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The same is a legend-people are legends of heroes, heroes on the battlefield. And he was the black bear legend, the black bear who also a deserter army. It was unfortunate – he, this bear, has formed a couple with the hero by mistake. From then on, he was pressed under someone’s body and couldn’t stand up anymore.

This is a legendary story of a young master from a military family who was framed as a deserter.

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Devrai rated it
September 5, 2022
Status: Completed
I still wonder about the novels cover, since neither MC nor ML have visible scars or do smoke....?

Back to the story:

MC (Mei Legend) is a young master of a military family. After he entered the military, his first mission was to defend against the zerg but instead of earning well deserved glory, he got framed as a deserter and thrown into prison. Only a year later he somehow got released early and comes back to a world where everyone knows his face and hates him for being... more>> a cowardly deserter.

Just out of prison, his wife wants him to go to the civil affairs bureau to get a divorce... (sounds worse than it is, there was no"relationship"). While he is getting divorced, he somehow got tricked into marriage by a man he just met. Not knowing that ML has planned this for a loooooong time.

From there on out is a fight of getting back into the military, finding out about the people behind him being framed and all the secrets that his body holds. Aside from this he still has to work on his family bliss.

So... I've read the story in MTL. It is easy readable. You just need to remember that the MC is called Mei Legend and his son Mei Danger (ous), because the MTL screws this up in every second sentence.

I just like the dynamics of MC and ML. Basically they communicate well but sometimes I really want to scream at them to speak up. To be honest it is realistic to not tell everything to a new partner and trust needs time, so the communication gets better and better. I also love how the writer inserted their son. I just love this bun and was really sad that he was basically absent in the later parts of this novel. I was hoping for more and this is part of the reason for only 4 stars.

I do like the characters and even the side characters were good. The story left some"open endings" and I really hope there will be extras or novels at some time.

This is a feelgood novel with just enough action, drama and faceslapping. It's not too complicated and it entertained me greatly.

I recommend to read this. <<less
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I Dont Want To Sleep Anymore
I Dont Want To Sleep Anymore rated it
April 17, 2022
Status: Completed
Actually this novel is worth reading. I really hooked up with MC child, he is really cute naughty child.

It's really have 375 chapter but when you read it, it will feels like 150 chapter long 'cause each chapter is short, so try it! When first time looking at the chapter I really don't want to read because too long. But now, it just right.

The plot itself is thrilling, the pace is just right without to fast nor to slow. The character in here isn't 2D which is you can see... more>> the bad and the good at the same time. The villain is unexpected, I slandering who's the villain when the truth come out, I'm baffled.

But the things I really things like a loopholes is:

the people in there slandering and mocking MC because he's running away from the battlefield but the thing I don't understand is why they must hating him to the point even looking at him, they will throwing vegetable or anything in hand. It's really ridiculous. Are they thinking because oneself is gone, then the worlds can be ruined even they don't know anything about that person? It just 'wow'.

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December 2, 2021
Status: c4
Too early to rate with only 4 chapters, but I like the writing style and this has the potential to be an amusing read. Translation is pretty good (actually looked this up because I'm reading something else from the same translator and got curious what else they worked on). So far it's definitely still setting the stage for things to come. Looking forward to finding out where this goes.
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