My C.E.O Wife


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Mercenary King Qin Chuan returns back to the city and is arranged by his finance to work as a security guard in the super department store.

Accidentally he is drawn into the struggle with the department store.

What is mine don’t touch, what is not mine you also put it down for me!

After three years continues the legend of the security guard. Watch how the little security guard dominate the city~

Temporary every day 9-11pm, morning 9 evening 5, weekends midnight.

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05/20/19 Fuji Translation c45
05/17/19 Fuji Translation c44
05/16/19 Fuji Translation c43
05/15/19 Fuji Translation c42
05/14/19 Fuji Translation c41
05/13/19 Fuji Translation c40
05/10/19 Fuji Translation c39
05/09/19 Fuji Translation c38
05/08/19 Fuji Translation c37
05/07/19 Fuji Translation c36
05/06/19 Fuji Translation c35
05/03/19 Fuji Translation c34
05/02/19 Fuji Translation c33
05/01/19 Fuji Translation c32
04/30/19 Fuji Translation c31
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