Mob… Sore mo Waki Mob no Hazu Nan Desu Kedo!?


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Afflicted with an illness at 25, my life should have ended when I was 26 years old. However, when I came to, I had become a 6 year old boy. Not only did I have my past memories, I also retained the memories of my current body that I shouldn’t have. Recognizing the six years of memories, I recalled immediately.

The world I had awakened in was a world I’d read about in a shoujo manga in my previous life. It seems I’m on a parallel world trip ….. No, I have reincarnated.

At the same time as I recognized this world from the shoujo manga, I remembered my status.

In the story, I was the subordinate of a stalking horse who fell in love with the heroine. To compete for the hand of the heroine, by the stalking horse’s orders, I got involved by implementing various interferences to all the other love interests like the prince and sons of dukes which resulted in the death penalty. The stalking horse didn’t even bother to protect his subordinate and covered up his own crimes.

I can’t remember if my final moment was captured or not in a panel. Even when I read it, I just skimmed through it. I was a nameless mob and, in addition to that, a supporting mob.

In the shoujo manga, that was my status in this world. Since I have reincarnated, I would prefer if I didn’t appear in the manga at all.

The six year old me has yet to encounter the stalking horse in that world. Like I’ll follow the story and die! Using the knowledge from my previous life, I’ve made a decision to keep on living.

This is a common tale of the protagonist who strives to keep on living by avoiding the encounter with the main and mob characters, and to avoid being involved with them in order to evade the scenario.

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Mob … And furthermore, aren’t I a supporting mob!?
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saekicchi rated it
January 1, 2017
Status: c90
The protagonist is the typical dense overpowered (reverse?) harem master. So many men, so little time~

He's really adorable in his denseness though and he makes up for it in his wild but amusing thought patterns.

In his past life, he learned most of his "wife" skills as a consequence of being influenced by his mother and sisters. He reincarnates into world that's a weird mix between Middle Ages and one of Japan's historical eras. This is due to the fact that the world is a setting for a shoujo manga so... more>> the shoujo manga author made it very easy for Japanese readers to comprehend the world. There is a lot of world building and since protagonist has a unique constitution and method of using magic, there will be several info dump.

The protagonist reincarnates as a supporting mob fated to die and so he spends his life evading this outcome. He meets a lot of people (mainly men, or rather, they're all men) and spreads his influence in each encounter.

It tends to be a bit draggy, since there are many reaction chapters (modern knowledge, banzai!) but it's tolerable enough. <<less
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greycolors rated it
August 31, 2017
Status: c16
I've never seen a story screech to a halt so fast as this one. The beginning chapters kept up a good pace, but then a brick wall appeared in the form of one long protracted tea chat that needed to explain the protagonist's goals, motivations and life philosopy all in one go. Maybe this gets better later, but I've rarely seen such a badly done info dump before.
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Arrange rated it
October 31, 2018
Status: c32
Ok, the *age* is something that we all can agree that's f**ked up. I mean when I heard

... more>>

MC: Btw how old are u guys?

ML1: 42

ML2: 34



The story plot is not like one of those Kingdom building, but sometimes... who I am kidding! TO MANY PLOT HOLES!

The characters even if we don't know much about them apart from their status and affection toward the MC. I still like them ok?! I needed something with a good-hearted MC to heal me! And I did! So 4 stars! <<less
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Ethereal Blue
Ethereal Blue rated it
December 28, 2017
Status: c25
I usually don't comment because I tend to feel uncomfortable imposing an opinion, but then again, I also read the comments when I can't get the feel of a story. So I am making an exception here. I guess I felt sad reading all the negative comments about a story I find interesting precisely because of the points criticized...

... more>>

The story is about a real life OP character (in various ways) who ends up reincarnated & adding magic to the mix. This makes interesting to me because many MP's in this scenario tend to use half-baked notions & product ideas & I tend to feel that they don't deserve their OPness when that happens, while here, the guy genuinely knows a lot + he is hard working, humble, ever curious, a bit like an absent-minded scientist full of ideas. It's pretty sweet & funny.

The story alternates between daily life narration (& info dump), action & philosophical moments (let's just say that the tea chat is rather famous by now, lol). I guess the contrast might be jarring for those who look for a more typical isekai. But I like this story precisely because of the reflection moments. The MP might be hilariously dense & lacking common sense, but he genuinely thinks things through when it comes about certain important issues. The MP is basically a contrast of qualities, which makes this novel fun to read.

