MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian


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A phoenix is a creature of legends, a wonder of the world, an imagery of life and destruction. This fabled creature signifies the rise of a hero in a virtual world where battles occur for the sake of honor and glory!

Zhang Yang was a professional gamer in the first and most fantastic game that revolutionized the world: God’s Miracle. A game where traditional knowledge in RPGs did not matter anymore, players would have to manually target and evade attacks, giving rise to a significant gap in skill between a professional and an amateur gamer.

Zhang Yang’s downfall came a little too soon. His girlfriend was snatched, his guild was harassed and disbanded, and he was even driven to commit suicide! Jumping off the top floor of a hotel, Zhang Yang seemed as though he was soaring like a phoenix. Little did he know that the end of his life also signified his rise from the ashes.

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Wǎngyóu zhī zhàn yù tiānxià
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BumChikiBum rated it
May 17, 2018
Status: Completed
It was really fun to read at the beginning of 400 chapters (despite the repetitiveness). After that, things started to seem stagnant. The author failed to create more interesting plot than before (i don't blame him though because this is his first novel). As a result, the last 456 chapters become repetitive and boring.

In the end, if you :

    • Like mega harem and sexiness (+ s*x scene)
    • Like MMORPG novel with all of it's repetitiveness and deficiency
    • Like s*upid antagonists
Then, this is for you. Just don't hope too much on this novel.
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HOTSHOT24x7 rated it
September 3, 2017
Status: Completed

I am grieved for wasting my time on this novel, MC character is not alpha or beta its omega. I dont care abour his op'ness his character is just so so. this story is very normal to the point that I thought playing on pc with friends. The novels like LMS, LOA, SW, SR are way better novel in game category, ohhh I wasted my time...

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porkbuns rated it
December 2, 2017
Status: c209
A disorganized and biased review, with a bit of profanity.

To sum it all up (in case you don't feel like reading this long ass review), this novel is

misogynistic as hell (in addition to a lot of repetitive scenarios) in my opinion. If you have no problems with the author's rather distasteful representation of females (and even males, but moreso females than males) and the repetitive grind that is present in most asian games and tend to like reading novels about playing ridiculously pay-to-win MMOs, then it's not a horrible read... more>> :P.

I was hesitant to read this novel for quite awhile (due to the relatively lowish rating), and now I see why it has the rating that it has. I'm going to start off with what I hate most about this novel, and why I'm most likely going to stop at chapter 209.

    1. The way the author is presenting females in this novel (after chapter 100)
        • It's not that bad in the beginning, just your typical description of how beautiful they are
        • The author seems to progressive focus more and more of his attention on describing every female's breasts (author is literally focusing 90% of the female description on how her boobs look after around chapter 100)
        • Like 99% of the females seem to be either gold diggers (and all the guys are perverts), cheap skanks, or some combination of those 2
            • The female party members seems to be overly enthusiastic about money
            • You have this one former classmate that married this rich old guy for his money (she literally tells this to all her former classmates) and now that her husband is dead, she's all up in the MC business and seems to have an abnormal need to f*ck the MC (I guess since he's such a hunky guy)
            • The MC's fat, perverted friend seems to be getting laid left and right (or at least he claims to be), just because he acts like he's wealthy
            • The MC's former teacher wants to hoe herself out to the MC for 5 years in order to pay her mother's medical fee for a kidney transplant. The MC gives her the money and tells her that he doesn't expect her to pay him back, but she still seems intent on hoeing herself out to him for some reason (it's like she want to do it)
        • The females seem to increasingly be refer to as either "slut" and "b*tch" (not sure if that what is in the raw or just the translator's choice of words) ; it suppose to have a playful tone to it (I assume), but the characters really don't have close enough of a relationship to be calling each other sluts and b*tches left and right
    1. The lack of interesting plot (after chapter 100)
        • The MC is pretty much winning left and right without any real challenge after chapter 100
            • dungeon running for 1st clear records, grinding, maybe some new content here and there, but nothing really all that interesting
If you're fine with these 2 aspects, then this is your typical asian novel about mmorpgs:

    • Your typical MC travels back in time and decides to become a pro game in order to make big buck
    • Extremely pay-to-win game, where the developers literally put in a system that allows you to trade between in-game and real-life currencies
    • Bigass guilds back by some corporation or some rich person
    • Overpowered skills, items, etc. that only one person in the whole game can acquire
    • Game where you can't changes your physical appearances (except the face, so the author can over sexualize the females)
    • and pretty much any other tropes you can think of
At this point, I'm literally spending 1 min. max reading each chapter... don't got time to waste on all the meaningless combat dialogue. <<less
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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
November 7, 2017
Status: c449
It's not really bad at the start but as the story progresses it's pretty much so-so..

