Monster Musume Harem wo Tsukurou!


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On his usual way to home Mikado Tsuchio fell into a hole that suddenly opened on the ground. Just like that, Tsuchio falls in a different world, he lands on a Grappler Wyvern and manages to tame it.

Tsuchio decides just like that to live in the other world, the reason for his quick decision: he wants to make a monster girl harem.

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Let's Make a Harem of Monster Girls
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OfficePony rated it
August 30, 2016
Status: c34
Grammar: 3.5/5 (3.5/5 from Chapters 1-12 and 20-33, 2/5 for chapters 14-19, Rebirth Online has some issues as far as editors and proof readers for chapters 14-19)
Story: 4.2/5 (3.5/5 formerly as of ch 19)
Writing: 3/5

(Update as of Chapter 20: The story got so much better, it compensates for the bad translation. Also, the editor changes a few times between and it improves slightly. Now I can tell that the editors are having a hard time with the translator, since the style doesn't change too much.)... more>>

(Update as of Chapter 33: The editing really shines after those horrendous chapters that you have to struggle through from 14-19. The story is starting to get somewhere, and classical Dungeons and Dragons approach to Dragons in general really let me enjoy this series. The writing isn't the best, nor the translations, but the story is making up for it in the long run. Conversations are pretty mono-toned, no real personality can really be picked up because the translation or writer seems to use the same wording for most of his characters. Still, I'm enjoying this series and look forward to what it has to offer.)

(Update as of Chapter 34: Grammar is becoming an issue again, but it's still readable.)

Not the worst thing I've read, but after chapter 12 the translation starts to get iffy (taken over by Rebirth Online). I have been enjoying it up until chapter 12 after which you encounter an unedited chapter. Then Rebirth Online translation group takes up the series and the quality of the translation starts making things get messy. Going to try hanging on until I've finished the current chapters, but I'm getting a headache with the sloppy syntax.

Example from the Rebirth Online Translation between chapters 14-19:

"A fireball goes up in the sky make a big explosion. With this the training is meet it’s ends."

Honestly, most of the sentences are a jumble of past and present tense, or missing a tense all together making it fairly awkward to read. Based on the quality displayed by the first translation group I can fairly judge that it's not the author's fault but the translation group's. Most likely the Translator and Editor do not have a strong grasp of the English language. Still, I don't have to pay for it so no loss to me! <<less
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Yoshiro rated it
November 23, 2016
Status: c108
c108 is referring to the raw number on the link that I have reached on the web novel, which is actually the finally chapter of the series too.

Harem, Monster Girls and MC getting dragged into all sorts of situations, pretty much sums up what you will see in this novel

Some people might say this is Bestiality, but the relationships comes from humanized monsters, basically human, with monster-like features, so I am still fine with it.

Story-wise, it can get kind of boring at times, due to the slow pace at times,... more>> but I still like to read it. It's one of those story where the MC has cheat abilities (cheat in terms of a vocational basis) but as a human, he can't really compare to an actual monsters, so he's considered rather average in combat abilities, but he fights along with his fellow companions (or tamed beasts). The combat itself can be quite exciting actually.


Its ending was kinda expected but also not expected in the usual MC wins all kinda stories.


Its story is somehow more about his meetings and happenings with his monsters and the relationships between them. It's not so much about romantic or emotional but more about the interactions between.

It's not without its flaw like missing out on some detail but it does clean those out by the end of it, in somewhat rushed fashion though. Not like I disliked it.

If you are fine with all the above, do give it a try. <<less
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Ligoya rated it
February 6, 2016
Status: --
This is just Petting simulator + monster girl harem, and yes, I want more please.
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April 19, 2016
Status: --
(On Chapter 20, Planning to edit in the future)

This is surprisingly better than I thought

MC is very likable and I like his thought process on the whole thing as he develops his monsters progressively is very interesting to say the least. He’s also not afraid to shed blood to the point that he’s pretty desensitized that its weird to other people’s perspective but he has some sound reasoning to it.

I was also not expecting much as for how battles go and MC would just command from the back... more>> and let his monsters do everything for him, As cooperation and strategy is getting emphasized in the future. He’s not afraid to personally go into battle if the situation is dire and even though his fighting capabilities is so-so.
World building seems to be fine so far and has potential to be expanded upon.

Lastly, I thought this would be pretty harem-ish to the point that its quite excessive and everyone is losing it for MC.

