Miss Cousin is Always Busy


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Jun Zishu was interning as a fate changer. Her character setting was designated as her mission target’s cousin, and her goal was to save her mission targets from their tragic fates.


Maid: Miss Cousin, Miss Cousin, the Young Miss fell into the pond!

Jun Zishu: Okay, I’m coming!

Servant: Miss Cousin, Miss Cousin, the Young Miss’s fiance ran away with another person!

Jun Zishu: Okay, I’m coming!

Subordinate: Miss Cousin, Miss Cousin, not good!

Jun Zishu: Okay, shut up. I know what you’re trying to say!

Subordinate: Erm…

What should have been an innocent relationship between cousins had evolved into the mission target wanting to bed Jun Zishu/love rivals becoming lovers/the female protagonist falling in love with the female side character(Jun Zishu)/Jun Zishu becoming the female protagonist’s lover’s sweetheart.

Every scenario you could possibly think of.

Miss Cousin was very busy today as well.

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Miss Biao is Always Busy!
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blazingseraph rated it
April 15, 2021
Status: Completed
You know, I was initially interested in this novel because of how popular it was on jjwxc, but I was still pleasantly surprised at how good it was. This is a quick transmigration novel, and a very good one at that. Unfortunately, it's been ages since I last read it so I don't remember the specific details, only how I felt when I was reading it.

When I first started reading it, I admit I felt bored of the first 2 or 3 worlds. I'm very glad I stuck with it... more>> though because the later worlds make everything worth it. They were just really interesting and I remember feeling surprised at some developments and feeling excited because of how things turn out in the later worlds. There's one I particularly remember where the MC transmigrates into an empress and that world had such an interesting personality that I can vividly recall what happened.

The whole appeal of quick transmigration novels in the first place is the nature of the plot. You have a bunch of different worlds with different characters that the protagonist travels through and you get a short story for every world the author provides. That goes really well for this novel because the number of interesting and fun stories outnumber the boring ones, which mostly only happened with the first few worlds. I genuinely really enjoyed the story by the time I reached the end and I have to give it a 5/5 for evoking that feeling in me. <<less
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AsianessPride rated it
August 26, 2021
Status: c104
Currently on the 5th world where MC transmigrates into the body of a “fool” and marries to FL whose basically crippled but a genius businesswoman. I’m hoping this one focus on romance.

I really enjoyed the first and second world when Mc’s task was to focus on FL and make sure they live well. For these worlds, MC was part of the Fate Changing Administration. After the World-Hopping staff realize MC might have something to do with their lord ... more>>

possibly FL, I don’t know yet

they started sending her to other administration. The third world was basically a stallion novel but with a female heroine, didn’t like it because when they were young FL left MC to study martial arts and promise to come back but forgot about MC. And then the 4th world was some weird scenario that I knew wouldn’t have a good ending from the start. MC transmigrate into this scum woman who had 2 boyfriends and 3 girlfriends who was killed and multilated on Valentine’s Day because all her lovers are yanderes and found out scum woman was cheating on the same day. I came for yuri, not 4th world bs.

But I would definitely come back to read the first and second fluffy worlds. Check it out <<less
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Rekidel rated it
October 26, 2021
Status: c234
Fun read and I enjoyed all the scenarios. I just wish the detective arc had it's own series. Tyrant empress and cheating doctor arcs were also entertaining. Its like having bite-sized stories with a minor background plot; gives you a taste and then tells you to try another, whether you wanted more or didn't. A good read regardless.
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wookraeth rated it
January 12, 2022
Status: c138
I'm someone who rarely makes a review unless what I read really amuses, surprises, or affects me.

I've actually deliberately skipped this novel several times despite the high ratings for the reason that it doesn't look serious at all. From the synopsis, you can tell that there will be a lot of "scenarios" which means there will be multiple "love interests" and I despise such a thing. Now hold your horses, people, let me finish.

In the end, I still gave this a try because I ran out of yuri to read... more>> and I must say I regret not reading it earlier.

This is a beautiful story about a woman finding the true meaning of love. MC was born into a family lack of love. Her parents did not despise or abuse her, but the environment raised her to be a person who finds love is a troublesome thing that can affect human intellect. Her thought about love evolves as she encounters various people in her "missions". Where I am at, she thinks that love is so beautiful and she does not deserve such a beautiful thing.

