Monarch of the Dark Nights


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A rain of blood poured down from the sky as the prelude for the end of day.

Sunshine was but only forever a dream whilst the living was filled with eternal crimes.

To survive, the strong plundered till death as the weak struggled for their last breath.

Then, society collapsed as everything began to relapse.

For a piece of stale bread, an olden pure maiden spread her legs.

Humans were only animals as their lusts and greed eternally prevailed.

A man’s soul went back to his former life to face the darkness and survive.

Clad in a dark-blooded coat, he traversed on the path of oaths.

For a hope he forever shielded, he rushed to the last battlefield.

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Yoburi rated it
April 30, 2017
Status: --

Read the Raws and even having a very good start with a unique MC the cliches and poor storyline still makes this a avarage story when it could so much more.

MC was a handsome star in these american got talents shows and even have a pretty grifriend but some playboy destroy his life by stealing his grifriend, ruin his carrear and sending to prison and breaking his leg. But the end of the world happend and the MC became a expert.

After the MC die he got a second chance to do all over again and we got our novel, the bad part is it could be better for example his ex-girlfriend when realise she was just some toy for this playboy decides to just commite suicide and thats it! I should prefear if he NTR her back and leave this playboy on misery a true revenge and in this novel full of zombies love is pretty much worteless.

Another bad point is how the MC turn into a as*hole like when he sees a woman about to be r*pe just a few days after the apocalypse and doesn`t do anything or when he leaves a girl that used to help him when he was criple to fend for herself in this horrible world.

What I want in a novel the most is `to care about it` anything either the characters or the situation or the MC strugle but here we just get a as*hole MC only carring for himself maybe that change in later chapters.

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Acedia rated it
July 8, 2017
Status: c16
Where do I begin? If you hate forced plot devices, then you won't like this novel. It was good until chapter five, that was when a character took the most blatant leap of logic I had ever seen.

... more>>

The default antagonist sees the MC killing a zombie (on tv), sees that the MC split its head open after he killed it and comes to the conclusion there was something inside of its head. The biggest plot hole is the fact they assumed he split its head after it died, how did they know? Maybe I missed something, but he killed it on the 18th floor of the hospital, so who would know what order he killed it in? The next issue is the simple reasoning that "He split the zombies head open so there must be something good inside." How the hell do you come to that conclusion? 100% of people would assume that he split its head to make sure it was dead. Can you say Deus Ex Machina?


Characters often make accurate assumptions of the situation when it would be impossible for them to know that. Some guy outright says zombie blood stones will replace currency in the apocalypse era. He says this by chapter 10 I think, and at that time only 3 days had passed in the apocalypse. And the MC himself goes around telling people information he had learned in the apocalypse, specifically to some police officer that was against him in his previous life, just because he was strong. And you know how the MC met this officer? They happened to "randomly" meet when he "randomly" ran into his rival and ex-girlfriend, mind you this is when people are aware of what's happening and should be wary of being attacked by zombies. So at this point, I'm guessing that those coincidental interactions a lot, as he runs into those powerhouses of the future and gets them to join him.

I can honestly say the author doesn't discriminate against good or evil characters since they all seem to have Godlike foresight and incredibly high I.Q's.

Anyway, if you just want to read something to pass the time and don't really care for strong plot development, this is perfect for you. <<less
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sodofo8564 rated it
May 2, 2017
Status: c80
It's a half dark novel.

Sometimes MC didn't give a sh*t to anything likes rape, murder, arson, rob, etc. But sometimes he did care about it. In this point I was quite disappointed, this made it a half dark novel.

And I was confused why did the author try to fill Romances in this dark theme novel, if he made it in a force-to-s*x way it'd be better.

Still give it 5/5 for Game Element, Apocalyse, Rebirth and Romance (?).
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Anemo rated it
November 1, 2017
Status: c56
I dont know why ppl rate it badly... Some sayd he cant helped a girl who were nice to him. Really? As far as I see, he helped more than enough. Even if he give no help whatsover, so what? She only placed some pocket money for his perfomance at street, its normal, no? But he saved her from rain, first. Second, he give them the "fishing pole" to fish, and not just "strengh", that will be useless in their hands w/o tempering. Just to say imagine u become 2... more>> times stronger, but in fave or gruesome monstr, u still a human. I liked his method. Some ppl sayd he dont help raped girl. Is he hero? Are u hero? They have more that 10 ppl, w8 and see, ambush. His choice is a good one. If he tried to go there and save her... Its... s*upid. Normal ppl wont do that. Or will u? Atmosphere in novel is good, I like it. Not overly dark, but still... So, now things relly bad. Wants more chapts (yup already..80+ is nothing but appetizer) Im really annoyed with constant journey with no aim, and constant war for areas. And that duans too... Yeah, MC must have archenemy... For guys/girls, who readed this all, if u wanna not overly stressful, dark theme read, just try this. Its not bad. No sissy-pu*sy hero is the MC, no s*upid morality of his... He is lived long in that apocalypse and has his mindset... Just see him run amock in this dark world and gather subordinates (may be friends)... Good luck! And thanks for u hard work translator (-s) ! <<less
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hatoyin97 rated it
June 5, 2017
Status: c15
The plot, world building and characters are decent.

