Mr. Killer Please Marry Me


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07/26/22 Cauliflowerscanlation c1
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Nom de Plume
Nom de Plume
July 26, 2022
Status: c7
Not really sure what the author was going for. Scenes tend to jump forward while skipping important details.

Synopsis: Main character has spent time and money searching for his missing master. He had long hair and a pretty face causing him to get mistaken for a girl (sometimes translated as doll) and kidnapped by a pe*vert. A man covered in blood suddenly enters the room while MC is contemplating a way to escape that doesn't involve mass mu*der. He calls this man Mr. Killer and helps him hide from the pe*vert... more>> while he feels the man's "hard object" press up against him. AKA he's being threatened with what is likely a gun under all of the MCs ambiguous descriptions of the situation. It's that kind of a story. The interactions of mysterious men who all have their own ulterior motives and a super whimsical and slightly insane MC right in the middle of it all.

The story is a tragedy because

The two getting married do not include the MC, he is still in love with his long dead master. It's Mr. Killer and the man (who might be his relative) he had been hiding his love for before he even met the MC. A more accurate title by the author might have been, "Mr. Killer, Please Kill Me" or "Please Blow me Up."


I read up to the tragic ending, but supposedly there are a few more chapters. Not sure where the author will take the story from there since they seem to think out of the box.

I suspect that

the pe*vert may have been MC's older brother or someone else important to the plot. Hard to tell since the MC twists his descriptions of almost everything. It's possible that the pe*vert was actually important only to Mr. Killer's story (one of his contracts?) and MCs presence was an accident.


Its short so I will wait to rate the story until after the translator finishes it. <<less
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