My Body Has Been Possessed By Someone


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“Listen to me. I’m the only one you can count on.”
“I’m the only one for you.”
“Only me.”

What an abominable delusion.

* * *

For more than 10 years, my body was possessed by someone else. It would have been nice of ‘that person’ if she used my body and returned it in a good condition, but not only did she get married with my own body, she’s also clinging to her husband like a stalker..?!

“First, let’s get divorced.”

I tried to start a new life by dumping my husband, who has been treating me like tr*sh, and my family who treated me like dirt.


“Leaving? You will leave me?”

My husband who doesn’t believe me.

“Why are you taking his side, sister?”

A younger brother who’s suddenly jealous.

“Stay in this house. You can’t go anywhere.”

Even my father who hated me all along is suddenly obsessed? What’s wrong with them all of a sudden?

Associated Names
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Post-Possession Damage Control
누군가 내 몸에 빙의했다
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New Babymoo3000 rated it
November 9, 2023
Status: c121
Soo far I really love kanna's personality, her wits and how she always calculate everything, there are no single moment in this series where Kanna failed to make me amaze. I just really want to make everyone suffer, cutting their tongue, plucking their nails, arghh just cut them and put them on a barrel and let it sink into the deep ocean!!!!
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yukirina rated it
August 10, 2020
Status: c36
I can't. I tried to keep reading, but I had to stop. I was too furious at everyone and everything. I'm barely forming coherent sentences to just vent everything I need to get off my chest.

I'd give a more cohesive review like I typically do, but this novel made me mad every single chapter. The female lead is alright, although too much of Mary Sue. I do not think most of what happens to her is her fault, she's just trying to live a better life for herself with no... more>> one to depend on. I'm pretty glad that she doesn't accept any forgiveness from her brother after years of abuse on her. She just wants to be independent, and cut ties with all the people that humiliated and tormented her for years. That much is fine.

Now onto the spoilers.


First, I'm absolutely sick of the trope where cold CEO-type duke who thinks "breaking off" means "I want attention from you." Look she just wants to cut ties from you. Just what kind of evidence do you want? If I were in her shoes and received 7 years of mistreatment from maids and stepmother I too would get the hell out of there. Just because she piqued your interest doesn't mean you can pretend she's not feigning interest in you.

The first time, I was pretty mad but I let it go. But every time she's about to cure someone, that someone gets poisoned or whatever because of jealousy from some petty antagonist. First poisoning a 7 year old sweet kid, and nothing even happens to her? Then someone else poisons crown princess like literally wtf, how is that person not executed on the spot?

What's with her brother feeling so entitled for forgiveness? Imagine being so high up on the horse that after years of neglect and abuse on his sister, just because she "changed, " allows you to say a simple sorry and get along again? Then when she rejects him, he gets mad?


Her misunderstood father, the psychopathic prince, evil sister, mother, stepmother, I literally hate every single character in this story. Translation was done pretty well though, which is what made me read the raws in the first place, but I literally can't anymore. I'm tilted off the face of the Earth.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk. <<less
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OtomeAddict rated it
August 4, 2020
Status: c4
Essentially FL is an abused illegitimate child originally from a novel who traded souls with a reader from Korea. The FL, while in Korea, worked hard and became a doctor and entrepeneur with a great boyfriend she intends to marry. The Korean girl on the other hand chases after men without dignity, ruins her reputation, gets her into a non-beneficial marriage contract and allows servants + mother in law to mentally and physically abuse her.

Then the two suddenly switch back and FL has to deal with all the cr— that... more>> this reader girl has done. Where the latest update left off she punished a servant who mistreated her and the mother in law arbitrarily comes and rips her to shreds with a whip. FL doesn't back down and I thought this made her so cool.

Here's the catch though. I read the novel spoilers


The contract husband who hates her (the girl who possessed her) saw the physical abuse and was like "whatever deal with it." I understand that transmigrated girl harassed him but it doesn't justify being okay with her getting beaten to this point.

Contract husband finds out about her medical skills and starts to flirt with her trying to reap some benefits. Refuses her divorce request.

Apparently like 100 chapters in this jerk still won't let FL go. I like FL and I hope she never warms up to this a—wipe. If she does wreck all these mofos in the future I will happily give this 5 stars.


IDK if it's just me but I don't think it will be fair if the transmigrated girl gets to live the good life Canna (FL) worked for. This is kind of malicious and unjustified but I honestly hope she messes it up for herself because of what she did to Canna's body. <<less
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koco2018 rated it
June 8, 2023
Status: c60
This world is full of rotten infectious people. Author played with the MC's life like a toy.

I'm reading to know when she will be okay.. No. I'm reading to know how deeply to curse the author for their sick ideas.