It was actually good at the start it had potential the MC a tank that not only knows how to defend but also knows how to evade but later on he's just like any other tank that just takes everything relying on his HP & VIT. Yet When PvP starts he's moving like a Thief with max movement speed & DEX.

Another con for this novel in my opinion is the way the author calculates how... more>> the fight progresses although I can understand it if its just a browser or PC games but doing so in a VR game just seem wrong. The author just literally takes all the players DPS and exactly calculates based on that. Positioning and stuff seemed irrelevant as almost all melee players are always an arm away from attacking enemies and I always imagine them just standing still after attacking. Also the attack speed is also one of the major flaws which ruins it for me, I can understand the cooldown after using skills but for normal attacks it seems exaggeratedly s*upid all the more for weapons with 3 second cooldowns. Imagining a player attacking then had to wait 3 seconds just to attack again what is this an MMO? The realism of the VR game is just not what you would expect it seemed more like just your ordinary PC game, to be fair I think "The King's Avatar" would be more like a VR game than this although the latter was a PC game.

Also the story on the said VR is one you would call a shitty game. Full of parodies, sexualized female NPCs & some monsters which makes the game more like an adult game, and shitty quest where probably only the MC & co. Can complete in low levels.

As for the characters at the start it was kinda refreshing to see party members unhesitatingly cursing at each others but later on it's just repetitive and annoying as you can always anticipate the outcome.

All in all I gave up and just skimming it now to pass the time. The only thing which keeps me going for this novel is the MC's real life as I want to know how it would be compared to how it's done with Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed the World. <<less
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OfficePony rated it
April 16, 2017
Status: c13
Grammar: 3/5
Writing: 2.7/5
Story: 2.4/5

The grammar is fairly standard with instances of awkward wording/phrasing, misspelling, and incorrect word choice. The writing style of the author is just slightly above average, but not really good enough to keep a constant flow going. The story itself is fairly standard without much innovation thus far, taking heavy influence from common MMO's such as World of Warcraft and others (though it feels most dependent on WoW).

Overall, I am enjoying this series.
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OmegaDion rated it
April 12, 2017
Status: c10
There's nothing much to say with only 10 chapters but the reason for the second chance is pretty much lackluster and have been used countless times in other novels. How should I say it? The first 10 chapters feels like every novel that involves second chance, vrmmorpg, reincarnating years before the start of the game, etc. The only thing refreshing is the class of the MC which is a Warrior - Guardian (as the title implies). If you're still not sickes of VR pro gamer reincarnated years before the start... more>> of a game because of betrayal or being too weak then you will like this one.

As for me. ☕️☕️☕️ <<less
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saxeblue rated it
May 12, 2019
Status: c652
Read till c652, skipped to a curiosity inducing title c786 - c793, then skipped to the last chapter.

This was bad. I got to c652 thru scrolling through the chapters until a raid is complete and they've won. Which will absolutely happen.

The characters were bad (I actually liked reviews dissing the younger cousin, it was that bad!) I mean, who in their right minds can call people who leeches off you in-game and IRL friends? Hundred guy and Daffy girl at least works legit jobs in the guild, so he pays... more>> them. Fatty? MC feeds his whole family but still complains he doesn't get enough. The cousins? They supposedly are shareholders but they needed money from MC to holdup their dying company, then they decide which house he buys while expecting that he does everything for them; cooking food and feeding them, going as the 'CEO' for their company while busting his as* in-game to earn money, and well MC is fine with it, after all that talk about him being taken advantage of in his past life (seriously, that's not what you call generous). Then the Thief girl, she's actually one of the characters who has done something for the MC, multiple times actually, getting him out of trouble everytime, but she doesn't get much screentime cause she's the 'cold and cool' girl and obviously because her bo*bs aren't as LARGE as the older cousin (please, cold and cool does not equate mute)