The love interest keeps changing,

they are essentially the same "person", still no further info about this by Chapter 138. Only that people call them "Lord" and they are the one who created the whole "fate changer institute"

obviously, but each scenario has its own closures and I honestly find them all satisfying. They're not too long nor too short, just right and I love it. I even love the scenarios more than some full-book novels I've read on this site. MC also has different identities in each scenario so just take it as reading multiple short stories which thread into a bigger conclusion.

All in all, it is a new experience. I love it, and I'm sure you will love it too. <<less
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DoingMyBest rated it
May 13, 2022
Status: Completed
I have a lot of love for this novel and while there are some points that do let it down IMO it's still well worth a 5-star rating.

As other reviewers have said, there are some pretty dark scenes here but the translators have done a good job at marking these out and can be skipped with minimal plot loss. Translation quality was also excellent throughout, no complaints at all.

I personally like the development of the MC throughout, and the mix of fluff and less fluffy situations adds a nice amount... more>> of variety to the story, I never felt like I was getting stuck in one boring paradigm carried throughout. MC relationships however are a little unrealistic in terms of feelings and motivations, but in a way that suits the novel and the theme the author is going for quite well. Just don't expect extremely relateable relationships with ups and downs and twists and turns for the most part.

That being said, there's very very little plot development for most of the story. What you're reading is more to help you feel attached to characters and get a better idea of their personality and thoughts/feelings than to actually progress the plot at all. You can basically summarise everything before the last three arcs in a couple of sentences and start from there and you would understand the whole story (though miss out on the developed attachment). Simply from memory this means the plot relevance of the first 170 chapters or so could be summed up in about 5 sentences. This doesn't mean they're not worth reading and the first couple of arcs were actually some of my favourites.

Side characters are a mixture of really well written and barely relevant. That being said given it's a QT novel with about 20-30 chapters an arc, I think the author has done an absolutely fantastic job in most of their arcs creating interesting and realistic side characters. You can really get s**ked into some of these worlds, although some characters leave a little to be desired in terms of depth as is standard for QT.

The biggest let down of this novel for me was that there wasn't more of the ending. It feels like the last few chapters were rushed a little bit to just end, and there really could have been a whole other arc there to bring an incredibly satisfying conclusion, but as it is it still serves its purpose.

Overall a highly recommended read with really nice translation quality, especially recommended for those who are already fans of QT, fate, destiny, love at first sight, those sort of things. <<less
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YvG rated it
May 26, 2021
Status: Completed
I wasn't interested in this novel at first since it seem long for me. However, I could not stop reading as I continue on with each chapter. Each arc in this novel is very entertaining and I love how the female lead develop and grow as each arc passes. It has everything needed and expected for a good system transmigration novel. My favorite arc has to be the zombie one because the side characters were so funny and entertaining.
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RozuArison rated it
May 8, 2021
Status: Completed
Ohhhhh, this one is entertaining! The story is light, fluffy, and cute. I was confused at first if the MC truly liked the FL in the first worlds because she was described as indifferent and foxy person, yet she'll sometimes accompany the FL till death. I think she's just doing her tasks, but unconsciously getting comfortable with the FL. She'll later realized that she actually liked the person and all of her these girls are one person. The love stories in the small worlds are quite fast, but the progress... more>> between the main body of MC and FL is slow-burn. I find their interactions very cute and funny especially the FL. I like how she always holds back on attacking the MC 🤣 so fierce!!

Anyways, there are small worlds where their love story is not the main focus, so I was bored (I came for yuri). I guess some people will like it because the concept is good. For example, mu*der cases and surviving from the hands of 5 yanderes. Well, mostbof the time, I enjoyed it a lot. The romance warmed my heart.

The MC is very funny too because she'll always folloe the personality of the original body, and she'll avoid OOC. She's really dedicated on her roles which is really interesting. Both the MC and FL are smart too! <<less
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Eve20 rated it
March 15, 2023
Status: Completed
This is one of my favorite World Hooping stories ! Each arc is not too long and not too short I like this kind of story ! I want more World hopping gl, Although there are many transmigraton stories but I want different different world arc. Hope I can read more these types of story in the future!
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Lynkaster rated it
May 8, 2022
Status: Completed
lost my habits to write reviews but this one.. gotta go back to it no matter what :D

world building : 4/5
characters : 4.5/5
writing style : 5/5
translation : 5/5

where to start... The novel is a quick transmigration, at least, it uses that genre as a plot part for the real story. Our MC is a career woman who grew up like a robot and never touched nor understand love before dying and getting into a transmigration system. She will just keep going on missions like a robot but, as you can expect from the tags, her missions are mostly her getting into a yuri relationship.