The part that ticks me off the most is the fact that the author is a good writer, it's just their brain is twisted and their created world is disgusting.

You know what? I just had an enlightenment after writing this review, why the hell am I wasting my time on this... more>> dark bullsh*t when I can read something that will heal my soul. Instead of swallowing frustration and anger reading this, I could be laughing and adoring another story.

Here's the bullsh*t that caught my attention. You'll read it in a few chapters but MC is an alchemist, and a genius one at that. She has OP medical knowledge, she can diagnose/treat and create medicine. She cures patients and creates poisons.

And that OP fun-sounding MC is what dragged me for 60 chapters. Until now. I quit. And I feel light.

Listing the bullsh*t plots that tick me off for the curious peekers.


#1 Calves caned until terribly gnawed and mutilated, locked in her room with no treatment allowed. Mother-in-law hoped she would die from an infection. Husband knew, and didn't care or act.

#2 Accepted the abuse to have a reason to leave husband's home and return to her father's home. Asked her father for a divorce after explaining she's been tortured as a s*ave the past 7 years. Father denied request for the selfish/irresponsible reason of "you can't leave me".

#3 Empress called MC to treat the princess, and the 2nd prince picked up MC to escort her. He had the carriage driven into the mud, decapitated the driver, and sliced MC's arm with his mana sword that prevents blood-clotting. MC continuously bled until she passed out.

#4 Framed by the Empress and sentenced to death immediately after humiliating public trial. The princess had terrible eczema and the MC was called to treat it. The empress killed her own daughter (bc she hated the flawed daughter) and framed MC for fraudulent practice and mu*der. MC suffered days in jail without food/water, being beaten and abused. Until she was freed from jail (princess never died), she was called by the empress where she was strangled and beaten more.

#5 MC is dragged by knights back into her husband's house where she is forcibly prostrated in the greenhouse, in her underwear, in front of both the mother-in-law and princess (different one), where she is beaten and shamed until she is brought away by her brother.

#6 MC and her brother's carriage is blocked on the way back by MC's husband. MC and husband make a deal and MC leaves with her scumbag husband to go cure a town with sailor's disease.

#7 MC is kidnapped by the rapist/abuser/mu*derous 3rd prince where he hunts her in a forest bc his pride was hurt that she didn't let him r*pe her the first time. Bc he failed to r*pe her in her room, he used imperial knights to kidnap her and make her run like deer in a forest while he hunts her.

#8 ALSO in the human hunting scene, the lord of the area hears what the prince is up to, and joins the hunt so that he can make sure MC is dead quickly so that her father who is coming soon won't hear of anything.

#9 The father. During #2 he listened to her saying she was abused, unfazed. During #3 MC passed out in front of him and he watched her fall, slightly agitated. During #4 He picked her up from the empress's room, removing the strangling hand and carried her back to the house, slightly agitated. During #5 he hears MC was taken back to that house and does nothing, slightly fazed.

I hate my expectation for him. I hate that no one is helping her. I hate these characters, I hate that world. Good job author, you've shown me true filth.


I've just read some spoilers on the end. Read and we can both feel the rage. I'm not holding back, this will spoil the entire novel in one go.



ML. You wanted MLs. Yeah so reverse harem. Not that big of a deal right? NO

in*est. Is it just blood-related or also those who grew up as a family believing they are family.

The author. Chose a reverse harem consisting of Sylvien, Raphael, Orsini, Cullen and Alexandro.

Let me break it down for you.

  • Sylvien: Shitty husband that ignored her abuse for 7 years and has a sh*t personality.
  • Rapheal: He's okay I think, he was just introduced and MC was the one to bully him so far.
  • Orsini: Brother into physical abuse
  • Cullen: Brother into abandonment abuse
  • Alexandro: HER FCKING FATHER.

Also no, it's not a clean harem bc she slept with all of them. Her brothers, her father, her scumbag husband, and that reject priest.

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Meloonseed rated it
August 6, 2020
Status: c6
I like the FL. Strong, smart, and doesn't put up with BS. So why the hell is she putting up with that ML? He's just another cold CEO type who arbitrarily decides whether he likes someone or not, and to the people he doesn't care about, he just throws them away. What a boring character. She can do so much better than that arrogant sack of shit.
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problematicqueer rated it
July 24, 2023
Status: --
I won't comment on the in*est or the godforsaken harem, but this entire story consists of nothing but torture p*rn.

The MC is abused, beaten, insulted, rejected, neglected, abandoned, and so on and so forth until she's 14 years old. It is a truly repetitive or*y of abuse. She then transmigrates into modern Korea and gets the sweet relief of a normal life for 7 short years before being thrust back into hell as constructed by the MLs. Yeah, did the title make you think her body being possessed was a... more>> bad thing? Wrong! The only good thing that ever happens to her is having some hapless kid shoulder her cursed life for 7 years.

