My Castle, My Castellan


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He was just an ordinary guy who stayed at home and played online games every day. One day, during his nap, he experienced time travel and found himself in an ancient city that was about to shatter. He became a castellan and was served by an old man called Garcia.

His city was about to be torn apart by someone called Tucker. With no skills in fighting, no financial resources and thousands of suffering people waiting for him to take the lead…what would be his next move?

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Wǒ de chéngzhǔ wǒ de chéng
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Pranefuji rated it
October 24, 2019
Status: c23
The premise of a slapstick transmitration novel of a dirtbag entering the body of a buddha, who must see to governing a city, holds promise. Unfortunately, the writer's sense of humour seem to date from another Era in human history. When reading this short start of 23 released chapters to this novel, one will encounter disparaging remarks about the online "shemale", fear of potentially gay men, and descriptions of the protagonist lusting to bring their fiance to heel. These elements are the novel at its most gross and cringey. The... more>> highlights of the novel engages with the dramatic irony of the protagonists foolishness and selfishness being perceived as wisdom and kindness. You can def. Come away with the impression that the author wrote a character who they would enjoy dunking on. It might be salvageable <<less
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