Mobile Fortress Saratoga ~Silvery Sword Princess Became My Servant.


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In the country of the Desert, Escalis Mimir, people live in Mobile Fortress Cities.

In order to save his kidnapped stepsister, Nanashi, a boy from the scorned People of the Desert called bugs, infiltrated the Fortress City Saratoga alone.

There, by chance, he saved the life of the Silvery Sword Princess famed to be the strongest of this era. Taking advantage of this, he made her serve him by becoming her master.

The Strongest Sword Princess. Becoming her master, the boy is dragged in the power disputes of the Fortress City.

Associated Names
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Kidou Jousai Saratoga ~Ginrei no Kenki ga Boku no Geboku ni Narimashita. Saratoga
機動城砦サラトガ ~銀嶺の剣姫がボクの下僕になりました。
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12/08/18 Entertainment and Snacks c8
05/21/18 Entertainment and Snacks c7
05/10/18 Entertainment and Snacks c6
09/06/16 Rinvelt House c5
08/17/16 Rinvelt House c4 part2
08/10/16 Rinvelt House c4 part1
07/31/16 Rinvelt House c3
07/22/16 Rinvelt House c2
07/21/16 Rinvelt House c1
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wuhugm rated it
August 10, 2016
Status: c152
One of the funniest novel ever :D

This novel has everything. Action, mystery, romance, strategy, comedy, especially comedy. Those genres mixed so well producing awesome experience~

It's like Chrome Shelled Regios but without the school. Also aside from the 9 mobile fortresses, there are permanent cities and oasis. There are other countries too beyond the desert. Just epic~
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