Missionary Activities of a Common Saint (Conquistador)


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Jitaro Tanigawa (25 years old), who was just an ordinary temporary worker in Japan, found himself summoned to a different world.

Summoned as a hero, he was endowed with a cheat-level healing skill called “Heal,” capable of undoing any curse and healing even the gravest injuries as long as the person wasn’t dead.

Since the royal family who summoned the hero died as a consequence of using forbidden magic, Taro is being free, and decided to buy s*aves.

He soon learned that s*aves who had lost limbs were sold at a lower price than those who were intact.

For Taro, who could easily heal them, they were merely discounted items. Without much thought, he healed the s*aves who had lost limbs and were despairing, only to realize afterwards that they would be overwhelmingly grateful, to the point of thinking they would die from gratitude.

He planned to make the cheaply bought s*aves work and, if they were willing, engage in some intimacy…

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After I Cured And Abused A Defective S*ave, A Cult Group Formed To Worship Me
Missionary Activities of a Common Saint (Conquistador)
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06/21/24 Story Seedling v1c20.2 part2
06/18/24 Story Seedling v1c20.1 part1
06/14/24 Story Seedling v1c19.3 part3
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06/07/24 Story Seedling v1c19.1 part1
06/04/24 Story Seedling v1c18.2 part2
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05/24/24 Story Seedling v1c17 part1
05/21/24 Story Seedling v1c16 part2
05/17/24 Story Seedling v1c16 part1
05/14/24 Story Seedling v1c15 part2
05/10/24 Story Seedling v1c15 part1
05/07/24 Story Seedling v1c14 part2
05/03/24 Story Seedling v1c14 part1
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