Surprisingly there’s no real romance candidates as of now (Unless you count literally Monsters, I’ll wait for their human form.. Yea) <<less
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DarkSaint rated it
June 12, 2016
Status: c27
A good read. Pace was a bit too fast at first and there's a few chapters of uneventful daily life but it becomes interesting afterwards and I'm expecting good things from this. Definitely worth your time.
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Kaoru rated it
June 6, 2016
Status: c25
Unexpectedly good, it isn't just some OP MC who makes a harem with quasi non existent plot. The world building is going smoothly, and MC is mature and can be ruthless.
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sgrey rated it
March 13, 2018
Status: c113
I like the story overall, but the novel is just an ok read. The biggest problem that kills the novel is an awful translation. In later chapters, it feels like a copy-paste from google translate without editing.

MC is a big disappointment. He is a spineless coward who wants a harem but is scared to do anything with the harem. After his monsters evolve, they started to push him around and force him to do stuff. Good for them, because otherwise, he would never initiate the relationship. Overall MC's motivations are... more>> not that clearly stated, and he is somewhat whimsical. I don't really like his character.

What I liked about the novel.. I liked that he didn't just get the girls from the start. He got female monsters and had to evolve them while building the relationships. But the monsters pretty quickly fell for him, so that is a bit of missing opportunity. I also like how MC is not actually powerful and need help from his monsters. It was also interesting that after he got slaves, not only he released them, they also just left and they didn't have any sort of relationship after that. Usually, in these type of novels, they would be in a harem.

Overall it is not a bad novel, but there are few underdeveloped things that make it a missing opportunity.. MC's character also makes this less enjoyable than it could. I wish the relationship part was focused on a bit better. The parts with relationships are not that great, if those are improved, the novel would be better as well. <<less
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Anduin rated it
July 31, 2017
Status: c4
The protagonist is mediocre and has low magical potential. It's basically a story about an average/weak man who has to depend on his harem to fight for him. If you don't mind such protagonists, then you may enjoy this. However, if you're like me and like to read about gifted protagonists, then you'll want to skip over this one.
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Bok48 rated it
February 16, 2018
Status: c108
If you want a story where the MC finds monsters, trains them and make them evolve like pokemon into monster girls/wives, then this is for you! Although this might remind you of LLS, the main harem consists of his group of monsters instead of the other women around him.

As a bonus, the MC is not whimpy when it comes to problems that are hard to solve or when one of his girls suddenly want to spend the night with him. Thanks for that author.
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Ghaleon rated it
July 7, 2016
Status: c78
A very good read about transported to another world with a chance encounter with the first companion gets better and better with each chapter MC is a pretty good guy who may not be op but is still able to make the most of his abilities his primary concern is making the best of his new life and taming new companions each new familiar he tames has their own unique personality in addition to the familiars the MC befriends many influential ppl including heroes
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Lynkaster rated it
July 4, 2019
Status: c14
story 4/5

characters : 3.5/5

translation : 1/5 (from chapter 13 onward till the end)

... more>> The story starts with an MC who is... well, quite adaptable x'D he's quickly ok with everything and his character lack a little bit of questioning but it blends well with the writing style and the world building. It's a semi-light harem isekai. The story isn't exceptional, but the MC isn't a push-over so it makes the story move forward more easily.

Now, where is the problem ? like a few other reviews before me, the translation was bad ^^' rebirth. online took over the novel from chapter 13 and the quality took a massive dive. The translation often doesn't make sense and the flow is awkward because of all the grammatical mistakes.

exemple from the chapter 13 that made me wonder if the author was high or the translator and editor (heck, I even saw that there was a translation checker x'D) were smoking something (must have been good)


"Spirits of the dead, the power violated by nobody like Kongo, steel body!"

(that's an incantation for reinforcement magic, yup...

all in all, if you can read japanese, it wouldn't be a bad read so, do try it. If you don't mind deciphering what you're reading, do try it in english, for me, that's it, I gave up at the middle of chapter 14 x') I tried looking at a few chapters around the end, it just made my decision firmer. <<less
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talosparoxi rated it
May 20, 2018
Status: Completed
This story is to be honest, only slightly above average. However The author realises this and doesn't bite off more than he can chew.

The characters are all likable enough with enough diversity among them that it doesn't become stale but there's nothing overly memorable. The author leans a bit on tropes but not enough that it's a detriment, he keeps a good balance to maintain the originality of his work here.

The best thing that I can say for this is that it's a very nice and laid back kind of... more>> story, emphasized by the main characters goal being to have a calm life surrounded by women who love him. One you can easily relax and read. While there are of course some more action heavy moments the translation, or the original writing, unfortunately doesn't allow for a good flow to occur and get you caught up.

