My Bloodthirty Husband is So Gentle


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“Shengsheng, Shengsheng…”

He always addressed her so gently and lovingly.

People described him as a bright and graceful young man who was as noble as a piece of jade, heh, but they had never seen how he looked cutting open corpses with a scalpel. Oh, how his eyes glowed red.

He had a name that sounded gentle: Shi Jin.

Jiang Jiusheng first saw Shi Jin in the elevator of her apartment.

“Your hands are really pretty,” she exclaimed in genuine admiration and was unable to shift her gaze away. “Can I… touch them?”

He was surprised.

She explained, “I’m sorry, I have a slight hand fetish.”

He hesitated for a rather long time. “I’m sorry, I’m a bit of a clean freak.”

After a pause, she asked in a serious tone, “Is it okay for me to just touch them briefly?”

The rock star, Jiang Jiusheng, had a hand fetish. Her new neighbor was a doctor and coincidentally had a pair of hands that she wished she could keep for herself.

Some time in the future, he stood in the bathroom of their new apartment, holding a scalpel with his bloody hands. His back was to her. There was blood all over the floor, and a broken limb. From the pile of bloody bones, she could tell that they belonged to the stray dog she had brought home.

She asked, “What are you doing?”

He answered, “Dissecting a corpse.”

She took a step back, but he pressed her down to the cold floor of the bathroom and ripped off her clothes. The blood on the floor stained her snow-white skin.

He said, “Shengsheng, if I can choose how I die, I hope I die on top of you.”

He said, “Shengsheng, I’m a doctor who can’t cure himself. I’m sick, blood makes me excited and compels me to slaughter, and you make me feel thirsty for blood. You’re the reason why I’m driven to murder.”

He said, “Shengsheng, save me. If you don’t hold my hand, I’ll kill myself after I kill everybody who tries to take you away from me.”

She took his hand, and said, “Shi Jin, the blood on the floor will dirty my shoes. I want you to carry me out of here.”

She had never loved someone so much that she was willing to descend into hell with him.

He had never loved someone so much that he was willing to set aside his butcher knife for her.

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