My Childhood Friend Rejected Me and Said, [I Can Only Love Kagami kun (← A Super Popular Vocalist)]~But His True Identity is Actually Me~


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His hair is shaggy, his clothes are like prison uniforms, and his face is lifeless.

Hikage Kagamiya, a zombie high school student whose appearance is physiologically unacceptable to the average high school boy, is active as a vocalist [Kagami] who is rapidly gaining popularity.

He is usually dressed sloppily because he is tired from his performing career.

He thinks that his childhood friend, who speaks passionately about Kagami almost every day, is in love with him, and confesses his love to her, but his attempt to confess his love is unsuccessful.

After a while, however, his childhood friend realizes that Kagami’s true identity is really Kagamiya and approaches him impatiently, but the time is already over.

The protagonist is surrounded by an idol, a beautiful girl writer, and an actress who are prettier, know more about music, and have better personalities than his childhood friend.

The childhood friend’s love no longer reaches the protagonist.

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Touch-San rated it
February 25, 2024
Status: c19
Not even gonna read it, since the synopsis alone is identical to "You Can't Be a God Writer, Right?", and that was just mediocre, inoffensive, and decently amusing. The reason I gave this a 2 when I gave the aforementioned title a 4 is exclusively down to the fact that the summary (and by extension, probably the entire novel) feels heavily plagiarized. I know there's only so much you can do with this narrative, but come the f*ck on, this author didn't even try to be original.

So begrudgingly, I've been... more>> keeping up with this just to see if it gets interesting, because like I said, God Writer was an entertaining sh*t storm. I take back what I said about this being a copy of that. It isn't; it's worse. The drama was already well under way at the point this one is at. There's no drama to be found here beyond the first few chapters. This is yet another diary of a guy who was wronged (see my most recent review if you want context for this) and like I said there, this just isn't entertaining at all. I don't read these kinds of stories for a poorly written wholesome diary, I read them for drama. So yeah, not gonna be keeping up with this anymore, begrudging or otherwise. <<less
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ironmugulius rated it
March 22, 2024
Status: c20
Sometimes I like to read novels like this where the MC is underestimated but is actually secretly good or talented. I like this tropes but the way this is written is bad.... more>>

I get it that the girl rejected him so he moved on but the way he overreacted during his confession is bad. Of course he is going to get rejected if he did not even try to dress himself well. Of course the girl will not believe him if he tell her that he is his favorite artist if he is like that. He didn't even try to clear up the misunderstanding.

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