So yeah. No plot whatsoever (PVE? They win. PVP? They win too. IRL enemies? Duh! Of course they still win!), world building that is usually one of the corner stones of a nice MMORPG novel is absent (the open world was basically described as big, really big, really really big), character development is nil, the pervs will stay as pervs, the leechers are still leechers, the cold and cool will stay mute, and the MC? Well he's almighty. <<less
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beddedOtaku rated it
December 28, 2017
Status: c503
Ah man. If you can skip around 2/3rds of this novel, there's a decent power-trip fantasy VRMMORPG waiting for you here. But, that's a huge IF. There's very little positives to say about this novel, and they're mostly stuff you can apply to nearly every OP-holier-than-thou-VRMMO-MC: decent power-trip fantasy, MC never loses, annoying characters get their comeuppance eventually etc... however, past that, there's really nothing else. As with basically every other MMORPG story that I've read from Chinese authors, the MMO of the novel itself is outright broken. It's beyond... more>> Pay-2-Win, reaching the realms of 'unless you pay (a lot), just f*ck off'.

Starting with the standard can-buy-gold-with-money and then use the said gold to purchase items, to outright broken EXCLUSIVE items, spells, drops, quests, and then the f*cking inheritances. Oh. My. Lord. Something on that level of strength would NEVER be exclusive to people. Never. Ever.

As with every other bad MMO story, the numbers are insane. We're talking about billions of people playing the game. We're talking about trillions of $ being thrown around in the game. It's like author comes up with a number, feels it's too little, and just adds a few zeroes and calls it a day. Then we have PROFESSIONAL arena matches that AREN'T EVENED OUT. That means that NOBODY will ever defeat our MC simply because his gear will always outpace everyone else's. Imagine if you were playing LoL, and one player gets to start at level 18, with a whole bunch of items. Yeah, that's how broken it is.

As we move away from the MMO aspects (because, honestly, it's just terrible MMO design in every aspect imaginable), and get to the heart and soul of the novel... it just falls apart. This is where the skip 2/3rds of the story comes at play. At random, author decides to start writing porn. And I'm not even kidding. In the first 100 chapters or so, the most we've gotten when introduced to women is 'she's beautiful, big boobs, nice arse let's move on and let our MC kill stuff'. Then, an abrupt shift occurs, and sometimes entire CHAPTERS are dedicated just to describe how some girl's boobs jiggle and whatnot. Female characters lose any meaning past the size of their ti*s and the level of desire for MC's dick. This is apparent with the sheer ratio of male to female players in MC's party. Most of the time, he's running with at most 1-2 dudes with rest all being women. Yeah, sure, why not. I'm not the one to call things easily sexist, but this is by far the most sexist novel I've read in my life - and not even just toward women. All men (even MC) are portrayed as nothing short of tit-obsessed horny horses, and absolutely every Male character introduced only wants to have s*x with 'young, beautiful, perky women'.

Then, we have somewhat standardized dose of Chinese racism. It's not as bad as in some other novels, but it's still there. I don't mind it personally, but I know some people do, so I figured I'd just throw it in.

As far as the story goes, it's meh. And by meh I mean really, really meh. Side characters serve either of the two purposes: to long for MC's lovin', or to long for MC's pummeling them back to earth. There is literally no depth to any of them past those two things.

In addition to all of this, although it says that MC plays a tank, he doesn't. He's ALWAYS topping off DPS charts, which is just some BS to the tnth degree. He faces no challenges, always gets the best of everything, never grows as a person, has a control of a 14y old teenage boy, and is simply... not interesting.

Of course, it wouldn't be a bullsh*t harem story without a loli. However, loli in this story is not cute. She's not interesting. She's just annoying. Honestly, I've found myself actually skipping most of the dialogues past the chapter 100. While, from time to time, there are some skits that are relatively funny, it's just not interesting. When you see an author writing from the omnipotent perspective while referring to characters as 'b*tch' and 'bastard', you know he's so far up his ass there's no point in even trying anymore.

While the novel does try to go for those LMS-style epic quests, it fails as most quests just start abruptly without any build-up. Take for instance the last one. MC stumbles on a treasure-map, goes to it, turns out to be a portal, bang BILLIONS of these 'Ancient' whatevers suddenly invade the world. No build up, no foreshadowing, no nothing. Just... nothing.

In the end, Legendary Guardian is bad. While it can be funny at times, and provide occasional moments of power-tripping, it has nothing past that point. It doesn't have interesting stories or characters, MMO aspect is outright broken and would never actually have more than 10 players, let alone 10 billion as author claims, and MC is given everything at every corner. I'd recommend you skip it. <<less
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Steel rated it
October 16, 2017
Status: c400
The novel is now a disappointment to me, at first I thought that this was something that I can read while waiting for Rebirth of the thief that travel the world, it has the same concept and I enjoyed reading it at first but sigh... it went down hill as it went on and on. The MC is a cheat OP player who knew pretty much everything about the game including exploits and bugs, he hasn't taste a single defeat and got rich really fast. The "main" heroine is nowhere... more>> to be found and really... though with the things that the MC has achieved so far with much less his own effort

Including being a CEO of a billion dollar company with all the "over sexualized" models and side girls who all willing to be in bed with him without much effort from the MC himself', heck some of them, the MC acknowledged that they are more beautiful than the main heroine

. He will do just fine with or without her in fact he doesn't need her in his life at all if possible but no she will probably be playing the role of 'another' damsel in distress and noone else but the MC can save her. The other 'male' characters are either a bunch of delusional perverts or greedy rich bastards which implied that they are scums. This novel is now such a disappointment and make me sometimes wonder if some part of the novel is written after the author had his wet dream the night before, read it if you have nothing else better to read. <<less
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NIlsy rated it
October 8, 2017
Status: c250
The People he meets ingame are Basically a bunch of parasites. Cant stand any of his hangers on or pretty chicks.

Dont like well done harem since it slows down pace, and this type of road kill harem is more universally negative.

Occasionally its good and it starts off strong. Its also very easy snd quick to read. Translation speed is amazing
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faulcon rated it
October 7, 2017
Status: c391
This is not good. It started off well enough, very generic but that's not necessarily bad when you don't want something that'll make you think but it gets worse the longer you read. The usual problems for these formulaic (especially) chinese novels. MC solo kills world raid bosses that any one else would need thousands of players to kill (he does occasionally summon his main group of around 10 people for the really tough ones), MC becomes exceedingly rich almost immediately after starting the game with nothing, MC is surrounded... more>> by women who are all beautiful and all want him and all have about as much depth as a poster on the wall, MC is always right, the law in real life does not apply to the MC and so on. Oh and of course every opponent is an arrogant idiot.

It eventually got too much for me when


MC fought against Transformers (yes he killed both Optimus Prime and Megatron) and then had his best friend deal with someone who had a run in with him in real life by providing her with an unrequested gang bang for hours until she decided to confess her crimes (it's ok though because she's a sl*t and yes that's the excuse given). Somehow she was the only one who ended up in jail for 20 years (well she was complicit in a murder) while the two of them just go back to playing their game. This after they had previously beaten up her accomplice until he also confessed.

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clowred rated it
July 8, 2017
Status: c177
MMORPG - Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian can be considered one of the newest addition in the world of translated Virtual Reality novels, yet a rather old one on its homeland scene. It's been written in 2011 and considering it only has 856 chapters, it is by no means so long that it would take years for it to be completely translated. With a rather simple description, the story itself seems to not bother itself too much with the premise, jumping straight into the fray of grinding, PVP, PVE, dungeons,... more>> guilds and so on. A rather interesting aspect of this story is the importance it gives to the social aspect rather than the recently trend of creating a one man army out of the protagonist. But, is this a good thing? Hard to say.

The story itself starts as the description stated, a well versed player lost everything he had in the game and even his girl was stolen. With a desperate effort to keep the hands of his nemesis off his former lover, he commits a double suicide with him after being harassed by the said nemesis. His story of course is not going to end here as he suddenly wakes up at the exact moment the virtual reality game is about to be launched. (I'd gladly state that these freaking time jumps happen with an annoying precision, yet, considering the last actions of the protagonist are not cringe worthy, I happened to feel happy seeing his chance to restart everything). He starts the game from 0 with quite a lot of knowledge about the beginning of the game, with its secret missions an so on. This gives him an edge over the rest of the players and he moves quite fast on the ladder. The game system is awesome and also quite well explained for a novel, which becomes a good addition considering we are presented with fights that actually have some logic behind them. The NPCs do not become a drag as they are actually portrayed only as in game characters that only resemble humans. They are not given that much importance, which in turn lets the story flow faster. As you may have already guessed, the protagonist becomes extremely OP, and his money making quest is moving smoothly and actually quite interestingly. Then comes the problems which can be considered this story's Achille heel. As this novels actually tries to come closer to reality, we have to deal with dungeons that requires parties of 5 or more players. Because the premise of this novel requires the protagonist to make a lot of money he also becomes a guild leader. This is a clear sign that the protagonist will rarely do anything alone, and this becomes the liability of this story sadly instead of its strong point. If the author had made a better choice, this story would have deserved at least an overall of 4.1 stars. But well, here we go with the characters.