Honestly the worst thing about this novel is the editing/proofreading of the translation after chapter 12 when rebirth online takes over the translation. The quality takes a massive drop and it never really fully recovers. It's never bad enough to be completely incoherent but it is bad enough that you will have to take your time to understand what they mean at points, which really messes with your immersion into the story.

Overall there's nothing overly special but if you want something laid back and simple I'd recommend checking out the first 12 chapters to test the waters. If it doesn't interest you by that Point you're better off giving it a pass. <<less
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John34404 rated it
October 31, 2018
Status: c113
Sunnery: Its a good heartwarming struggle of a guy who gets swept up in his dreams and circumstances. The tone is like Mushoku Tensei, but less developed, and is written in language similar to book 1 of the Earthsea chronicles.

I enjoyed both books and subsequently enjoy this book as well.

Story: It does what its suppost to and does not confuse.

... more>> Charicters: All main are flushed out and subs get flushed out enough.

Setting: Magic world using a purposefully restricted viewpoint, if the MC doesnt get to go there it does not get mentioned. Money is not flushed out since its easy enough to make with a dragon.

Clarity: Beyond excellent. <<less
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metazoxan rated it
March 9, 2018
Status: Completed
Real raiting :3.5

This is a series that very much has it's pros and cons


    • Is comparatively short compared to other series at only 113 chapters
    • Has a relatively small cast but not too small. So we have a decent cast of characters that don't feel too neglected with only a couple minor exceptions
    • Has an actual freaking harem in it.


    • Has very poor pacing. The series has many points where it seems to either rush through events or drag them out needlessly. This is especially prevalent near the end of the series when

      The War with the Demon Continent ends. The MC basically had little to no part in this and most of it happens off screen. After this barely anything that feels worth mentioning happens until the last dozen or so chapters.

    • Action is VERY lack luster. It's not like the author doesn't try but most of the action tends to feel anti climactic or just uninteresting like

      In the fight with the resurrected demon emperor who became immortal the MC doesn't do a damn thing besides deflect an attack that was going to kill his friend. After that the three dragons from early all just show up out of nowhere, fight him for a chapter and kill him so completely he can't revive. Afterwards the story just kind of goes "well he's dead.... so anyway" and the follow up to killing what should have been a pretty powerful bad guy is skipped over

    • harem takes a LONG time to get going especially considering none of them get human forms until around half way through and the other two don't get them until the story is close to the end. So even though it's called a monster girl harem we don't get the monster girls until the ending which could work in some cases but because of the way this series does it it feels like it was needlessly dragged out

Putting all that aside how is the base characters and plot? They are all pretty standard with the MC being your general good guy who helps people. The author tries to give him a bit of an edge like with his ability to kill people without remorse. But this never really goes anywhere or develops into anything so it feels like the author just forgot about it. The harem girls are all various character types but they don't hold to them too strictly which does make them a little more fun.

For example

Lime shows Yandere qualities but she restrains herself enough to actually remain pretty same and calm most of the time while Rin is Tsundere but not annoying stubborn or hitting the MC to hide her embarassment.


The plot however is extremely lack luster. Pacing issues asside it feels like things happen purely

for the sake of the plot and don't feel very natural or fluid. The adventures feel more like a list of short stories rather than one over arching plot besides the fact that it's all involving the MC.

Overall if you like Isekai and Monster Girls you'll probably like this well enough. But don't read if what you want is a lot of excitement and action because there is very little of that in this series.
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funkmasterjo rated it
March 3, 2018
Status: c50
Where's the harem? Hey. Oy.

It's basically 50 chapters to get one humanized. The chapters are pretty long. It could be 100+ chapters of the average work.

Rather, even before that he doesn't seem to really care about it.

... more>> At least in a story like Long Live Summons, the MC keeps talking about how he wants the monster to become a hot girl. This guy doesn't even seem to care. I'm not really sure what he's driven by.

And it's fine to not care, but the title is misleading.

If the title is misleading, ok, maybe the author changed the plot after he started to write. But the description is very misleading.

The story is otherwise ok. Starts off great. Gets a little boring. But that's normal. 4 stars, and -1 for the dissapointments. <<less
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Firebomber4 rated it
October 16, 2017
Status: c83
Starts out great with good plot, good character (s), and bits of interesting things here and there...
Then it started going the mainstream route and turns into your typical MC aiming for the virginity of his harems.

Was about to give it 4 stars but the past dozen chapters has been boring IMO so I deduce a star from it.
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