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This is the story of a young martial artist who enters the VR game Monster Soul Online in search of his missing teacher, as the strongest player has information he needs.

As his journey goes on, his horizons and views are broadened. He will lose his sense of right and wrong while constantly experiencing danger and growing.

Nonetheless, unbeknownst to him, the end of his journey would be something he couldn’t even dare to dream of.

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Sinless rated it
August 2, 2018
Status: Completed
Translator here. Below is my honest review about the novel.

This novel has an underwhelming start and the first part of the story is quite linear, which is understandable since it was written ages ago in an era that people just started pioneering virtual reality game genre.

Though, the story get enjoyable and interesting quickly so I would like you people to give it a try.

Story is heavily plot-driven and don't have much filler chapters, which is great. All characters are well developed throughout the story and have their own charm. I... more>> have recommended people reading it and all of them get hooked to it sooner or later.

Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I do. All comments and reviews are very welcome. <<less
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XanTheInsane rated it
January 31, 2019
Status: c91
Extremely disappointed in this novel.

It started good, had some ok characters, some typical wuxia tropes but nothing too bad.

However I simply can't keep on reading as the main character keeps being given stuff and saved in situations by pure Deus Ex Machina after Deus Ex Machina, sometimes Deus Ex Machina^2.

It's ridiculous, the MC "works hard" but almost all of his best stuff is handed to him by other people because of luck.

The part that just broke my enjoyment was during an arena fight where:

... more>>

The MC manages to struggle through an unfair match, which is great since it shows how determined he is and how resourceful he is.
However the final enemy pulls a one-time use ability that kills everyone in the arena, several people including the MC survive because they have energy shields basically (Qi).

The stupid part happens right after, one of the MC's "pets" which is a rather overpowered "grim reaper" uses an ability that harvests all the souls of the monsters, NPC's and Players who died from that one-time use ability and then uses them for a power up.

THIS RESULTS IN THE PLAYERS LOSING ALL OF THEIR ITEMS AND MONEY and a huge chunk of EXP... the MC then gets all of their items and money through this "pet" without the pet even telling him how he got the items.

The dumb part is this somehow makes the enemy guild be the target of hatred by the victim players... which would imply that this stupid ass game DOESN'T HAVE A COMBAT LOG so you don't even know who killed you with what ability WHICH CONTRADICTS previous chapters and events.


I can stomach the MC getting "lucky" from time to time, especially with the special ability he got, but this novel uses Deus Ex Machina moments too much. <<less
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Granuno rated it
August 2, 2018
Status: --
This novel right here was a great find. I've been reading the raws for weeks only hoping someone would do a proper translation.

So thank you for this, I really enjoy this novel, and with your translation certain terms mention and concepts are more clear and give me an even greater appreciation for this novel, only improve just get an editor when you can, but so far the translation is better than machine translation.

Everyone take the time and read this novel. Translater please continue until you translate it all!!!!
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nail rated it
August 1, 2018
Status: --
Wow this is novel from my country (thailand) so I will give it some review

First thing you need to know is type of power in this novel (and many thailand novel) is little complicate, 3 main power system is Prana (chi) , Magic and Phychic (not really) . It will be explained in story so I won't bother explain it myself (lol)

unique technicle of each (significant) charecter is very interseting

... more>> MC start as weak but by sheer luck (and plot) he can process really well

in early of story it may not good but as story process it will get better and better so have some patiant (lol) <<less
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Demonic Reader lv 451F
Demonic Reader lv 451F rated it
April 24, 2019
Status: Completed
Novel of MC who is a bit dumb and stupid but have some good luck.

His D&S is not accident but by-designed. The author designs him to be dumb, else he will not survive in both life and game. As he's so D&S, heaven (author) gives hime the compensation : luck and super genius in martial arts.

... more>>

[For the antagonist reviewers, can you name one novel that the MC has no luck & genius-ness? Even Mr. Harry Potter has it up to 9th heaven since birth!!]


On contrary, the villain [for now], Mr. Mantra, is on the opposite pole. He has (almost) no luck and geniusness. He's wise, patient, dilligent, endurance and willing to donthe hardwork until he becomes #1 master of Monster Soul.

So sad that he is destinied to be

I won't tell you ! You are reading Monster Soul and wish you'd get the gracious and sympathy? Stop reading'd be best for you.


Word filling in the novel has the charm of the word filling. The story could slowly grow and advance.

But MSO chooses the plot-driven path, no filling. Thus some OPness has to be pushed to the MC. Some reviewers whine but can not show even one novel that has no such filling but MC still able to develop slowly to be the MC.

Even Meng Hao can not do that!


