My Beautiful Childhood Friend who I’ve Loved Since I was Little was Stolen from Me, Then a Pure Gal Comforted Me


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I, Jiro Togawa is a first-year high school student who has a precious childhood friend, she is a beautiful girl named Shiori Katahira.

I was planning to confess my feelings to her when I enter high school, but as soon as we entered high school, I was NTR’ed by Kajino Kippei, he is a flirtatious guy from the same grade as us…

On top of that, I saw them having s*x on the bed in Shiori’s room.

Heartbroken, I skipped school for the first time in my life.

I want to die, but I don’t have the guts to kill myself.

Then, a gal who is in the same grade as me, Suyama Arisa, approached me.

She has beautiful blonde hair, brown-coloured skin, and really huge breasts.

Suyama-san is very kind to me, who is a very dull guy, and comforts me when my precious childhood friend was stolen from me.

And from there, my fate changed.

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Zutto Sukidatta Osananajimi no Bishoujo wo NTR sareta. Sonna Boku wo Junjou Gyaru ga Nagusamete Kureru.
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1 Review

Mar 05, 2023
Status: Completed
Alrighty, this review will basically contain the whole story (basically) and was MTL’d so take it with a grain of salt

... more>>

So basically the novel starts with the mc’s childhood friend being cucked by a handsome play boy in his school and was soon comforted by a gal and entered a relationship with her. It turns out she was also the playboy’s ex but had a bad time with him due to his micro pen*s and cheating tendencies. The gal then basically has a lot of s*x with the MC while the childhood friend was suffering from the playboy’s acts. She was continuously beaten and forced to have s*x with him (MC is unaware of this). At one point, they both MC and childhood friend sort of reaffirm their feelings. This somehow led to the childhood friend recording her beatings later. Afterwards, the gal was kidnapped/abducted by the playboy and his friends. They were about to r*pe her but was unsuccessful and got caught by the police thanks to MC. Additionally, the recording by the childhood friend was placed on the playboy thus increasing his prison time. Moreover, it turns out the cheating wasn’t really voluntary as the playboy just caught the childhood friend during a weak time. The story ends with the childhood friend wanting to be in a relationship with the MC (the gal in the first place asked the childhood friend for her wish) then they have a threesome, the end.


I honestly wish that the childhood friend could have acted better. Since she was described as a neat beauty and the prettiest in the grade level she should have thought to herself that her dull looking childhood friend would have no courage to confess to her. This was the root reason to the NTR and could have been avoided. Moreover, I still don’t know why she kept that relationship with the playboy for so long as she was forced to do so... In real life, this situation is so unlikely to happen that us colonising mars in the next century is more likely to happen. I get that it’s to build drama and stuff but why?

Honestly not worth the read if ur looking for drama. There are way better similar stories to this that don’t involve bullsh*t NTR. But if ur still interested I’m not gonna stop you.

Thats it :p <<less
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