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RedsFable rated it
October 5, 2017
Status: v1c19
While there isn't a whole lot of active scenes these first 19 chapters, the conversations flow and are good foundation building the rest of the story. The MC is adorable, smart, and goofy. I can't wait for more!
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cyanat rated it
August 30, 2017
Status: --
it just drags on and on and on about MCs thoughts, and in such a boring way. Its a whole lot of exposition with barely any action so far - like if you were given ten slices of bland bread and a piece of cheese. Basically, the pacing sucks. The concept is interesting, but the excecution is lacking. I'd probably only pick it back up once it's completed: otherwise, with how things drag on, you'll never be satisfied.
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Anssha rated it
July 26, 2017
Status: c15
The story is interesting actually.. I love shounen-ai and bl novel.. However, this novel has a really slow paces a. K. A draggy..

The author tried to explain to us about the protagonist way of thinking in chapters.. IN CHAPTERS.. Not just three or four chapters.. I can't stand it on how long he explained his opinion about the country situation on where his living, to the ML (I think one of the men he is trying to give his pieces of mind is the ML because I only know... more>> 4 characters mentioned; the protagonist, two of his friends, and his godfather) so far.. And even his godfather only showup in one chapter, the rest.. Well, you can find out yourself if you read it..

Sooo, idk if I want to read the rest of the novel because, one: slow paces of this story and two: updates just as slow as the novel (I know how hard translating is, but I do hope the translator has a fixed date/day of week to updates)

But overall, like I said earlier, it has a good plot story and the translation is pretty understandable.. <<less
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TomiNdumplings rated it
September 22, 2018
Status: c32
Like many before me were saying, the story tends to drag out a lot of conversations to take like 8 chapters before were through, tbh it feels like they can be simplified to 2 chapters bc it just taking way to long to get through anything. Btw if you were wondering, I tried mtling it before but it was practically impossible for me so, imma hafta to drop it temporarily until it gets picked up again/updated more consistently.

Overall seems to be quite fun and cute, I'd compare it to something... more>> along the lines of Alsar and 4 Ikemen with it one game set up. I don't read this set up (the otome game one) very often, but I do recommend it to just try out. <<less
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Ecirteab rated it
September 20, 2017
Status: c19
A very average novel, typical OP golden finger dense MC who is in utter denial that he's not a main character after all. There's nothing fresh or amazing but it's an enjoyable read for the most part. The fuwafuwa moments are decent and the MC is cute enough that he's decently likable.

Tbh, I skipped most of the world building and plot dump because my eyes started to hurt. Be warned of a very dialogue heavy info dump (of sorts, came pretty left field tbh) from chapters 13 to like 17.... more>> The MC can be quite confusing because sometimes his 'anger' bursts out suddenly and his mentality can be rather childish despite him being of a higher mental age (I can let this slide because I feel as if his physical age and mental age are trying to sync or something)

The pace is rather slow (4 chap plus convo Jesus) but thankfully skips the child stage most transmig novels love; although this does make the golden finger of the MC more obvious because all his skills are just magically there sigh

Tl;dr it's an average novel that can be draggy and likes info dump but has good translation quality and is decent enough for a read (just skim some info dumps it's not worth it) <<less
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XD rated it
August 25, 2017
Status: c26
Dragging too much. Lots of exposition dialogue. Character interactions are boring or completely unreasonable. Long elaborate speeches. Over 10 chapters of just talking... so 3 stars for now. I'm not dropping it yet because I've heard good things, but thus far it's boring.

Edit: still boring. Lazy writing. Two stars.
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Itachi_is_god rated it
October 11, 2019
Status: c5
I couldn't continue reading this novel. Seriously, even though the plot seemed interesting from the summary, the actual writing is horrible. I don't know if its the translation or the novel itself but it's primarily from a first-person viewpoint and it was executed badly. Like seriously, this is painful to read. I have nothing against first-person viewpoints, but only when they're done well. For this story, the author often goes into to much detail, like for example, "I did this in order do to this because of this." This method... more>> of writing is really annoying. Honestly, I don't recommend this to anyone <<less
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SuouNono rated it
September 24, 2019
Status: c24
Gave it 2 stars. I was really excited reading it, especially when the guys from the harem finally showed up, but as the translator said, there's a lot of world building, but rather than world building it's mostly monologues by the MC. Too much explaining ("world building") that you'd rather just skip over it. It's not really "slow paced" but they just drag it out so much. I did get really shocked by the age difference. There were some cute moments that were fluffy too, which I really liked
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Dango rated it
October 9, 2018
Status: c32
It's not terrible I give it that, but as someone who likes abit less talk and more world building plot, this was abit painful to read, one conversation takes 3 chapters or more and it's a lowkey info dump.