This novel develops very slow in the first half. Half of the developments is nothing but delusion and seem to have no meaning. The plot twist occurs in the last half. All that sh*ts become gold and vice versa.

The final plot twist reveals the cruel reality of this virtual game setup.

So this novel is not for the non-mature-mind reader who knows no patient and not able to relate hidden plots in each act to be one big scheme. <<less
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OmegaDion rated it
September 2, 2018
Status: c22
Story is refreshing. ^^ As it's not chinese, korean, or japanese. Although the first few chapters seems pretty lackluster but what I love about this novel is that you really see the author's improvemeng in writing as the chapters goes on. I just hope the translator won't give up. Just keep on fighting!
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7thsin rated it
November 12, 2018
Status: Completed
Can't believe that there will be this day, where MSO got translated to English. I'm a huge fan of MSO. I've read a lot of Thai novel, but this one deserve a top spot of them all. The system and world building might be a bit outdated as it written many years ago. However, I encourage you to keep reading, and you'll find out that this novel plot is one of a kind. As the writer is not like your typical VRMMO genre writer. He quite mature and well-learned, so... more>> in the novel you'll see a lot of his view on human life as well.

Sila, as the MC will grown to become strong. Not only in strength, but his mind as well. So for those who think he too childlish right now, I hope you can be patience with him it'll improve later on.

I went through a bit of translation, and I would say that the translator doing a good job of it. Only downside is that the naming of character and skill. There is no perfect translation for that. I feel like reading the skill name in English is missing something compare to the original. <<less
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Daoist Heavenly Felix
TL;dr Book is well written, gets you hyped and thought out well, but you need to go through to past 15 chapter before you really get into the better stuff. Content really improves over time.

This novel really grows on you. As mentioned in other reviews, it starts off with a lot of exposition and the translator (great work!!) is still learning so there is a slight disconnect in exactly the nature of the author’s tone. However, you can see the improvement of both the translator and the author as the... more>> novel progresses making me anticipate what nifty, interesting event is going to pop up next!

Keep up the good work! Very thankful for the translation and wiriting! <<less
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bloggbigg rated it
February 26, 2019
Status: c117
This is my first Thai novel, and as I didn't know what to expect, I tried my best not to project too much into it.

Well, doesn't matter, the writing issues are technical...

Overall, the story is more or less interesting and has a central plot (kinda), and a few other perks. I don't want to assume to much about the cultural acceptability of the fairly flimsy vengeance backstory, nor the ridiculous leveled 'omnipresent secret' that somehow gives many aspects of nonsense structure ('you just don't know why').

The MC is... more>> passable as a 'likable dense protag'.
He surrounds himself with a pretty solid support crew.
The story development is acceptably entertaining, though pretty linear.
Some characters are a bit interesting.

The BAD:
The MC is pretty dumb, and would be nothing without his sizable plot armor. He does dumb things. He should die repeatedly. Not a point of ichor, desire, or hate- he seriously just does dumb sh*t. This is at a 'writer trolling' level, as the MC does (immediately explained as bad by the author) stuff all the time. He's a grown man-child, stumbling around, and 'lucking' into progress repeatedly. and not dying, ever (ch 117 anyway).
Also, when I said 'He surrounds himself with a pretty solid support crew' earlier? Yeah, not exactly- they pretty much just 'flock around' on their own & pretty much just decide to 'be friends' & hang on. Seriously there's a 'We're your friends, dude.' chapter.
The plotting is often very forced. For specifics, see *any chapter*- but overall, 'something the MC need?' (yes) (next chapter) 'opportunity to progress toward the thing the MC needs!'.
All characters are fairly 2-d, and many are shallow plotting devices- most notably acting as a particular agent involved in the 'secret' hidden behind everything.
I don't even want to get into the relationship between the 'nothing' MC, and the 'Top character' 'main villain', and every different power, social, ally, etc. dynamic- as it's a mess. The early chapters are the MC looking for him like he could somehow beat him or something (after getting hospitalized by him in 'real life'- it's ludicrous.

Nothing, really. Like most VRMMO stories, the game system is a lazy knock-off, unbalanced rubbish system with hidden crap and cheats galore. Yet another novel that thinks that everyone important is also in the same area and knows each other/is part of 'the big plan' (or whatever).
I guess that some NPCs are played by players (instead of in-game AI) is kinda a thing, the barely significant. <<less
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Tedious rated it
December 17, 2018
Status: c57
I dropped this the moment when

The Slime king is actually a player/staff

In short, this is just an average virtual game, Nothing special is going on, just your average MC trying to get stronger through luck. Wouldn't recommend this for those who wanted to enjoy lighthearted moments as this felt bland and feel like your typical wuxia tropes
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