The quick transmigration part is quite interesting, usually, in most story of this genre, it's just the MC getting sent into the cannon fodder and do a reversal. Here though, it's a LOT more diversified, the transmigration center having many division making for many type of missions.

What to expect of each arc ? in all the 8-9 arcs, you'll get classic cannon fodder reversal but there's also

breaking out of a yandere harem, a zombie apocalypse, a police story...

. The author touch many, many genres and even had fun changing the writing style sometimes. What's really crazy is that the author is a master at all those style, at least from what the length of an arc could give for a story's depth.

The characters are quite fleshed out well, little fairy being as cute as a system can be as time goes by and our MC development is well-done. While we're on the MC's subject, she's an intelligent, calm and collected type. Though she's also an amazing actress since she's adapting her persona depending on the mission. That's also the reason you'll get so many types of yuri.

The pace is pretty nice, and you feel that the author has the control of his/her story all along. I'm just a bit sad the end was so soon, could have been more developed.

on lord's side, mostly.

another thing a bit unsatisfying is the ending of around half the arc, ending most of the time with a quick resume of what happens until the MC gets back to the transmigration center.

All in all, I literally devoured this novel, it was so good and it never gets boring. Beware though, there's a yandere arc and a police arc where you get pretty detailed info about mu*ders. But, I really advise to read them too because even if it's low, they also give some more insight to the principal plot and contributing to the MC's development.

5/5, would recommend if you like yuri and at least, don't feel adverse to it. props to the translator, great job, only found a few instance where the names are swapped toward the last 2 arcs but that's it.
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Empathatic rated it
March 28, 2022
Status: a8c221
I didn't like quick-transmigration stories. This is the story that made me give more of them a shot. Jun Zishu is an interesting, if at first icy, MC. She's calculative, cunning, and sometimes coldly cruel. But she does so in a way that has you rooting for her from start to finish. Each story is unique with it's own setting and characters. Even the FLs each seem to have unique characterizations. ... more>>

(at least in the early Arcs...)

I enjoyed every Arc, even the infamous Arc 6 where things get... well, you'll have to read it yourself. The translation of Hellscythe on Hosted Novel does a fantastic job, and I suggest you pick up their translation first. I have to thank them, so fervently, especially as they've been pushing out so many chapters, so quickly, that are so well done. I'll need to get off my bu*t and do something for them.

While the relationships are slow to build, they're definitely becoming really sweet. Probably some of the sweetest QT romances I've read yet (I found a few more that were decent but I'm still largely not a fan). When I say slow, I really mean it.

Although there's romance in almost every Arc, it's something that starts as an obligation and an act for our MC. She's willing to put in the effort and time to make the FL in every world feel happy, comfortable, and loved, but she herself struggles with those emotions.

Our MC goes from just giving whatever romance the FL in each world wants to finish their mission, to wondering why she's so willing to go along with romance when she doesn't understand it, to trying to figure out why every world has one woman that she's comfortable giving love too, and spoiling.


I can see a resolution coming (and judging from the information there's only 233 chapters, so that leaves about 12...), and the buildup is really good. I'm hoping for a super-sweet ending. Don't want to get my hopes up too much though, as you never know what an author's intent is.

Still, if you're a fan of Yuri, you should read this. If you're a fan of the Transmigration genre, you should read this. If you're a fan of Quick Transmigration and Yuri, I hope you find this to be one of the best uses of those genres, as I did. If you're a fan of Yuri but not a fan of the Quick Transmigration genre, I hope you can give this a shot. You might not like it, but it's something I was really, truly, pleasantly surprised by. <<less
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Ye Yu 303
Ye Yu 303 rated it
March 25, 2022
Status: Completed
First two arcs are too fluffy and easy going for my taste but after that it gets better the more arcs I read.

I'm glad that I didn't drop it. Every arc can even be a separate novel.

The author didn't forget to give readers a little sweetness after dropping a heavy arc.

... more>> Overall, enjoyable to read.

One of the best in quick wear novels.

Not too heavy ✔️

Not too fluffy and sweet✔️

No boring filler arcs✔️

Interesting stories ✔️

Character development ✔️

I like the last arc the most.

It makes me want to watch apocalypse survival movies with comedic effect. <<less
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Gayle rated it
December 7, 2021
Status: c94
The setup is familiar: A woman transmigrates into a series of novels in order to change the fate of a character. This time the protagonist usually becomes the cousin of a major character who met a bad end and in the process of helping the target, the target falls in love with her.