BUT MC is kind of lovable? Yes he's Mary-Sue. Yes he's OP. But I do enjoy myself a nice fantasy storytime and again.

The age gap kind of bothers me, but hey age is just a number and prison is just a room right?


... more>>

One literally has a child, I kid you not, and I'm sure I'm not the only one disturbed by that fact... maybe the kid's adopted or something but like... it's weird



The meeting between the MC and green-haired ML (yes I forgot the name sue me) was not fleshed out but just an info dump and it looks like a plotline that could actually be entertaining when written, too bad the author didn't write it, the brother of green-hair, which is the brown-red hair is forgetable, I don't know why he's in the story



Another ML with some mildly interesting backstory about his clan and eyes or something is pretty 2D, the first thing he as MC was, " What do you live for!?" And it's clearly a plotline for MC to unload his 'rare' worldviews and how it was forefully added in was kind of distasteful


Although I realise I'm increasingly critical as I write this review maybe it's my frustration of having so many words that act as filler to read...

I recommend you to try and read it for yourself to formulate your own opinion though, one man's tr*sh is another man's treasure <<less
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Naats rated it
October 25, 2017
Status: c10
I don't really have anything against the story. It's a bit on the low pace side with all the installation etc.

There's no "relationship" yet but I'm really not fan of the two grown-up adults (one who has a son) who are silently competiting over the MC, who's only 13 (officially).

Basically, I can't really stand the shotacon vibes.
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Bloopy rated it
July 10, 2017
Status: c16
So far, I enjoyed reading this WN.

The protagonist is a reincarnated person with the usual plot; remembering his past life, wanting to avoid his death flag so he intends to change his future etc... Since he used to be 26 y/o, he's kinda mature so his way of speech is SOO not childlike [ 13 y/o currently (chp 16) ]

Some chapters are a bit draggy btw..

Since this WN is tagged with shounen-ai, we all know that he's going to have his reverse harem phase later on. *cough* And... more>> up to chapter 16, there's no action yet.

Simply, Az is a dense, fluffy feminine main character and I think that the protagonist was an otomen in his past life... Oh btw, I can't stop imagining the other male characters as buff, muscle headed man TT_TT Help

Oh, the translations are okay * thumbs up* But honestly, I love Happy Life more.. (Translated by the same group)

edited 1/9

So I think I'm going to drop this novel for now.. I can't handle babbling and naggy MC's.. There's an explanation nearly about everything making it a bit lengthy causing the pace of the story to be a bit boring.. Yes, he's explaining things in the story to us so that we understand what's what and such. But ugh, like the communication between the MC and the gentlemen. They are flat and slightly one sided since the MC didn't give them an chance to refute. <<less
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Briecheese rated it
June 30, 2020
Status: c32
MC has strong wife abilities, but he's obnoxiously dense and even worse, he's meddlesome. He sticks his nose into things because he wants to and gave someone a name because he wanted to and then when told to take responsibility for giving the guy a name, he refuses cause he understandably doesn't want a life-bound servant, but still. Also, he becomes aware of the fact that he has no common sense but has yet to make any moves to fix that problem and educate himself or ask someone to educate... more>> him. Basically, he's the typical 'Holy Mother' type of MC that will help a random person being chased, even if they are a criminal. He has such a strong sense of morals that when he felt the life of an assassin he had cursed start to fade, he goes to the person and heals them, even though he had been told not to go anywhere, and the place he went was the palace dungeon! But when he's not preaching to someone (which happens way too often) he's tolerable. <<less
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January 29, 2018
Status: c28
I read all the current chapters hoping for something to change, i.e. No more shotacon baiting or overpowered perfect protag, but alas it was not to be. Just another cookie cutter cheat isekai harem.
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