Muyoku no Seijo wa Okane ni Tokimeku


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Leo, a young scrooge who loves money more than anything, unexpectedly had his body swapped with a beautiful young girl who had unusual circumstances named Leonora.

Leonora was the young daughter of a fallen marquisate family who, in the past, were driven out of noble society by false charges. Now, by various circumstances, she was to attend the academy for young nobles. Since she didn’t want to, with black magic she tries to escape her fate.

Offering a gold coin as compensation, Leonora lured Leo into going to the academy in her place.

Leo, now “Leonora,” had only planned to show her face at the academy before fleeing. However, with unmatched beauty and peculiar values, “Leonora” got herself mistakenly known as a “pure maiden” who attracted the attention of not only a marquisate couple and the imperial princess, but even the first imperial prince of the empire.

This is the story of Leonora von Harkenberg who would later be known as the「Altruistic Saintess」.

Associated Names
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The Altruistic Saintess is Thrilled by Money
無欲の聖女 (LN)
無欲の聖女は金にときめく (WN)
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Cryarc rated it
December 31, 2016
Status: c104
I usually loves misunderstanding comedy like "Angel Densetsu, "Tillea's Worries", "I Said Make My Abilities Average!" and many others, but unfortunately I can't like this one. I can't laugh at characters who got their life screwed up by the misunderstandings produced by the main characters. Initially it's quite entertaining, but after passing sometime the jokes becomes forced and nearing the end of the series it's completely not funny.
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Artemis1990 rated it
March 24, 2017
Status: v1c7
Hmm... How to say this.... If you're expecting a sweet and gentle misunderstanding story.... Stop at chapter 2 or give it a miss altogether.

The story isn't bad by all means, it has an interesting concept and idea though I personally think its rather predictable so far. If you like "I got mistaken as a genius" then I suggest giving this at least a try.

I have to question on how in the hell so many people got "fooled" by the MC's acting is rather ridiculously improbable yet it happen anyway.... more>> The biggest thing that I have issue with is that I found the MC rather hard to like.

The internal monologues were rather dumb and kind of makes me wish he/she'd just shut up since he/she seriously makes me wonder if he/she's bipolar. Moreover, forr a "scrooge", he/she certainly doesn't act like one. Simply put, he's not greedy enough. In fact, other than the continuous pinning over a lost coin, very few sign showed the MC as a scrooge. I can tell that the author was struggling to imagine how a scrooge actually think.

Still, as long as you don't think too much about it, this novel is still quite enjoyable. <<less
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Sherrynity rated it
March 5, 2017
Status: v1c2
So far, I had a good laugh when reading this series. MC is a natural born master of tsukkomi (if you read Shinka no Mi you should be able to understand), while heroine (former?) is a my-own-pace character.

I can give an exact review as only 1 prologue + 2 chapters currently translated, so for now I'll give a 4★ simply because it's hilarious. Might revise my score on later date though.
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Vi.M rated it
October 3, 2017
Status: v1c7
I love how Leo's love for money (and how the language filter casted on him) gets him into various misunderstandings. Fun story and hilarious misunderstandings! :D Very nice. Looking forward to reading more chapters. I hope someone will pick this up. Thanks to the translators. :)
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VoidFenix980 rated it
July 7, 2019
Status: --
The misunderstandings are all connected and they keep escalating in proportions.

And this is why I love this story.
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Shuc49 rated it
March 12, 2019
Status: v1c14
A good misunderstanding novel in my opinion. It's one of those where everything the main character does get's interpreted positively and raises other people's opinion towards the main character who is obviously oblivious to it.

In this story, the cause of these misunderstandings is often due to the main character forgetting about the fact that he, Leo is currently in Leena's body. I guess you would need a certain degree of suspension of disbelief to enjoy this kind of misunderstanding comedy because the main character is just unbelievably dumb sometimes.

At glance,... more>> it may seem like Leo got the short end of the stick and got his life screwed over by Leena. Indeed, Leena is a douche most of the time but they have actually made a contract (1 gold coin as compensation), therefore Leo is simply fulfilling the contract. Not only that, he get's education he wouldn't be able to obtain under normal circumstances as an orphan as well as being able to enjoy luxurious foods (albeit it's Leena's body eating).

In short, whilst needing some suspension of disbelief to fully enjoy this story, there are comedic misunderstandings which should provoke at least a few laughs and therefore this novel deserves a chance. <<less
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Rinae rated it
April 14, 2021
Status: Completed
Cute satisfying slice of life, it's just as I wanted. It explores so much and sadly so little at the same time, much in terms of concept but less in terms of plot. It's just a light hearted fun read (kinda a shame). I personally like this, it's just fun lol. Not many male to female suit my cup of team, the subtlety in this one was just comfy enough.

I can see why Leo is loved despite the misunderstandings tbh, I'm somehow fond of him.