Although the plot is familiar and has few surprises for fans of the QT genre, it is made more tolerable by the quality of the writing. Compared to storytelling in most quick transmigration novels this is a step... more>> up. The author mostly recognizes the tropes that plague the genre and handles them well. The protagonist here isn't overly cruel or mu*derous and the plot focuses more on the relationship between the protagonist and her target than on faceslapping antagonists. But the author isn't entirely immune to some of the genre's faults. Like many protagonists in the genre, Jun Zishu displays competence and knowledge that doesn't really match with her background. And like many love interests, the love interest here is easily forgiven for bad behavior.

The characters here are somewhere between good and mediocre. The focus on the relationship between the protagonist and her target allows the love interest in each world to develop distinct personalities that are more than simple cliches. But only just. They are likable (mostly), but they aren't really memorable. The protagonist, Jun Zishu is described as a successful businesswoman. The author interprets this to mean she is calculating and manipulative. Manipulation in this case means that Jun Zishu changes her personality to one that appeals to the target of each world. This has two detrimental effects: First, it makes it seem like Jun Zishu doesn't have a real personality. She is just whatever the plot calls for at the time. And second, because she is said to be doing this deliberately, it makes the romance feel weird. The love interest isn't falling in love with Jun Zishu. She never gets to see the real Jun Zishu. Instead, she falls in love with the character Jun Zishu created to manipulate her. Outside of the the protagonist and the target, other major characters also maintain their distinctness. For instance, each of the five yanderes in the fourth world feel interesting and dangerous in their own way.

The translation here is good. The prose is easy to understand and the translator keeps their comments to footnotes at the bottom of the page. However, there are many ads on the website where the translation is hosted. These ads are not just in the side bar or top of the screen, they are often between paragraphs. I counted five ads between paragraphs in a single chapter.

As far as quick transmigration stories go, this is one of my favorites. And if you are looking for yuri qt novels, this is one of the few that are both relatively high quality and regularly translated. <<less
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Aikieez rated it
September 4, 2021
Status: Completed
It's one of the best novels I've ever read — very interesting, not lacking in comedy and there's a world where you'd feel cold because of the mystery in the mu*der case! The female lord just follows our MC and falls in love with her as our MC fell too in the end and loves the lord!
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kittycatclawz rated it
April 23, 2021
Status: c1
In the previous yuri qt I read Song Qi was a MC who never bothered acting in character from the start. This series MC is the exact opposite. The MC here does her best to maintain whatever character settings she has in each world, all while the female lead is basically trying her hardest to make the MC go OOC. Loving this series 💜
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Twistedfire425 rated it
December 26, 2022
Status: Completed
Absolutely loved this freaking novel, it was so good. The only arc I didn't read was the one where Jun Zishu was the doctor chick, but otherwise it was super amazing. The romance between the 2 characters is super good, and I really like that JZ comes to realize the person she ends up with in almost every world is the same person. The only thing I dislike is that I finished it 😭😭 I want to read more!!
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TheNyaScarlet rated it
October 28, 2022
Status: c234
This novel is really sweet (most of the time) and a very good Quick Transmigration style romance. The protagonist goes around to all these different worlds and every time a woman falls head over heels for her. For about the first half she makes a big deal out of staying in the character of the person she replaces but overtime is more willing to break character, and in the last few worlds it doesn't seem like she's playing a character at all.

... more>>

The FL is always this supernatural entity that follows our protagonist into these different worlds after she fell for her in the first one. She has to be the one to push for their relationship in the early worlds as our protagonist is a little emotionally/romantically stunted.

Despite this there are a few issues I have with the story. It just kind of wears out it's welcome? Most quick transmigration novels do. While this one does better than most, it could definitely be 2-3 arcs less and would probably be better for it. Also, I really wanted to see more about what happens when they get together in the real world at the end, and yet its only for a single chapter that we really get to see it happen!

There's one glaring issue that maybe isn't a plot hole but just not brought up until late in the book. Our protagonist really doesn't like people touching her, but there's always one person in each world who she doesn't feel bothered by, and this is how she realizes its the same person in every world. My issue is, for something that seems like it would be a big deal in previous worlds, and has big plot significance, its not brought up AT ALL until the last 1/4 of the book.


