Mother of a Villainess


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Her destination of reincarnation was not the villainess of an otome game, but her mother…

“Violet has been in love with her childhood friend, and she half-forced her parents to marry him. However, she was not loved by him. Ever since their daughter was born, he rarely came back home. One day, he brought back home the daughter of his mistress. She was very lovely and her age only differed a year from their daughter’s. Violet hated her step-daughter who was loved by everyone. With her daughter’s help, Violet started to bully her, in the end, it resulted in her daughter’s engagement being broken and she divorced her husband. They were then exiled to the countryside as a result.”

… Wait. Wasn’t I the one who raised her own daughter as a villainess?!

Violet is now 10 years old and since I know everything, I shall try my best to avoid this ending!

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Akuyaku Reijou no Okaa-sama
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Eclat123 rated it
January 10, 2021
Status: Epilogue
Sigh. This story started off great, but it turned into another cliched 'I eventually fell in love with a (cheating) scumbag who I had promised myself not to love'.

The OG!ML was a total cheating scumbag, and I have a problem with stories like this where the MC just trivialized that issue and keep seeing him as a good guy while blaming herself. Sure, the ML was forced to get married with her before, but he eventually became the duke and he could've just divorced her, yet he chose to keep... more>> a mistress outside while raising his illegitimate daughter. There was a chapter from his perspective that explained how he DELIBERATELY had an affair with the maid because he was mad about being forced to get married to MC. It was not because he was in love with the mistress, he just wanted to piss of the MC and get his revenge. If that wasn't enough, he brought the mistress and illegitimate daughter back to his house and to oppress his own wife and legal daughter. Like, okay, I get that the ML hated MC to the bone, but he not only neglected her, but also neglected his child while shamelessly giving other child preferential treatments and rubbed it on her face. The MC and her daughter being drove off from the family was the outcome he always wanted. And MC was like "What a poor guy, he was forced to get married to me. I'll make sure he gets his happy ending with his beloved now". I mean, come on, if I were her, my first reaction would be to curse that cheating bastard, hire a group of thugs to beat him up, and cut all relations with him. Sure, there are lots of women who might have the same thoughts as MC, but honestly I'm sick of reading these JP stories with pathetic naive girl who always self-blaming herself and sees everyone else as innocent.

Like what the hell dude, you married and got a girl pregnant and you just go off raising a mistress and having an illegitimate kid just because you got annoyed by your wife??? He was such a wuss---he didn't want to lose the benefits from being in laws with MC's family and didn't want his public image to crumble so he deliberately crafted this scheme to make it look like he was forced to divorce MC because she was the 'wicked woman' who is not magnanimous enough. The ML didn't even love the mistress, she and her daughter were purely used so that he could get his revenge on MC. He's a bad husband, a worse father, and a tr*sh of a human being. This guy is sick. Like hell anyone would want to read a guy like that being pampered in tens of chapters.

If that's not annoying enough, ML eventually became OG!ML in the epilogue who THEN felt like he didn't appreciate MC and his legal daughter enough AFTER they were exiled because of his neglect in his timeline. Let me get this straight, this guy didn't even try to find his legal wife and daughter until he's old and his mistress died, NOT EVEN ONCE, and he was like "ah, I miss them, I wish they were here". He never truly regretted his actions, it was like he was only casually saying he missed an old meal that's no longer available in the new menu. And of course, MC being who she is would give him love unconditionally, even though that disgusting pig doesn't deserve any forgiveness.

It's sad that MC was always comprimising her values for ML, it's like she doesn't love herself. I know a lot of JP novels are always trying to make light of cheating plotlines, very different from k-novels with all the angst or c-novels with all the face-slapping revenge, but still, trivializing ML's actions is just not doing it for me. <<less
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Jenniejenniejennie rated it
December 12, 2020
Status: --
I don't like it

... more>>

MC does everything she can not to end up with ex-husbamd but still ends up with him? What was the point of this then? Also for some reason ex-husband in past life is transmigrated into mc's timeline after regretting not loving her, like atleast let him transmigrate before the marriage and let him show how much he loves her, not just give it to him on a silver platter and it just makes their relationship so not genuine because the person who loved her before marriage is not there anymore, its a completely different person with a different life

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Ichigoeater rated it
April 12, 2021
Status: --
Let me nip the misunderstanding in the comments about the cheating husband in the bud, first of all. Understand, she recalls her past life at the age of three, thoroughly changing her surroundings before the age of ten, which is when she realizes that she's in the otome game. She has a good relationship with her would-be future cheating spouse, who has never wronged our MC in any way in this story. As far as WHY he cheated on the original owner...