I'm not even going to go into examples of the abuse, you can probably go to any random chapter of this tr*sh and find an example of some f*cking c*nt shitting all over the MC for the most insane bullshit. This story is designed to make you feel sick with anger.

On the bright side, if you love the "ML tortures FL pointlessly, endlessly, & remorselessly" part of wife crematorium novels but despise the "earning forgiveness" part, you will love this story - btw if that applied to you, seek help. May Jesus Buddha & Allah combine their powers of forgiveness to have mercy on whatever twisted creep wrote this. -100000000000000000/5. <<less
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BrytteM rated it
November 26, 2020
Status: v1c9
I've only been able to read 9 translated chapters, but from what we've seen, omg, Canna deserves so much better than the shitty ass life that reader idiot got her into like wtf. Wtf.

Sylvan is a b*tchy ass cold boy and I have no patience for his bs. I'm hoping that since Canna had a goos boyfriend she was planning to marry in Korea, and had a good family there, she won't lower herself to his nasty ass.
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Trololokoko rated it
August 4, 2020
Status: c4
tough FL = I love it!!!!! Premise is very interesting although I can already see some angst and hardships, hope the ML all go to hell. Now that I think about it its really similar to “death is the only ending for the villainess” but hope she won’t waver and forgive them easily or at all!!! Anxious for more!
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
TheKaldo rated it
September 13, 2023
Status: c58
This is so insanely frustrating.


She just wants to divorce and instead she is tossed around between psychopathic husband, cruel abusive mother in law, cold hearted father, cruel stepmother, aggressive brother, ignorant brother, viscious sister, psychopathic prince, cruel empress and neglectful servants and everyone around. This is insane. I don't know where such long and frustrating build up leads, but I hope at least the whole kingdom is devoured by monsters or something.

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I N A K E rated it
August 3, 2023
Status: --
All I'm gonna say is that this is the most disgusting novel I've read in my entire damn life. Who in their right mind would write something like this? I'm not even joking it's so bad I almost sh*t my pants.

... more>>

Right when I knew that the ML was alex (the father) I literally gagged. I know they're not blood related or whatever but mans literally treated her like absolute sh*t all the time. He claims he loves her and all that crap but goes and has a one night stand, which a baby is born out of that💀 oh and did I mention that she literally saw him as her father her whole life and all of a sudden when she knows that they're not blood related she starts loving him, even when he treated her bad 😀 like are you actually serious? My head hurts


also this contains in*est so be careful 🤢 this is basically just a disgusting p*rn novel, don't read <<less
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rin_0 rated it
May 11, 2021
Status: c30
I like the concept a lot, MC gets transported to another world (Korea) works hard and gets a stable life (she became a doctor), even got herself a boyfriend until one day she went back to the world where she originally came from. A very abusive family, she found herself in a terrible situation clinging onto a mans pants. She changed a lot after her stay in Korea, which is reaallyy satisfying to see. It's frustrating to see them treat her like sh*t especially the maid, a mere maid dared... more>> dump water on her ಥ_ಥ

About her family-

Her dad (Alex) ignores her half the time, cold gazes absolute no interest in her

step mother- also cold towards her

step sister (Isabelle) - she's also a terrible person, jealous of the MC.

and the two brothers Orsini and Kullen they both bullied and abused her as kids (sinister kids damn)


when she returns to her "home"

(she was literally locked in the bas**ent for years)


Kullen -

this one is funny because his brother Kullen always had made fun of canna for having black hair and black eyes, calling her ugly and stuff. In order to cover her eyes she grew her bangs and hid her beauty (at that time she had low self esteem and thought she was actually ugly even she's noottt) She decides to cut her bangs and attended a party, she stood on the balcony (it was night so it was dark) and then Orsini walks in and totally didn't recognize her since it was dark. That f*cker confessed there and said "love at first sight" she decided to play along to see his shameful reaction after finding out.


why Isabelle (step sister) is a terrible person -

Lucy started to get better, orsini treated her better and she got jealous. She asked one of the maids to mix poison in Lucy's tea and made it seems like something is wrong with Canna's treatment. Don't forget Canna was a doctor and recognized the smell mixed in the tea leaves. She knew there was poison and asked Isabelle to drink it as a test but of course Isabelle refused knowing there's poison mixed in with it. She later on confessed everything.


sorry for my bad grammar Xd <<less
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April 24, 2021
Status: c12
I was super hooked in the beginning so I went and read spoilers.


The ML is Alex (yes, her dad Alex). But apparently they were old lovers or smth so I'm guessing he's not her dad. More overly complex plot yadayadayah. Look at the spoilers if you're confused, I'm not sure either.


