My Blind Master


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A poor girl, Franelle, finds a new job that entails taking care of a blind man named Lowell. Lowell, who was abandoned even by his own relatives, was kind and friendly, and while they were living together, Franelle finds herself attracted to him. However, one day, Lowell’s eyesight recovered thanks to magic and Franelle suddenly disappears.

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Moumoku no Aruji
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Sunraye rated it
May 1, 2020
Status: Completed
It was short but sweet. The ML's a cutie. Tho his situation is pitiful, he remains kind in the face of adversity, which is his blindness and the negligence of the people around him.

MC was a little bean as well, on a certain level, I can sympathize with her insecurity due to the scar on her face. Still, she remains a jolly and compassionate person. And I'm glad she's partnered up with someone just as warm-hearted.
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chande rated it
April 16, 2022
Status: Completed
The premise was actually quite good but there were several loose ends that needed to be explained like:

    • ML's brother contradictory character. He usually neglected ML till he became like a hermit. He only came to extract mana from ML once in a while so he could sell it. But someday, out of the blue, he found ML a doctor that could cure his eyes. It's a bit out of character for him.
    • Speaking about ML's mana, in the end, what the use of it for ML? I wish he could achieve more with his overflowing mana but there's nothing so far.
    • The ending was so rushed. The author didn't describe much how ML could find FL in the end. And he suddenly declared FL as his girlfriend just like that. But it wasn't easy for a noble to marry a commoner so I don't know whether they really could make it or not because the author didn't explain much about their future after being together.
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sharl rated it
September 6, 2021
Status: Completed
Lighthearted read, took a point off for the lack of actual romance and for a few questions left hanging; ie., stuff mentioned that felt like it was a foreshadowing for something (ML's blindness), which then never got mentioned again. Also, what's up with the ML's brother?
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