Over all deserve 4 stars

But the plot is very forced, and the MC first is ok but somehow MC was force to become less powerful and make mistake, if this direction keep going, it would be MC becoming powerful than he made mistake which led to a life death situation. If MC is a noob then it is acceptable but MC is a veteran such things should not be possible. Plus MC enemies are very forcefully promoted so that they could threaten MC... more>> life. Making it cringe to read.

If you enjoy MC keep getting into deep sh*t then this is a perfect novel for you. <<less
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Bamba12 rated it
August 9, 2017
Status: --
Just adding another review to make it clear for people what to expect.

As a couple of a other reviewers said it is absurdly forced, seems like the author had the basic plot line of an MC who returns in time but suddenly got scared of making the MC too strong (which is kinda a must with this kind of plot) so instead of making the zombies stronger or relatively distant unknown people powerful and having them meet later in the plot he immediately introduces small time villains who makes insane... more>> leaps of logic to nullify his advantage of knowing the future just so he could have rivals who are as strong as he is from the get go. <<less
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Riqu rated it
May 3, 2017
Status: C30
This is an apocalypse story with interesting plot. The world building is also good with a harsh condition in apocalypse level where people started competing with one another for items from the beginning of the apocalypse not just fighting a monster to level up in the beginning and then with a plot armor the MC got the best items, class, etc, etc. At least the author keep it a bit reasonable when the real world slowly changing into the game world with gunfire as still being the ultimate weapon and... more>> the military still hold a prestige with a big power not just crumble just because the world changing and precisely not like GOD AND DEVIL WORLD with a lot of repetitive plot, Find city, Factions appearance, Offend someone, kill them all, grab the booty and the beauties. The characters in the story are alive and decent with many different POVS and their background, not just a simple side kick but more like recurring characters. As the matter with the enemy characters, they are more than just a simple cannon fodder. The enemy is even cunning than the MC even though the MC is veteran from the future.

This novel also has a butterfly effect because of the MC. The return of the MC to the past from the future made some people realize sooner the changing that is happening to their world and they adapt faster. Eventually changing some people life which is differ from their destiny in the future and that person also effecting the other person in some way, creating some kind of domino effect. We can see this from the bussinessman who become the second awakened after the MC.

The translation is also good with a steady release of 1 chapter a day.

Overall, I give it 5 stars because I enjoy the decent characters, the plot twist, and a bit butterfly effect of this novel.

I will keep updating this review with more chapters to come. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Hitexh rated it
September 18, 2017
Status: c75
the MC isnt smart, although he know the importance of strengthening himself first, but he still only second strongest due his incompantancy on keeping secret and managing people. Well, he is only a low rank soldier and a lone wolf before, so lets make it understandable. His tendency to help people he know only make his judgment not into my taste.

So far, there is no s*x scene for MC, but he had did it many times in his previous life. Excenging 2 woman for 1 bread he boasting of make... more>> me feel ill toward the MC. But since its human in apocalypse, lets just accept it. At least this one is more humble than God and Devil world.

If you can accept those 2 downside, I think this story is for you. <<less
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kari rated it
July 23, 2018
Status: c1
It's not bad, but the story just made me cringe!

The main character is supposed to be a veteran and yet he sometimes behaves like a noob! As someone who has gone through the apocalypse once he should be way smarter and not be giving out free information from the very beginning... his actions lack consistency & the author seems 2 give him Enemies just to make life his tougher...

Honestly the story seems quite forced and isn't a very enjoyable to read... not terrible, but I feel like theres a lot... more>> of wasted potential. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
reddir rated it
March 11, 2019
Status: c114
I just caught up to the latest translated chapter. I've enjoyed reading through this story so far.

The writing is a bit annoying with the usual 3 paragraphs of repeating the same thought (why do they do this? Is it some wordplay that the translations can't convey?).

The story is quite enjoyable, as is the nice pacing of the author. Also, when the romance started coming in I started dreading the expected slog through a bog of feelings/drama/etc, but it turned out okay. It actually fit into the story and added to... more>> it rather than dragging it down.

I wouldn't call it a masterpiece, but it is a nice read that has a nice balance of hero, horror/barbarity, social stuff, combat, and forward planning. The author never gets "stuck" on any 1 thing for too long - each chapter and event feel just the right length to me.

Some of the character development mechanics seem weird to me. It might be that I just don't get it or that the author either didn't explain it well or possibly didn't think it important enough to detail. <<less
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