My 【Repair】Skill Became an Almighty Cheat Skill, So I Thought I’d Open Up a Weapon Shop


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The main character, Luke, has been an adventurer for fifteen years, but he could only use the skill [Repair]. Because of that, he was known as the eternal rank E, third-rate adventurer.

One day, Luke was hired for cheap by a hero’s party to do odd jobs, when he was forced to bear the consequences caused by the hero’s mistake, and was left behind in the labyrinth of a difficult-to-clear dungeon.

Luke was prepared for death, but his [Repair] skill evolved during his survival from the brink of death, and Luke managed to escape.

Now that Luke had returned alive, he decided to stop doing dangerous jobs and turned over a new leaf.

Using his evolved [Repair] skill, Luke opened up a weapon shop for adventurers in a village with a small dungeon.

He aimed for a slow life with his second life. His second life, where he lived quietly and comfortably!

……at least, that’s what he thought, when a major incident shaking the entire country appeared before Luke’s eyes…..?

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【Shuufuku】 Skill ga Bannou Cheat-ka shita node, Bukiya demo Hirakou ka to Omoimasu
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Avil rated it
July 12, 2019
Status: c260
The title reeks of mediocre OP Isekai but the MC isn't almighty, there's no cheap harem as he's dating a single girl (there are 2 or 3 possible harem members but I don't think it will go that way), the plot is quite decent and the other male characters are quite good too, while not a masterpiece that will be remembered forever this novel is worth reading.


Other reviewers are too focused on the revenge but I can say that it doesn't hinder the story at all since the MC is... more>> proved to be a victim early on and he doesn't need to punish the Hero personally since the Kingdom also considers him a traitor, so while he hates the Hero for what he did the MC doesn't waste his time hating the Hero of plotting against him. <<less
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Kevadu rated it
December 28, 2019
Status: c34
To be honest I'm kind of baffled by the positive reviews. At its best this novel is simply mediocre. At its worst it's lazy and hackneyed.

The MC's ability has long stopped having anything to do with simply repairing. Rather it's a deus ex machina do-anything ability that's called "repair" for some reason. For every single problem the MC encounters his solution is always, "I know, I'll use repair!" This is lazy writing at its worse. The only fun in this for the reader is to try and anticipate what convoluted... more>> rationalisation the author will come up with to justify why "repair" is usable in every situation.

That could maybe be forgivable if the novel had something else going for it... but it really doesn't. The setting is as cliche as it gets and the characters are barely developed. Really I can't think of a single reason anyone should be reading this... <<less
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TimeVoid rated it
October 12, 2019
Status: c19
This novel is somehow what you call a weak novel. It's kinda exciting and triggering your curiosity at the beginning chapter. Then at the following chapters, it became somehow dull and plain to the point of not wanting to read anymore. This MC is certainly what you call a blacksmith who has the skill "Repair" which is quite rare among the isekai class in comparison to "Hero"and "Magician/Sorcerer"popularity. By summary of the story, he had a situation of betrayal by the hero party and cast away to the point of... more>> not having anything left in his possession. In his luck, he decided things and want to start over by opening a blacksmith shop with enjoying his slow life style. Perhaps to the reason of focusing "slow life", the story were progressing at slow pace or passive rate. Additionally, it had a less action scene to the point that this novel somehow resembling a person who is on vacation/retirement.

This novel is not recommended for those who expecting intense battle/action or world adventuring. <<less
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
MentalPygmy rated it
November 29, 2019
Status: c31
Reading some of the reviews made me scratch my head.

Dull? Read the tags, it's 'slice of life.' Expect fluffy, not furious.

Cliche? Like every other Asian web novel. Some writers, like this one, can make it work. Some can't.

If you like a story about a decent regular guy finding a way to get along and help out his friends, this is worth the read. If you want s*upidly infinite power ups to the MC has to even more dangerous than he is now, don't waste your time.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aho555 rated it
August 30, 2019
Status: c1
I couldn't read any further. It starts off with a dull setup of the story's world, but the biggest sin commited is the story used the tired old cliche of "MC's party members are the worst kind of people who abuses MC and forces him to gain/show his super abilities and then take revenge upon them/or they will taste karma afterwards".

(Very similar to the "drunk/corrupt/pe*verted adventurer or noble threatens/attacks MC/his harem and forces him to gain/show his super abilities" cliche)

Worst still, it just skips the character intros and... more>> interactions prior, and just drops straight into the 'abuse event'.

I can't see this novel going anywhere good. <<less
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OrderedChaos rated it
December 13, 2019
Status: c33
Decent read, once you get past the good old arrogant hero cliche. Japanese style weak MC with some common sense gets kinda OP skill and takes advantage of it for a better life, but he gets roped into other’s problems somehow. Not much else to say from me other than its worth a look.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Zyukai rated it
December 10, 2019
Status: c32
I'm not sure why this has a lower rating, I personally think it's a really good novel. There will never be a novel that doesn't have at least one cliche, so don't drop it just because you see it.

Honestly, I find it odd that anybody came into this novel expecting a fast-paced action story despite seeing the title, description, and tags. Time said, "resembling a person who is on vacation/retirement." accurate, considering the MC says that he is, "Taking a break from adventuring" after what happened in the first few... more>> chapters.

Give it a try, then you can tell me if it's good or not! <<less
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HentMas rated it
April 28, 2021
Status: c60
"There is no action!"

WTF!? this novel haves PLENTY of action...

"There is no revenge"

... more>> Well, he never "asked" for revenge, he just wants to live his life, he's a 30 something, jaded, tired, and betrayed ex-adventurer all he wants is to live well.

