My Childhood Friend Wants to Be Spoiled, so She Is Holding a “Do Whatever You Want” Ticket As She Approaches Me Asking for a Kiss


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The youth romantic comedy where a beautiful childhood friend is forcing me to kiss and flirt with her!?

My childhood friend Sayu Hibiya confessed to me. She’s holding a “Do Whatever You Want” ticket I have given her before. Sharing an umbrella, handholding date, …and even approaching me asking for a kiss, is this the start of a heart-pounding daily life!?

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Amaetai Osananajimi wa "Nan demo Iu Koto Kikuken" wo Motte, Kiss wo Shitai to Sematte Kuru
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10/12/22 Skythewood v1c2
10/01/22 your_pingas v1 prologue+c1
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October 15, 2022
Status: v1c2
Although there definitely isnt enough translated to judge the book so far, I'm gonna follow this series, as the FMC is REALLY cute and REALLY aggressive. MC is kinda generic and indecisive, but the fMC makes up for this, and one of the concepts of this story, the "Do Whatever You Want" Tickets, are able to make the MC's indecisiveness more bearable (since hes forced to comply in the end anyway, so at least the development doesn't drag on). Onto the fMC, shes really damn cute, and I mean it.... more>> Like,

At first, she kept pressing wanting to get married with MC, and her reason was because she didn't want him to get taken by othe girls


So yeah, I'm gonna follow the updates for this novel, and also props to translator-san for the high quality translations (so that the story isn't ruined by terrible translations like other novels I've seen) ! <<less
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