Because of this I only give this story a 4/5 even though it scratches most of my itches. <<less
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Mishi98 rated it
August 8, 2021
Status: --
books by this author are always hit and miss for me but I have to say that this was an absolute hit. The characters were interesting the romance itself was slow to the extreme but not in a way that makes you pull your hair out over how unnaturally slow it is, the MC is someone I would define as a demi-s*xual though its never said in context being that she doesn't gain feelings or attraction to the FL until she made an emotional connection. The arcs themselves are all... more>> interesting though the over-arcing plot is a bit lack lustre the ending is also quite rushed but all the loose ends were tied up nicely. Overall it was a fun read <<less
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March 12, 2024
Status: Completed
I don't generally read all the way through many c-novels. They can get boring after a while and fizzle out (often into some 10+ chapter overly-perfect vignette for some reason?). This definitely isn't like those. The multi-transmigration here mixes the kinda cheap payoff you get from the insular world plot lines with real attachment to our main character that carries through every new setting. Transmigration often has problems with low stakes and plot armour, along with lazy storytelling that kicks you right out of immersion. Luckily, this novel understands that.... more>> It took a second to realize this, but there's a reason when things don't seem serious, or our protagonist seems listless and unfazed. The author seems 'in' with the whole transmigration joke we've all grown accustomed to, to the point where it plays as purposeful absurdism. Not to say it's some must-read literary masterpiece- it's a baihe novel. Fortunately, it's a good one too.



There's not a lot bad to say about this novel. The doctor arc was weird and relatively skippable, and the police arc was a pretty large ask for readers considering its difference from the rest of the plot (though I will say it was one of the most thematically relevant- not a skip at all). In my opinion, the ending is not the most climactic, but I enjoyed the journey enough that it didn't really matter for me. The ending made sense, which is more than I can say for a lot of other novels in this genre. It felt realer when things worked up over time, even if there was no breathtaking shoujo-esque ending scene.


Yeah, it's a lot of chapters. Trust me: they go by quick. I'd be done with an arc and want to put it down for a while, but somehow always come back the next night to start the new one. It's not the best book ever; but it's fun, cute, and has a soul to it (which is strangely hard to come by). It seemed like the author actually planned and cared; so I chose to care as well. <<less
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Sheddy rated it
March 3, 2024
Status: Completed
I give it 3.5

I guess it's a pretty good read, but it focused more on romance between the MC and FL instead of focusing on counter attacking scumbags. So it didn't really suit my taste since I'm not a huge fan of romance. But that doesn't mean it's bad, both MC and FL actually feels human, instead of the usual overbearing president type characters.

The worlds works quite uniquely... more>>

because there are multiple divisions with conflicting tasks, I was quite confused on how they perform these tasks in the first place. Turns out everytime a tasker finished their task, that world will disappear and an alternate version will be created for other divisions. For example, if a tasker went to counterattack a scumbag, once their mission is finished, that world will disappear and another world will be created for the scumbag reversal division to help the scumbag turn over.


The people in the transmigration organization are good, although I was quite displeased that they kept secrets from the MC, but it was reasonable.

Ending was abrupt, the author just wanted to end the novel so it was very lazy writing near the end.

MC is not mary sue, so she struggled quite a lot and could only rely on her abilities to do her mission, the system wasn't very helpful most of the time.

There are 2 arcs that I recommend skipping, the yandere arc and the police officer arc, there is no fluff in these arcs and the contents are uncomfortable for readers who doesn't like gore and stuff.


Yandere arc, there were a lot of gory details described, same as the police officer arc, but police officer arc is much worse because there was cannibalism and dismemberment, one of the victim of the cannibal was a school girl that had her breast cut off while she was alive, you can imagine how miserable she was before she died, I dislike reading that part very2 much. I thought that the MC would redo the mission because it was mentioned before that it was possible, but she didn't so I was quite disappointed.

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Laindesh83 rated it
December 18, 2023
Status: Completed
A great story, among the top ones i've liked.

It's excellent, the wording and way of telling is good. It's not dry or boring. The translation is great, a few typos, but nothing remotely big.:

Main Character:
I like her, the story explains what kind of person she is thouroughly and through that I accepted the skillsets she possesses. At the same time she's not perfect and the Novel explains that part too.

Female Lead:
There's one, I can't say much about her because finding out is one of the fun part of the novel.

Supporting Characters:
They're varied, not everyone is interesting. There's some great ones in the novel though.

The Yuri:
It doesn't go into true ecchi land, but it does describe their relationship very well.

The Arcs:
The first 2 remains my favourites, but I don't think there's a single outright bad one. There was 2 I felt was only ok, but the rest was very good.

Recommended? Oh yes.
Once I finished the novel I felt very content having read it. I didn't feel empty either, which is rare for something I really liked reading. It was fulfilling.
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