We have the old friend of the protagonist, the perverted fatty that always makes witty jokes about whores, about how much he wants to get laid with some beautiful lady while also taking pride in his fatness. He is of course attached to the protagonist as an accessory. With absolutely no real skills, thanks to the protagonist he becomes one of the top players in the beginning. He takes so much pride in the fact he is carried like a baby, that he is actually moving left and right trying to get some pu*sy instead of staying as a loyal dog. He slowly becomes a liability as his mistakes during boss fights increases, which in turn drags the protagonist down. Most of the boss fights, raids, pvp fights and so on are full of his witty comments that require the IQ of a retarded gorilla to be understood. After this one, a former top player is coincidentally found by the protagonist at the beginning of the game. He helps him as in the future this player will obtain a strong support pet which will dominate the entire server. Even though he is mostly silent, this character is the only one that is not freaking annoying. Then we obtain a pair of female cousins. Now if the fatty was annoying, these girls are the f*cking upgrade. The younger one is always fighting with her cousin, complaining about her huge boobs and sh*t like this while calling the protagonist that helps her rise from a crappy 2 cent player to one of the top players, 'noob tank'. This is by no means funny. She is constantly harassing the protagonist til the point I got mad. Her cousin is at first a little dumb and lazy but with a good set of skills as healer. Even so, the author decides to make her a 'succubus' later on, not in the proper sense of the word of course. She always edges the protagonist on towards some woman or makes some sexual jokes with him. The next players is a genius at fighting, both IRL and IG, and becomes quite close to the protagonist because of course, she has some huge secret background in the real world. She is also mostly silent and just picks fights with the protagonist from time to time (real fights). Lastly, as the fatty was soon to get dropped, the author decided to add another annoying pervert together with a woman that may or may not be a strong player in the future. Now imagine this, a perfectly described boss fight, with danger at every step that requires a good set of skills and a lot of planning, filled with tons and tons of unnecessary comments and bickering from almost all the side characters. All the time two of them makes sexual jokes about anything, one of them insults the protagonist one or two times per paragraph, another one is trying to entice him while also starting a fight with either the one that insult the protagonist or the two morons that would f*ck even a centaur. The last ones are silent as a graveyard. I can only see them as noise interference. The rest of the players from other guild are somewhat alright, the enemies are proud and foolish while the allies are of course, women. More exactly a guild formed only with women.

The novels itself is screwed by the awful side characters, which in turn make the protagonist seem retarded as he actually accepts all of the insults or s*upid jokes.

The story is still enjoyable, yet I found myself skipping more and more of the fights only caring about the loot or the quests the protagonist is doing by himself. Beside these ones, the real life of the protagonist is generally left aside, only to be filled with some huge cliche once it is finally presented slightly.

As VR novel, this story does not sucks. It is actually quite good, an overall 4 stars. If we add the side characters, we get an overall of 2 stars. Adding the possibility of actually cleansing his party at least in the future obtaining a serious and well balanced team that prioritizes strategy and a calm mindset, I will give this novel an overall of 3 stars.

In conclusion, I'd actually recommend everyone to do what the hell they want. It's your own time that may or may not be wasted. <<less
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RizYun rated it
May 16, 2017
Status: c600
hmm, you could say some kind of rip off of Shura warth, Virtual worlds' series or some other VRMMO genre novels.

Luck is became a 'X Factor' here, a huge one to the boot. with his highest 'luck' stat he could overcome almost every boss available in the game, yet he still need his lil sis-in-law 'lucky touch' to get a better equipments', tho some of em got robbed by the girl as matter of fact he must pamper is sis-in-law as much as her sister (cousin).

his power in the game... more>> basicly a ripoff of shura warth, something to do with God of War.

his relationship between each chara also 'quite' good. he's actually quite pampering his guild mates, giving em best equipments and also stock shares 5% of his sales of those unneeded equipments.

in love relationship, he's quite worry about the jealousy between his 'official GF' and his 'true' GF. those whose secretly have crush on him also became target of em. yet they're all (mainly those GFs) OK with 3P, 4P est...

he actually never meet with the woman that cause him to suide, but the man who forcing the way was got beaten black and blue.. <<less
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Stompound rated it
January 10, 2019
Status: Completed
I've read the whole thing now and it was... average. I somewhat enjoyed it but I wouldn't say anything was clever or interesting about it.

