My Childhood Friend’s, and Now Girlfriend’s, Moral Harassment Is Heartless, so I Decided to Break up With Her ~When I Began to Live By Being Myself, for Some Reason, the Hidden Beauty, of the Seat Next to Me, Confessed to Me~


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「–Okay. Then, let’s break up.」

High school student, Ichinose Souma, who has been subjected to the constant moral harassment by his childhood friend and girlfriend, Kisaragi Hanabi, finally reached his limit and decided to break up with her.

I will never be tormented by that demonic girlfriend again, and I won’t have to live as she wishes either.

Then my life changed for the better. The restrictive spell cast by Habani dissolved, and the fun days with my classmates began. That’s right, it’s not too late. From now on, let’s enjoy school life to the fullest.

Then, there’s the girl who sits next to me, Yukishiro Fumi. The impression left by her somewhat big glasses of hers is strong and she has a somewhat different atmosphere from the other students. In my conversations with her, where I realized that I could act naturally unlike with Habani, I gradually began to feel more attracted to herーー

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Osananajimi Kanojo no Morahara ga Hidoin de Zetsuen Sengen Shite Yatta ~Jibunrashiku Ikiru Koto ni Shitara, Naze ka Tonari no Seki no Kakure Bishoujo kara Kokuhaku Sareta~
幼馴染彼女のモラハラがひどいんで絶縁宣言してやった ~自分らしく生きることにしたら、なぜか隣の席の隠れ美少女から告白された~
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