Miracle Drawing!


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Ordinary…, no. