Mister Li, the Heart Bandit


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“Abused and disowned by her family after she was found heavily pregnant, Ji Weixi was forced to leave her hometown with nothing to her name. She returns four years later, only to be caught in a job with Li Shaoling, her stepsister’s fiancé-to-be as her boss.


Ji Weixi was holding up a certain body part of the child and aiming it at the toilet.

The tot’s brow eased amidst the gushing. “”Comfy…””

Li Shaoling’s gaze was overwhelmingly icy. “”You are not allowed to touch him there!””

Ji Weixi stared at him as if she was staring at an idiot. “”By what right?””

Li Shaoling glared at her. “”You are only allowed to look at mine.””


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New JewledHu3 rated it
May 24, 2020
Status: Completed
well that was. Something. It was fast paced, quick to end, hard to believe, and kinda meh. I mean I read it. I got to the last chapter. I don't really feel anything for it though.
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