"his power is too OP/deus ex machina"

It's not that powerful, it's kind of fascinating how it works but it makes sense in how it's implemented in the novel.

This is NOT a slice of life novel, at least not by the common slice of life standards because when there are slow scenes it doesn't just focus on characterizations, the author USES those parts to build the world and develop the set up for the future developments.

The author is very good, this reads like an actual novel, the set ups for what's happening in the plot are very well done and the pay off is always satisfying, there are several chapters that wind down the pace to build the world but it's by no means "boring" it just takes the time it needs for things to work, it's not rushed or too slow, hell there are a LOT of time skips because it would be boring otherwise.

His powers are interesting, and have their own sense and rules, if you are dissatisfied with them I can't tell you you're wrong but IN THE NOVEL it all makes sense.

I really enjoy the twist and the characters, there is a lot of foreshadowing and the autor really constructs what he wants to achieve chapters before it's done, this is a well thought out story... the pacing for me was fantastic, when you're getting a bit bogged down by the world building, it throws an action sequence, when the action is over we get some slice of life with very good characterizations and character progression, and then the author begins to intertwine the world building again in his chapters.

It IS formulaic and cliché, but it's got very good construction and reasoning, this quickly became one of my favourites. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sir Laffsalot
Sir Laffsalot rated it
August 22, 2020
Status: c52
This is a total favorite of mine, on my top five. Great story and characters with good development.

Not another one of those cliche total adventurer MC stories. Kind of more laid back. MC was dumped and left to die by the hero, and Karma was a *itch. MC was cool when meeting with one of the ex-party members. MC is cool, even if he is the cliche dense to reading women.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ryoto.Ryuji.630 rated it
December 26, 2022
Status: --

This is a slice of life novel that carries on at it's own pace.

First, for those who want a novel based on revenge, this isn't the novel for you. After facing life and death, the MC decides to take some time for himself and explore his place in the world. Anyone who has encountered life and death situations can sympathize.

Second, this isn't a harem as there are not multiple romantic partners, but often interacts with a group of women and often interacts with... more>> them in his daily life. <<less
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MarlboroRed rated it
January 29, 2022
Status: .

The MC Luke or White Wolf's personality is something that Ive always wanted in Sword and Magic and Dungeon world like this. His personality and attitude definitely fits his age and the years of experience he got from being an adventurer. His repair skill which evolved didnt really become an almighty skill, maybe not yet as of the moment but it sure as hell is convenient and a money maker. One of the things that differs the MC from other cliche MCs is that he doesnt easily compromise. When someone... more>> betrayed him, different from the others, he totally holds a grudge. MC is a nice guy but even when Noire the black magician asked for forgiveness (Noire is part of the party who abandoned him but he hated her the least because he wasnt bullied by her, she was just too timid), he didnt forgive her easily. Kindness begets kindness, but an MC who would forgive someone easily or just let things go is part of the problem why bullies never learn.

Other characters

Other characters were given their background story and they werent flat with the personality at all. Like Noire, she admits that helping MC with his store is someone that would at least slowly wash her guilt, so there is redemption here. Sakura, there is a hidden story, dunno if it comes back to bite the MC for making her a ceremonial sword. Garnet, she has similarities with MC for holding a grudge against someone but story hasnt unfolded yet, she had bias with adventurers too. The Hero Party, I dont know how the hero party could be a party full of jerks. Strong but dumb and ambitious?


Story is slow. I wish for a more light story honestly. Because MC is an E rank, I dont know if there will be more fights because if there is, hell be targetted for having good repair skill but weak in combat. There is no main goal for the MC yet. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Cactiii rated it
November 24, 2021
Status: c34
This novel is just plainly medicure... I don't know why the title claims his repair skill is almighty, its useful but thats pretty much it... there are a lot of things that the author could have done better.

First of all a lot of the good reviews say you shouldn't expect action because this is a slice of life but as of chapter 34 the slice of life is low quality at best, actually I can barely think of anything that can classify as slice of life unless you count the... more>> lines of "I repaired kitchen knifes of the villagers"

The other main issue with this novel is just how its written, I can't describe it well but it just wasn't very well done. For example his time in the dungeon was basically suffering->My ability suddenly evolves->Oh look, instantly an exit... It would of been a lot better if the main character survived by repairing his own body using materials from the dungeon (and thus giving an excuse to make his body stronger) Just the overall feel of his time in the dungeon doesn't give me the feel of "barely surviving" since it was barely described and slopply done.

Theres also the lines from when some minister wanted to charge him with a crime and the guild stopped it he had intermonolog saying "if that would of actually happened when my mental state was fragile from exiting the dungeon..." but there is no feeling of his mental state actually being messed up, theres just some lines of "the dungeon is dangerous" but no feeling of deep rooted fear or trauma...

I'm trying not to rant so overall its readable but it feels done in a half-hearted way and could of been executed better. Theres nothing really that makes you feel attatched to the characters, generally I'm reluctent to drop a series i've read for a while but I just don't feel anything with this one. Its not garbage but it needs work in order to make it into a good novel. <<less
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kenjirou05 rated it
March 31, 2022
Status: c32
Got me started due to curiosity but it went downhill real quick. He claims to want revenge but never got to it since the jerk hero got himself in deep trouble by himself. Which would have been fine and he just lived out his new life but him being a push over is extremely annoying to me. He is being falsely accused but he is rather passive about his defense and goes with the flow rather than actually defend or clear his name.

At the time of writting this, I stopped... more>> at c 32 and the current chapter list is up to 60's but I cant stand his being a pushover already and got bored of it, <<less
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