish it. The story wraps up in a way in which seems rushed and it is hard to feel happy with how the novel tied up to villains and FL. If you enjoy a story with a tragedy element and interesting characters this is a worthwhile read, but just don't expect much of the ending.

Minor Spoiler


I really don't get the title of this novel. The MLs really only for a very short while was wanting to harm to FL, but even this is somewhat questionable given they were investigating their friends death.


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Sep 04, 2021
Status: c107
This is a fun, well-written series featuring a girl who struggles to survive in a world matching a book she read. The hilarious comedy and interactions between the boys are its strong suit. It's fun and engaging to read, and it's a book I'd recommend.

I hesitated to review this series earlier because the system comes out of nowhere and is incredibly childish and overly cute. I felt like I was reading the wrong series when it showed up since it completely changed the dark, dramatic tone of the story prior... more>> to that. She does not have to train or study hard to craft potions. All she has to do is travel, and they appear at her command. She doesn't work hard or research to practice her skills and determine suitable recipes, which is really disappointing.

The drama and plot also come across as forced and over-the-top at times. Much of it is quite cliche, and the author has yet to thoroughly build the world-setting and plot.

That said, it's still a lot of fun to read. The important characters all have detailed personalities and distinct appearances, so they don't blend together like in most harem series I've come across and are easy to distinguish. I love how much affection is shared and shown between family as well. <<less
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Aug 21, 2021
Status: Completed
This is the one of few novels that forced me to read MTL. These translation team was great. And MTL is also surprisingly easy to read. So if you are hesitating to read this because of the uncompleted translation, I think you should not worry about it and binge it now.

The most SATISFYING thing about this novel was that the author didn't deliberately lengthen unnecessary drama and wrote in quick-paced. I've read some reviews that it was disappointing that even though FL knows the facts, the author intentionally withheld it... more>> from the readers and revealed it at the last point. However, in my opinion, exactly that makes this novel interesting. Because you should not expect from the author showing all her secret cards on the desk at the beginning. It will make this novel dull and won't surprise readers.

However, I would have given 5 stars if the author wasn't merciless and heartless and didn't erased FL's irreversible suffering that attracts readers' empathy


The author revived FL's dead mother. Even though I feel happy for FL meeting with her dead mother, it was pointless to revive her mother. Because it throws all balance of the novel. I still don't know how the author will make place for FL's mother. Also why I said the author is merciless is that she wrote really miserable ending for the FL's father. I admit that FL's father ignored FL and treated her cold heartedly (but didn't abuse her physically and mentally, it was poor negligence) when she was a child. However, for his defense, at that time he really couldn't imagine she was the child whom his dead wife left. He thought she was the child of one of the enemies. I know that is not excusable and not enough reason to treat a child cold heartedly. But what can you expect from the human. Human is such an emotional creature. At the end, FL's father got insane because of the guilt from how he treated his own child and didn't recognise her. Then, because of the one episode of his insanity, he slashed his wife who was supposed to be dead but was alive. And he couldn't accept it and cut his own arm to atone his sins. I know he was at fault in front of the FL. But in my opinion, it was unnecessary to make him suffer from such a s*upid drama. That's why I thought the author was so heartless and far crossed boundary to punish villain (I still don't know I can consider FL's father as a villain) Maybe you think that I'm the person who easily forgives. But I'm not the person who thinks FL should forgive her father and live happily with him like WMMAP. NO, but I think he got more sufferings than that he deserves.

That's why it gave me bitter taste and 4 starts are given. <<less
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