It went a dark on vol... more>> 4 but it ended up not as so. Bruno (Leo's best friend) is an interesting character would've loved to seem more of him with Leo, they're part of kinda contrasting spirit factions so could've bee nice to explore more regarding their dynamic (Bruno's associated with the evil dark spirit and Leo with benevolent gold spirit! Arc 4 is personally my favorite, Really had a chance to explore the story's world (wished there was more tbh because of this) . The Eland kingdom was really interesting, felt like a start of something, the end was way too soon.

loved how Bruno and Leo were more in depth here, I've posted this in the forum but I still would love to share their moments in arc 4


(this is only exclusive to the fourth volume since I just read it and it's fresh)
* when Leo was just so genuinely understanding of Bruno when Bruno wss going to Eland, he didn't even pry his past and gave up any thought of making money in Eland in respect of Bruno. Even if Leo didn't know anything, Leo just trusted him so much
this is the dealbreaker
* When Leena asked Bruno about his past and us readers found out that Bruno's actually Elandian Royalty and is cousins with the current King, Bruno said that he doesn't care if his history is know by anyone. It's just that Bruno won't allow Leo to know. It was revealed here that 7 years ago, there was an ongoing spread of diseases, the orphanage was poor so Director Hannah and Leo scrambled to get and beg for money to protect and save the sick orphans. Leo ended up contracting the disease and was on the verge of death, Bruno by his bedside and was desperate. So, begged for the evil dark spirit (The dark spirit is what literally like the opposite of light, the demonic opposite) to save Leo, but the dark spirit said that Leo has death basically following him so he's bound to die. Bruno and the dark spirit go contracted and made a deal, Leo was allowed ro live in exchange for a huge price, blood (Bruno basically became a dark practitioner). Bruno accepted and Leo became well the next day without knowing anything. Bruno literally implied that he'd rather everyone know about his darkness rather than Leo finding out about him. When Leo and Leena switched, Bruno told Leena that he was relieved that Leo would be safer.
* when Leo was about to die, the first person he thought of was Bruno. Both moments in that death experience T.T
* When Leo was in danger, Bruno didn't hesitate to pay any price and used the dark spirit to get to him faster. He was channeling his powers to get to Leo quicker. Upon arrival he ended up disposing those people who attempted to violate Leo to the dark spirit. Even till the end, Leo didn't know about Bruno's affiliation with the dark spirit and only knew that Bruno's eyes went darker and darker. Yet still, despite being aware that something is going on but not knowing anything, Leo was specially considerate and respected+understood whatever Bruno kept from him. They're both literally so sweet, you could just imagine Bruno's relief when Leo was alive and well just holding pig intestines (Leo was almost killed, sacrificed, and violated so that's why the culprits ended up like that)
*Bruno literally went out of his way to put a facade around leo and telling Leo to escape the Eland castle with Leena to safety upstairs while he stays in the dungeon for a bit to deal with the the culprits he all knocked out (he literally was so non threatening, Leo didn't even suspect anything, only Leena knew that Bruno had fed the culprits to the dark spirit)
Bruno's always protecting Leo, My heart can not— Leo doesn't pale in comparison either, really sincere. That's why, this made me want for more augh but im satisfied and fine, I think.

I'm just glad everyone's happy in the end♥️♥️♥️ Really a fun read.

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Rechargeable rated it
October 3, 2022
Status: c15.2
This novel is decently above average while common sense is nasically non existent its funny to an extent. But. The translator Group Last Fenix is so cringy that I couldnt get through it, yes the translator is the reason I dropped this novel. Sounds crazy I know but their usage of heart emoji ❤️ and "///////" as blushes is killing me, they also put anime still image sometimes in the middle of it like who does that, example someone is smirking and they put a still image of an anime... more>> guy smirking after that what is this 2013?. Sorry for the rant <<less
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hose246 rated it
June 16, 2022
Status: c48 part1
First and foremost, let me clarify something. If you're here looking for misunderstanding comedic novels, then you're at the wrong place. This novel is more drama focused than relying on funny misunderstandings.

Now, the review:

This novel is one of the best misunderstanding romance novels.

... more>> The misunderstandings are hilarious, and it doesn't get old either. The misunderstandings connects so well that you won't feel anything is out of place if you aren't the reader.

The romance are incredible, when compared to other romance novels, this one will definitely take one of the top spots. The drama are not forced, and you can see why certain characters react as they did in certain situation. The sweetness generated by the MC's interaction with the characters will also 100% give you diabetes.

One of the best points is that there are actually character development inside this novel. When I came here, I thought it's gonna be another romance novel that will get old really quickly, but I was wrong. You can see how the side characters developed by interacting with the MC. The author didn't spare on the politics and consequences brought by the actions of the MC and the other side characters either, which makes the story a perfect mix of misunderstandings and realism, and also some very epic scenes.

The author also managed to create a very good world building, with the dragon blood and spirit magic.

Some people might dislike the MC for being so greedy, but I think that is part of why the misunderstandings worked so well. How the MC acts is exactly how the author managed to write such a good and enjoyable novel, instead of it being a generic romance one. Besides, as the story goes on, we also learns that being greedy is not all he is, and he also went through character development which I won't put on here due to spoiler reasons.

Very very highly recommended. <<less
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August 6, 2022
Status: --
It has an interesting plot of a well-built world. The start was nice. But there was no development. Everything good from the beginning is quickly lost. It gets worse with each chapter: boring, repetitive and frustrating. Jokes don't work (very childish). The characters are increasingly silly and dumb. Nothing else makes sense. In other words, you have to turn your brain off in order to continue reading. I don't know how anyone can still like this from chapter 3 onwards. If you like this theme (misunderstandings) there are many other... more>> better novels. Tearmoon empire is one of my favorites. <<less
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darkelf01 rated it
February 21, 2021
Status: epilogue
At first, I love the contrast created by the misunderstandings. Leo is one hell of a selfish MC but he's a pure maiden in the other characters' eyes lol

Leo isn't a bad MC, but I don't like how blinded by money he is. Like, it's very, very bad. He couldn't cover up that greed very well, too. If it wasn't for Leena's spell, he would've been busted a long time ago. There's also a fliter-like gimmick of his greed, which was misunderstood by others as his saint-like charm. To me,... more>> it's like a bogus, fake advertis**ent of an obviously shady goods but people couldn't help but be charmed into buying because the seller is a cute girl. Ugh.


the ending is a big, total disappointment. If you're at Arc 2, stop there. It's for the best 😂

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