Monsieur Park


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Director Park doesn’t have any abilities, and he loves women. Thanks to his connection, he was able to enter the company. He always flirts with the women and always cranky to the male employees. All the female workers hate him. But the funny thing is, he thinks he’s pretty popular among the female employees.

On the other hand, there is Assistant Manager Kim who always helps women whenever they are in danger with Director Park. He is tall, handsome, and gentle and every women in the company like him. He always looks at Director Park with an attitude and is annoyed with him. He hates how he was able to get in to the company because of his connection. He thinks of a way to kick Director Park out of the company. Assistant Manager Kim is a multi-player. He can do it with men and women. As he think of a way to kick Director Park out, he’s keep thinking about him and can’t get him off from his head.

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04/20/16 Korean Novels c3 part1
04/01/15 Korean Novels c1-2 part4
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dysry rated it
May 12, 2016
Status: --
Pretty much a yaoi remake of The Office with a Jim x Michael pairing, should Jim lose most of his morals. The story is a good mix of humour – provided by the quirky but inept Director Park, and smut – from the frustrated but talented Assistant Manager KIm, who has yet to realize or acknowledge his interest in his boss.

The story is quite interesting and it definitely has potential, although the seme has yaoi/Korean smut morals and a typical alpha personality. However Director Park is an interesting character who... more>> differs from your standard uke and has more depth than you realize

a lot of the current chapters cover his recounts of his past and gay experiences. For some reason I get the feeling that he’s smarter than he looks i.e. By hitting on female employees, he forces them to work faster. He's able to do his job when required, while his gay stories to Taeyoung seems to hint he knows his preferences. On the other hand he could just be good at rambling.

As long as you don’t mind normal yaoi standards when it comes to ethics, it’s a good story and definitely one worth following, especially as their relationship develops. <<less
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Shierine rated it
November 22, 2015
Status: --
Monsieur Park is a different than most yaoi novel out there. The main character (Monsieur Park) is your average, perverted, middle aged, chubby man with buttery face who goes on and on about girls while the seme is a handsome, slightly sadistic assistant of his with a fetish for chubby older men. Although hard to like at first, Monsieur Park turns out to be this pleasant weirdo (imagine Willy Wonka) with all his quirkiness. Too bad it is on hiatus, but I do recommend it to those who is looking... more>> for a refreshing comedy yaoi novel. <<less
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