Momaseteyo Ore no Seigi


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Yoh Nigorikawa’s life was positioned at the lowest depth of the society. At the academy he was an attendant of a special-student. At the evil organization Demonia PPO he was an underling who had to do chores every day. He was surrounded by the huge breasts of the dark knights. However, he could only observe them from a distance which left him with a bitter taste. The sudden battle test was a chance for Yoh to grope the breast he had been dreaming about all this time! The success story of Yoh where he would grasp hold of the glories and the breasts had now begun…

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Momaseteyo Ore no Justice
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02/03/19 Ero Ranobe v1c6
01/04/19 Ero Ranobe v1c5
01/04/19 Ero Ranobe v1c4
01/04/19 Ero Ranobe v1c3
12/11/18 Ero Ranobe v1c2
12/09/18 Ero Ranobe v1c1
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January 4, 2019
Status: c5
I'm here just to leave a footprint in this explosive title
Really, I'm just baited by the title... so the review will wait until I finished reading the released chapters.


okay, I've read 5 chapters

... more>> To be honest, there're PLOT & plot in this novel
Yes, you might come here for the PLOT, but you will keep reading for the plot. The flow of the story is smooth, perhaps the author is a veteran at writing

So far, it's an enjoyable ride. It's a light read and have suspense here and there
all in all, it's being well done and structured that reading is easy

Good Job author and translator... I'm expecting the next one <<less
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