Murder At The Rainy Mansion ~The Never Ending 100 Tales~


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The Rainy Mansion was a house that looked damp and gloomy even on a sunny day. It was a place where the boundary between the living and the dead was ambiguous.

When a murder case happened at the Rainy Mansion, it seemed it could be easily solved because the heritance dispute among the residents was well known.

The detectives investigating the case were perplexed by the strange deduction made by Ayano Hayase, a beautiful woman who was freeloading at the mansion.

“The open roof is a locked-room.”

“There is a granny ghost inside the closet.”

It was said that the criminal cases at the Rainy Mansion would always end up being cold cases. And now, a serial murder had occurred there.

A rookie detective, Tanimoto, was working hard to solve the case while being puzzled by words and action of the poker face beauty Ayano.

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Ame Yashiki no Hanzai ~Owaranai Hyaku Monogatari wo~
雨屋敷の犯罪 ~終わらない百物語を~
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Brasdf rated it
March 23, 2022
Status: c14
Mysterious and full of quirky chracters in complex web of relationships. The conversations are fun to read. There is a huanted mansion where most of the family members can see and speak with the ghosts. A murder occurs and this might just be the first one.

Looks very promising.

Each chapter is quite short and being complete at 70 chapters this whole story is likely to be short. Translation is decent.
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