My Archenemy Suddenly Went OOC


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I have an archenemy. One day his persona collapsed.

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01/15/22 Foxaholic oneshot
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starryskies rated it
January 15, 2022
Status: oneshot
The concept is kind of interesting but this oneshot seems more like the prologue to a certain popular kind of long series than a story standing on its own. It's written in first person perspective, if it matters.

The MC considers the ML, who is his uncle (not blood related), as his archenemy not because they have some enmity between them, but rather because that's how the people around the MC treat him after applying the questionable logic of dog-blood family conflict stories to the MC's situation. MC's uncle has mostly... more>> been indifferent to him, until one day, he seems to suddenly change. And it's not a subtle change either.

Though in-context it's understandable why the ML pounces on the MC so suddenly, it doesn't change the fact that MC's consent overall was iffy at best, if I'm reading the implication of what happened right. The ending, however, left more questions than answers even if it was unexpected and gives me fodder to speculate on for hours. <<less
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Drenlith rated it
January 21, 2022
Status: Completed
A shame for it to be a one shot. It leaves a lot of content out. It merely drew the outline and the majority is left up to your imagination. I don't see the point of it being a one shot since all it did was laying out expositions of the plot and progressed one step in the relationship between the leads and cut us off then and there as curiosity grew. Would make a great prologue but as a one shot?? Not for me :/
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Eovin rated it
January 16, 2022
Status: oneshot
This definitely reads like a prologue to a story rather than a proper oneshot to be honest.

Our MC seems like the only sane man in a world where everyone else has melodrama type "logic". They try to apply cliché dog blood tropes to his life based on appearance alone without bothering with truth. Our MC is not willing to go along with this and just wants a peaceful life.

His "enmity" with ML is actually kind of refreshing. They have no negative feelings towards each other, rather they are indifferent. The... more>> reason MC sees ML as the "enemy" is because people ship them, and it ruins his potential love life as well as forces him to deal with ML's delusional and jealous admirers who decided he is the enemy.

Everything changed when the Fire nation attacked... Jk. One day, ML went crazy and very publically proclaimed his undying love for MC, begging him not to die. Here is where the things get skeevy. MC is not attracted to ML, so he is very much not okay with physical "affection" he forces on him, but he plays along because he doesn't want to get into bigger trouble.

The ending is not actually a proper ending. This "oneshot" is technically open-ended. But it does give us a clear hint on what is going on and why ML suddenly went off the rails.


This is where transmigration comes in. MC wakes up to a System telling him he needs to make ML fall in love with him, so he wouldn't destroy worlds. It implies both some time travelling and that MC went on a quick transmigration journey through the multiverse, where he seduced ML and later "died" for him. The time travel is in the fact that ML clearly came back/regained his memories before MC was sent on his journey.
Well, that or perhaps our MC simply forgot his transmigration adventure and ML's actions triggered his memory.


All around it's interesting as there is plenty of potential for speculation and MC is actually quite likable, but I do not think this can be considered a proper short story. The translator did a good job, though, so I am adding a star there. Despite the story telling being a bit iffy due to the author, the translation was very readable. <<less
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quinnsprig rated it
August 6, 2022
Status: One Shot
☆:...I don't recommend it.

I would give it 0 stars if I could.


I liked the idea of the transmigration system going wild, but it was so poorly executed.

How is Mu Yusen considered his love interest without any actual love?

And the sexual abuse out of nowhere?? It's so weird to put such traumatizing event like that... feels like the author just wanted to cause shock without ever needing to handle the issue with the complexity nedded.

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January 16, 2022
Status: --
The oneshot plays with an interesting spin on the rebirth trope.

It feels more like the aftermath of a novel we never got to see, where the MC had gotten his system and made the ML fall for him, but died in the process of convincing him. And now we are reading the epilogue of their previous story even while reading the prologue of the current one.

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