In the end the things I liked the most were

  • Main character changes his mind about things based on his life and adjusts his goals
  • Even though the main character and his team are ridiculously strong and overpowered they never go so far as to be totally unbeatable until the end
The things I hated were

  • Almost a complete absence of character growth
  • Too many loose ends and plot points that are forgotten about and never addressed
  • The real world events seem poorly thought out and rushed
  • Wei Yan Er, her character growth that she desperately needed is as lacking as her chest
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OldManGu rated it
April 4, 2018
Status: c7
This story is not very good. I dont like any of the characters. The game system is s*upid. The MC uses a dumb shield. Level ups and exp are random. It takes the MC 3000 exp to go from lvl 3 to lvl 5. Then the MC gets at least 25, 000 exp and only reaches lvl 6. He then beats a lvl 15 boss and gets 90, 000 exp. He doesn't even lvl up from that and is still lvl 6. He hides his name from the world record... more>> so guilds dont hunt him. Its s*upid because he's always hiding his name and lvl above his head. They wouldn't even know that its him! The rage meter may be the dumbest thing in this story. A warrior uses skills with rage points and not mana. A warrior gets 1 rage point every second in battle. This means they cant use a skill until 10 seconds after the fight! How will they pvp and stuff? They can't even use their shield skills! They would be dead before 10 seconds pass. <<less
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VvvV1225 rated it
March 20, 2018
Status: c750
This novel is average, nothing too complicated as well as a shallow plot, the MC just play the game and own.

Nothing new nor exceptional. Generic plot and cliché all over the place.

however lack of fillers make it readable. (Not fillers free, as they are in-form of grinding, but as an MMORPG player, I don't mind it.)

One good point: the side character have a clear personalities that doesn't fade, with distinguished feature.

At best a decent read if you have free time and nothing to enjoy.
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TamaSaga rated it
February 17, 2018
Status: c1
It's one of those stories which makes you want to write a counterstory where a time-traveling character gets spotted and stomped down by dictator GM's. Right afterwards, they do a server-wide advertisement that he's been banned for cheating thereby ruining his social life.

The power up is okay. I can accept his character as only human. However, I can't accept how it's not even skill nor luck that's granting him his wins. The author is so desperate for wish-fulfillment that you can practically see his fingers guiding the results to an... more>> unnatural conclusion. <<less
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Mavsynchroid rated it
October 13, 2017
Status: c200
I had hopes for this novel, but it ended up to be extremely boring.

How do I say this in a way that makes sense.. It focuses entirely too much on the MMORPG experience. I know that sounds odd because of what kind of novel it is but let me explain.

The MC went back about 5 years in time, so should be able to utilize his knoweledge to get ahead. In fact, he did that quite frequently in the beginning of the story. However, for the last 100 chapters or so,... more>> it's been solely dedicated to him cleaning out dungeons and fighting bosses. To the point where it's slugglishly boring. If I wanted this much detail about an MMO game, and how to beat each boss, I'd just play my own. The author didn't do a good job of balancing the game play with the MC's real life, or even relationships within the game with other characters. He seems completely dedicated to building his own MMO, and then explaining how to beat each boss. It's just so... boring. <<less
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icelemontea rated it
April 9, 2018
Status: c500
Idk when I dropped this but if you are willing to deal with broken game mechanics. Excessive plot armor. Exessive nationalism ... more>>

I get it its the revenge first time and for quest purposes MC got to mess with jp/korean server. But idk what is going on MC's brain for some reason decided conquer jap/korean teleport city or whatever it is while giving little to 0 advantages to MC ; justify the need to mobilize an entire guild army just to mess around


I think author just have the urges and need to talk sh*t about all countries beside china smh.

Also if u can deal with 1 dementional characters that is more predictable than the multiplication table. Then u can safely read this. If u cant I suggest dropping on chapter 150-200 to preserve the quality of the novel in your imagination. <<less
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UnderTaker26 rated it
December 5, 2017
Status: c133
Dull and monotonous. Classic vrpg webnovel but nothing original. Not bad but it gets boring after the first 100 chapters. I recommend rebirth of the thief over this. Same concept but the relationships, business, motivation and use of foreknowledge are much better. This is like a watered down version of rebirth of the thief. Plus rebirth doesn’t describe every girl as a busty beauty to the point thats it’s irritating and feels like the author is a horny high schooler
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