... more>>

He was already in a relationship with the heroine's mother, and his own mother (who is an absolute gem in this timeline and was broken in that one due to a death MC prevented) threatened his lover's life if he didn't go through with the wedding when he wanted it cancelled. Note that the original villainess mother was a nasty piece of work who committed numerous crimes long before she used her prime minister father to force his hand in marriage, knowing he was unwilling. The ML of that timeline definitely has no reason to be loyal to her, as she was always more of an enemy than a wife. The only victim in this situation is the villainess daughter, who was corrupted by her mother's nonsense into becoming strange, and completely ignored by the father her mother's obsessed with. My dad cheated on my mom, and I hate him for it. This ain't cheating, it's him avoiding his r@pist to be with his love because anymore justice is impossible for him.


Now, having cleared that up, I didn't particularly like it. It's pretty boring. She avoids him a bit, thinking he'll fall for the heroine's mother, which of course doesn't happen. It's not very dramatic, despite the synopsis, nor is it funny or anything. Face slapping is so-so, a lot of interesting conversations are cut short before they get good, and nothing particularly interesting happens. Even when the MC is confined, or we encounter a plot twist, it's not elaborated to the point where I cared, anyway.

Anyway, if you were like me, avoiding it because people reviewed the ML as being a scumbag, it's not true, never was. They probably didn't read it if they were bothered by the ML's 'cheating'. However, it is pretty dull, in my opinion, so not a high rec, either. Try it if you're bored and out of recs. <<less
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Gushishi rated it
January 17, 2021
Status: c34
Knowing that the ML will be the ex-CHEATING husband, my mood pent up to anger. Why? Cmon? What's the point of all this? So disappointed with this plot.

The story is so good and so engaging.... But, the knowing of 'that' ruined my mood completely.

I stop reading this.

Thanks to the translator...... It is so niicee!!!
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Ya Think
Ya Think rated it
October 5, 2020
Status: c16
So far, I'm liking the story.

It's pretty much the same like any other isekai shoujo, except she was born 20 years BEFORE the game even started, and MC can only guess what would happened based on her memory of game setting, because obviously her current lifetime isn't appearing in the game.


so far, I just pitied her- might-be-husband who obviously likes her, but she keep her distance to avoid engagement because that person is going to cheat on her in the future, haha

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Noveltoread rated it
June 11, 2021
Status: extra 45
A very basic isekai trope where MC is transmigrated into the villainess's mother before the story begins. The synopsis may be that but the story is: just another villainess transmigrating and becoming nicer and kinder so everyone is in love with her. Contains spoiler but in this genre the story is mostly like this so..

... more>>

Premise for her how she turn into villainess is very generic: Her mother died when she was 3yrs old leading to her rich and powerful father doting on his only child which in turn makes her a spoilt brat and has bad blood with everybody but noone is there to correct her ways. They all bow down to her as her father is the powerful person. She is engaged to the future duke so called ML and is obsessed with the him but he ignores her and she goes any length to make her see him. [I dont know what to feel abt it like obvioulsy they were engaged tho it was one sided love the other party just went with the flow, not correcting her behaviour and just ignores his fiancee. But she is a villainess so she deserves bad ending? ]

And they get married.
Later she finds out the duke is a cheating husband and has a daughter with another women who is a year younger than her daughter[her step daughter is the heroine and her own daughter is villainess and ML is the prince in the otome game], she then wreck havoc with the help of her daughter. At no point did the ML said to the MC that he loves another person or that he didnt want to marry her. He just lets them do their evil works without ever interjecting. He straight up ignores his wife and his daughter.
After the commotion is over the MC and her daughter are exiled.


Now our transmigrated MC wants to avoid this ending and is trying to work hard and study and doesnt want to get engaged to the ml.

It was like any typical isekai storywhere the MC avoid involving with ML but eventually gets together with him[ In this life the ML is sweet, he is devoted, he loves her.]Everyone gets a happy ending.

But what is different from other story is that everyone dreams abt their past life in a hazy form.

And I dont know why the ML is shown in that light and the ending just left a bitter taste. It would have been find if I didnt read his epilogue.

I dont know if the writer wants me to pity him given his circumstances or wants me to hate him.


