My『Protect』Skill Can Take My Life, but It Can Also Help Me Flirt and Make Love With Cold Beauties!


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Kazuya Nambu, a chubby and dull high school student who escaped into a locker after being accused of peeping, was transported to another world as a hero.

The guide – fairy Elle, said that Kazuya was given the ability to instantly recover even from minor damage -『Super Regeneration』, but his physical ability was still poor…!?

Kazuya, with physique, gradually raised his level by defeating small fries. And when Kazuya’s hidden skill『Protect』was activated, Eva, Fine, and Alicia began to fall in love…!?

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My dangerous skill helped me to flirt and make a lovey-dovey harem!
The skill "Protect" is life-threatening, but I was able to flirt and love harem with Choroin!
スキル『かばう』は命がけだけど、チョロインたちとイチャラブハーレムできました! 1 (オルギスノベル) (LN)
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3 Reviews

Jun 26, 2023
Status: c21
This novel is plain, but pretty good. This novel tells the reader what to expect and delivers exactly that.

The protagonist makes mistakes and behaves immature, but can you hold it against him? He is a normal teenager, without much life experience. When I get irritated at his immaturity I just need to look back to see how I was his age and I realize that his actions are normal and understandable for a teenager.

He isn't the smartest, but also not s*upid, just average. Other novels set high expectations in terms... more>> of abilities, like saying the protagonist is a reincarnated soldier, assasin, healer and so on and in the end they behave like teenagers with below average intelligence. These authors don't realize you can't write someone much smarter than yourself. However this novel promises average an average person and delivers.

So far the characters are plain, but there are hints of there being more than 2 dimensional characters. Well those are 21 chapters with not the greatest length, what can you expect? The protagonist is also consistent in his character. What is also refreshing that the reason the protagonist gets opportunities at learning and so on not by a protagonists' luck or by defeating opponents, no he is just friendly and helpful towards others people and gets their goodwill this well. Though in this novel the average person is kinder than the average person in real life. Though it is partly justified that so many characters are friendly- it seems the fairy Elle can instinctively judge whether someone is kind or not. Though it is was only hinted at so far.

Conclusion: Normally I would give this novel 3 stars, but I give it 1 more stand just for the novel not promising what it can't deliver and giving you what it promises. And this is sadly rare. Being promised 50€ and getting 20€ or even 10€ is vastly different from being promised 15€ and getting 15€, at least emotionally I would always take the second one. <<less
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Kermit Pretender
Kermit Prete
Jul 24, 2023
Status: c29
Personally, I quite like it. This is a more down to eath story of the Isekai trope. The MC is transported to a medieval world to save it from some evil or whatever. Thing is, the MC has not other cheat ability than great regeneration abilities, but that doesn't make up for his lack of knowledge of the world, his nonexistent combat skills or poor physique. It's even stated that he's level 0, the lowest of the low.

It's a nice setting, where people take simpaty (or pity) on the MC... more>> and teach him the ropes, even giving him small jobs until he can hold his own. The MC is also belivable, acting like a real teenager in an unkown environment.

If I have a complain is that the calm and nice atmosphere took a 180° in the last 3-4 chapters with the girl of the cover. Like, I understand that she fell for him after saving her, but is clearly stated that he is fat and not exactly handsome, yet for some reason she treats herself as unworthy of him. I would have appreciated more build up with their relationship, or a real reason as to why she's so eager to throw herself at him, like she cannot see properly or his personality outweights his appearence, etc.

Also, people giving this story a 1 just because the MC is not OP since the begining simply have poor taste. <<less
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Jun 20, 2023
Status: c19
Now I'm at c19 of this story. I can say that I like this one and I give 5 for now**.

from 1-19 chapter nothing about <Adult><Harem><Romance> occur.

MC (main character) was brought to the other word but he is not OP, HE is WEAK, weaker than normal people in that world.

... more>>

Well, normally we start at lv 1 but MC is ZERO. He was beaten up by weakest monster in the first encounter. So he cannot do anything even he was summon here as a hero by Fairy's master. The fairy is a bit airheaded can't help him much but be with him so he will not lonely. She is a stat reporter and alarm clock for him now.

MC started with labor job for training his body. He cannot take a hunting job b/c he's weaker than the weakest monster.

Then he went out to help a girl to find her sister, this when he activated his skill self healing or something for the first time but almost beaten up to dead. But this is not make MC an OP in a bit. Yes, he still weak.

He continue do his labor job till his stat equal to normal people. And start hunting the weakest monster for make money.


MC is a hard-working and has pretty realistic personality but still young. He's trying learn how to live in another world.
I'm thinking he's kind of cute and want to cheer he on♥

Ps. the title is.... not quite the same as the story, I guess? <<less
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