Moto Eiyuu Boukensha, Dorei No Shoujo Wo Deshi Ni Suru


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One of the strongest adventurers who was one of the 「Four Heroes」who had saved the kingdom — Rolf Audenitt — Witnessed, Miria, the little sister of his comrade who died a year ago, become a slave.

As the result of his thoughtless purchase ー He ended up living under the same roof with a young girl.

「My older sister was killed by that demon.」

Meanwhile, Miria’s eyes were stained with hatred for 『Demons』who had robbed her precious family.

「….Master, I beg of you, please train me. To the extent that I can destroy the enemies.」

And then, Rolf realized the hidden potential within Miria and decided to take her as his disciple.

This is the story of a slave girl who aims to be 『The Strongest』 and former hero adventurer who will nurturing her.

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Former Hero Adventurer, Disciple Slave Girl
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