In the og setting : He was engaged to the MC from a young age. But he falls in love with another women but due to family pressure he gets married to the MC. So what happens to the another women, he is still involving with her and even has daughter with her who is similar in age to MC's child. He neglects and ignored the MC and her daughter. The MC however is in love with the ML from her childhood days. Given the bad spoilt nature of the MC she will definitely not accept it and what do you will happen in the end. She gets exiled.

And as said in his epilogue at that point she and her daughter are so disppointed with the ML that she just has silent tears and his daughter doesnt even looks at him.


This doesnt sit right. I might not have felt it if only this life's timeline was incorporated because in this timeline he is sweet and devoted. But this was included in epilogue which left me with bitter feeling.


He was neither a good husband nor a good lover.

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Oxylime rated it
January 10, 2022
Status: Completed
The comments that point out bullsh*t like 'cheating' are dead wrong.

In reality, the MC is basically a rapist and ML is a r*pe victim. The daughter is also a product of their bad parenting, caught in between their drama and damaged due to her mother's crazy behaviour and her father's negligence. The person the ML supposedly cheated with MC with is his support system. Plus in the current setting, there is the existence of polygamy therefore you cannot call it cheating. This story is a tr*shfire and one that doesn't... more>> even manage to entertain you, the worst kind.

Personal Turmoil:


This just hits too far home as my parents had a very bad divorce due to actual cheating. This book just personally triggers my trauma and therefore isn't worth the chapters that it's folding out. 100% a waste of everyone's time.

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August 6, 2021
Status: --
Gives very strong y/n vibes. The main character is always like “ I have dark purple hair that has a slight curl at the end, curly hair is frowned upon. Purple hair is also frowned upon. It doesn’t matter tho because I’m smart and a middle age woman who manages to act and think like a child

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YoriMei rated it
June 6, 2021
Status: extra 45
To be honest I don’t really know if I’d rate this a 2 or a 3, it’s not bad but not stellar either. It’s really your typical villainess isekai, the the fact that it takes place before the true otome game starts isn’t as big a deal as you’d think. Honestly there’s no real standout aspect, though the first meeting between MC and ML as kids is really cute. It’s just a straightforward otome villainess story that’s nice to burn some time with.

However, the reason why I have so much... more>> trouble deciding between 2 and 3 is that I disliked how the story continually drives home the point that the OG!Violet alone was so awful that she was the source of misery for the entire cast. However, this was actually due to the fact that her mother died when she was 3 years old, causing everyone to overindulge her whims and never correcting her behavior since she was 3. Was she a terrible person? Yes, but if everyone let you have your way since you were 3 and no one, not even your fiancé, stepped in to stop you, I’m pretty sure you’d end up being pretty terrible too. OG!Violet was a shitty person, but the fact that the story never places any blame on the ones around her that enabled this behavior annoys me.

Another thing is that after reading the whole thing I came out thinking: “what was the whole point of this entire story??” After MC’s transmigration, she doesn’t really change anything except prevent her mom’s death. If anything, she just lives the villainess mother’s life as intended except she’s nicer and doesn’t scheme so everyone likes her and is happier, that’s all. The story continually interjects “what if” short stories where Violet didn’t transmigrate to contrast their lives but it just left me convinced that if Violet didn’t have the adult knowledge to get her mom to eat more/be healthier when she was three, then her life was doomed from the start.

Overall, despite my gripes, it wasn't bad. It’s really an otome villainess story that plays the whole trope absolutely straight. There’s no aspect that stands out, but there’s nothing that truly angers you either in my opinion. If you have some time to burn and want a villainess story, do give this a shot. <<less
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anokoking rated it
April 5, 2021
Status: extra 23
The story is pretty sweet and simple. A very basic shoujo isekai where the MC accomplishes overcoming her downfall just by being a good person and in the meantime attracts two potential suitors. I think the most interesting part of the story was just the mystery around who the original heroine’s mother was. Everything other than that was pretty cuttercutter isekai with a lot of tropes but still an enjoyable lighthearted read if you’re bored.

I personally prefer heavier stories with more realistic portrayals of political intrigue and more emotional depth.... more>> I think the MC journey was a little too easy and I prefer seeing an MC who has to overcome many difficult trials and think her way out of tricky situations, this story didn’t have that but it was still entertaining.

Ah and regarding the comments roasting the ML for cheating in the past life,

polygamy is accepted in this universe so what he did wasn’t actually strange. He didn’t love the original Violet (who was actually a villainess) and fell in love with someone else. Either ways, in the current timeline the only one he has feelings for is our MC. He wasn’t a bad person in either timelines really.