I'm not going to read all of the spoilers, instead I'll go to bed and probably drop this. It does seem really interesting at the start though, so I might follow along with the translation.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
nande_nande rated it
June 10, 2023
Status: --
Okay, this is my opinion about this novel.... first.... this is so frustrating. There are so many solutions she can do for her to live her own life. She can ran away and do what she can do.. she is already a doctor in 21st century armed with academic knowledge and skills, why can't she even do that? Staying the mansion for Atis or Addis family is not a good option, it is very traumatic if I will say it as a normal person. But she definitely put herself in... more>> a position that she cannot leave anymore... she kept blabbing for no reason, she kept saying what she wanted... and many people want to interfere.. I felt frustrated because her decisions are quite d*mb. Really.

I already know the end of the story, and people already know the end of it. So I'm gonna drop this and let my heart at ease, I don't want to get frustrated. This is too much. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
rudefantasy rated it
October 27, 2023
Status: --
This story is so amazing. Im very hooked! Im so entertained! There is no boring moment. Just tailored so rightfully in right pace. Thank you for translating!💕
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ChronaZero rated it
June 6, 2023
Status: Completed
I skim the machine translation, but to make it simple it's reverse harem fantasy themed Usagi Drop with a lot of tragedy...

I don't regret reading it but the fact I read reverse harem is astonishing for me... ... more>>

Well, those mls being reverse harem'd is as it should be since they all sh*t that creates trauma for MC... It'd be great if MC can return to korea though... The ending where she need reverse harem is somewhat acceptable since people would die if she didn't do it, but hell... I'd never accept a reverse harem ending no matter what kind of justification you made

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Pabsss rated it
August 12, 2022
Status: Completed
I already read this novel a long time ago. The story is messy. All of them are garbage including the FL. I don't care. It was good at first half but then the more you read it, the more you will be dissapointed with the FL. I think she have anger issue or bipolar disorder? Coz it seems like it.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
fxchan rated it
October 12, 2023
Status: --
Chapter 55 and this novel is getting more and more chaotic and Fl's behavior, which is always happy to be tortured and slandered and does not want to be helped or at least not be rude to people who want to help her, makes me very annoyed. Even though the characters who wanted to help her before might have been mean to her,

... more>>

She was tortured and beaten at her husband house and then helped by kalen but she acted ignorant and ungrateful to kalen as if kalen was bullying her even though she was helped by him and can finally able to escape from valentino's residence thanks to kalen. The part when she went back to her husband who blocked their carriage then she follow her husband back to the place she got beaten, really make me questioning the author. Plus her husband? Who doesn't care if she is beaten, tortured or dead lol, and not only that- her words are rude to kalen who meant well to help her, I just can't.


Another things --Fl's behavior is really annoying. Heroine really likes it when people misunderstand her.

this story is really not satisfying because there are more and more misunderstandings and FL or the author is not even trying to make the story clear, FL is tortured, FL is very happy lol.

Reading this makes me angry.. Really.., the heroine really makes no effort to do something to improve her situation, at least she can try to go out independently? She has op skill plus she's from modern times, omg, but her actions are incomprehensible.

really waste of time, what makes me want to read this becausei read somewhere that this

not a 1v1 ending


But the story and FL really annoying.

And this not that kind of reverse harem I want to read


So bye <<less
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Noodlesoup rated it
September 25, 2023
Status: c70
Abuse alert! overall it's a good read. Well done author and team ♥. Initially it was a typical hated MC scenerio later some inhumane events got my blood boiling. However the story navigation, intresting plot twists, character development who avenges, got me hooked. Daily updates is a delight for this soup. Note translations are not bad but can improve further.
Understand well that the era isn't favourable for women or open-mindedness, it's another hell for hated one's. At times MC is headstrong or indifferent to problems it... more>> feels but then she works around it using her talent and wits that's refreshing logical given she's powerless and a magnet for people who'll mercilessly thrash her to death... The biggest one being Sylvien this ungrateful cold son oab* leech needs to be made a cuckold of by our MC.. hope she gets rid of them all one by one.

Original Noodlesoup quotes:

Be so sweet even the insects are pleased or be so spicy even the devil will sneeze. Soup was pleased with balanced mix, of both. Sometimes it had to be too hot other time deadly cold.


MC regressed from modern free-spirited times to imprisoned cinderella era with a twist. Well versed in modern medicine now wants a divorce but is bieng struggling, doing things her way around, admist psycho husband, abusive mother in law plus step family (just one big bro is half okay and a sweet tiny tot.) with expressionless father and other crazy characters waiting for her to technically be used then die by their harassment as a illegitimate child. My alter ego is waiting for revenge served cold as she finds her solace. <<less
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