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In a world where a variety of peoples live, Elves and Beastmen, even Fairies, there are those that are hated――Mixed Breeds. Acht, a girl with memories and knowledge of a past life on another world, is such a hated creature.

Avoided where she walks, unable to stay at an Inn, and no potential places of employment in her future. A life with a mountain of problems, she tries to overcome it with the knowledge from her former life, but when she does… A research loving Royal Magician, a black-hearted Prince, even a Pirate Captain; a bunch of troublesome people begin to call her a “Sage” and follow her everywhere!

A reincarnation fantasy about a pessimistic girl and her misfortunes.

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The Lazy Sage
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1234gary rated it
January 20, 2018
Status: Completed
As the translator of the first 2/3 of Vol 1 and someone who has read all the raws, here's my two cents about whats good and bad about this story, and why you should pick it up. Keep in mind there are 3 major arcs in the WN, but the LN only ever published 4 volumes which cover the first two arcs (Arc 1 - Vol 1, Arc 2 - Vol 2-4). This is for good reason, as I believe its a wise move to have the story stop at... more>> the second arc. As such, I will mainly be assuming Vol 4 to be the ending point of the series in this review.

This review will attempt to be spoiler-free for the most part. However it may hint vaguely at certain things that do not happen or may happen but never specifically in relation to events in the story.

The Pros:

    • Female Protagonist
    • Avoids the most stereotypical isekai tropes. This is neither an adventure or villainess story and is more about a girl growing up and trying to live her life in a city. Modern knowledge is used, but it's never abused nor is the main focus for the most part.
    • Starts out SoL-ish but the story matures as Ocht grows up. This is especially apparent in the later volumes (3 and 4) as the story starts having mild undertones of anxiety and unease as it begins to explore Ocht's familial and interpersonal relationships, especially in regards to her future.
    • Vol 4 has one of the best endings (if not the best ending) I've seen. I was very impressed by the ending as it succeeded to pay-off on 3 volumes worth of build-up, foreshadowing, and twists.
The Neutrals:

    • Vol 2-4 form a single arc. This means that the story is often very slow during these parts as the rising action may span over 2 volumes in length. Many events occur during Vol 2-3 one after another and starts piling up on each other with most of them not resolved. Other times, events may happen but you wouldn't know how it's even relevant to the big picture. Combine this with the ever-growing feeling of unease in the story as events start piling up, and for a long while, you may just be very confused as to where the story is even heading. Of course, a lot of these problems are answered at the end of Vol 4 and its part of what makes the ending good.
    • Of course, I am being somewhat critical of the story. Most events themselves are interesting in their own right, and the author loves introducing events right after another when one is about to be temporarily resolved. Sometimes, it makes the Durarara effect where multiple things just keep happening, but the resolving of each one is nowhere in sight (until the end). Whether this is good or bad is up to you.
    • Is technically a reincarnation of sorts. Ocht has modern knowledge of Earth but she doesn't have the knowledge of ever being a person living on Earth. You will understand this more clearly once you read Chapter 1.
    • Ocht is a rather passive character. She gets pushed around a lot by the surrounding cast as she just want to live a quiet peaceful life. She also tends to mull over events and thinks a lot and worries over many things. This type of personality is one some people will dislike and other will like.
    • There is a whole series of side stories in the perspective of an important character of his view as event happen in the story. I would recommend reading this side story after the main story (despite that it was written concurrently) as the side story reduces some of the impacts of the main story and is more comedic in nature.
    • Written by a female author and somewhat aimed towards that particular demographic in writing (as much as a villainess series would for example).
The Cons:

    • As quality fan translations will be slow, this will compound with the slowness of the events as mentioned in the above sections in Vol 2-3. The series only starts shining nearing the end (2nd half of Vol 3 to Vol 4) and the long time to get there may just be painful and confusing for readers.
    • The start of Vol 2 is very poorly written compared to the rest of the volumes. Illogical events happen and there are more tropes here than before as the author attempts to figure out where she wants to get going. This somewhat dip in quality of the story (which soon recovers bit by bit), combined with the long drawn out rising action following this until the start of Vol 4 may also make the story somewhat painful.
    • Its not like all questions are answered by the end of Vol 4. WN Arc 3 attempts to answer and tie off a lot of the loose endings from Arc 2, but it fails and ends up creating many more questions than answered and generally just suffers from paling in comparison to Arc 2. Think of this like what some people considered to have happened in Bleach.
tl;dr : Female MC, starts SoL but gets more serious as the MC grows up, slow story that doesn't really come together until the end of Vol 4 at which you have one of the best endings I've seen, starts decent, middle is not as good, gets exponentially better as the end is reached. <<less
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SunsetChaos rated it
June 28, 2016
Status: c1
Cute story with cute MC so far. Too early to tell for anything more, but definitely has potential.
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Ruubix rated it
April 13, 2016
Status: --
This has great potential, and I'd love to read more since the story so far is cute. I wish someone would pick it up qwq
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