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Fishysticks rated it
March 20, 2021
Status: c50
This was surprisingly good, despite the lack of good reviews!! I really enjoyed Violet's character, and the writing style/translation was really enjoyable and engaging, compared to some other stories I've read. It was certainly an interesting story, and although the part about the male lead becoming a cheating husband sounds a little controversial, the actual story with Violet and Theo is quite heartwarming. Though, I wish there were more moments between them!! I also loved the extras that show the POVs of other characters, I think it really gives us... more>> a wider perspective on the story. It was an overall interesting and fun read. <<less
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Margarine rated it
March 17, 2022
Status: --
The majority of the novel is fine. It's a pretty normal villainess novel. But I do find it a bit odd that even though the MC is the mother she goes through the same beats.

So that ending...

... more>>

Even ignoring all the problematic parts of having her ex-husband being the ML, it's still incredibly unsatisfactory. There's no development of their relationship, and for a good chunk of the novel I forgot he existed. If anything, him being the ML makes me question why the scenes with the other romantic interests even exists if this was the intended outcome. It just makes him so boring and difficult to understand why the MC chose him again when he has done NOTHING.

So baffling.


If you want to read it go ahead, I mean the majority of it was alright and it's not long. Just don't expect it to resolve gracefully. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
February 13, 2022
Status: extra 20
It actually had a lot of potential, great characters, good flow and translation. My issue is just the ending.

... more>>

It was just too rushed and I was looking forward to more drama and fighting between the ML and Sub-ML but in the end, it was so disappointing how the sub-ML backed down and was like "I wish you two happiness." Plus, I hate how FL just decides to get together with ML who she's been avoiding like the plague for no explainable reason. Like one minute she's avoiding him and begrudgingly/cautiously being around him to just proposing to him. Hello? What was the whole point of this then???!!!

The extra chapters are nice and give closure/more info about what happens afterwards, which I appreciate, but it's still not enough to explain why some people get together and why some things work out this way or that.


Basically, this story had a lot of potential but rushed it to the finish line which ended up making it lose stars with me. If you're looking for a book you're going to read once and be done with, then this is probably it. <<less
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ReaderIVX rated it
December 25, 2021
Status: --
They should add tag cheating

tbh I can’t accept ml, wtf is this, wasn’t he supposed to love the heroine mother? Then with this kind of memory how can he deserve fl!

it was ok without the past memory but he remembered it and I can’t just accept this type of scum

... more>> I used to read a novel where ML from other universe transmigrate in ML body but FL recognized it and she doesn’t accept him

this is in epilogue because it was true love she recognize her ml

i would rate this better if ML doesn’t have this memory

Last but not least I want to say that I hate ML scum

He doesn’t get any retribution and our MC is just......

ignore this if u dun agree with mine <<less
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August 9, 2021
Status: c10
I was bored throughout the story and had no other reason to stop reading. The translation was done beautifully but I'm just not to committed to continue.
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Fiis10 rated it
February 12, 2022
Status: Completed
Would be 4 stars, but added one to counter surprisingly negative reviews.

I don't recognise the story they reviewed. ML is NOT a reincarnator, regressor or transgressor. There is ONE chapter in the Epilogue where he gets a "What If" dream that reflects his fate in the original storyline. He is one of several people this happens to.

Yes, original storyline husband had a second family and illegitimate daughter but that is barely explored. I was really surprised to see so much focus on such a small part of the story.

I very... more>> much enjoyed the fluff and generally happy endings. It isn't complex, but I did enjoy the exploration of how a villainous daughter is created in the OG game and how so much love and good intentions can go wrong.

Not too long and completely translated. Worth a read. <<less
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Arha rated it
May 17, 2021
Status: c45
There's promise here, but two issues really bog it down. First, I don't see the point in making the MC the mother of one generation's villainess when she was just the villainess of the previous generation and that's all the story seems to care about. It's a fine way to start the story, but I think no more than halfway through the actual otome game villainess should have been born and then the MC could focus on their relationship together and how having a decent mother changes the villainess. Second,... more>> there's some real flow issues here. One chapter might jump suddenly to another without a good segue or the story sets up an explanation for what just happened but then stalls on actually giving it for a few chapters, at which point it no longer feels natural.

Really, the main strength of the premise is that the MC is not the otome game villainess but rather a secondary character deeply connected to them, but then the villainess character straight up doesn't even exist for the majority of the story. I don't care who the heroine's mom is. It's a mystery that didn't need to be solved. <<less
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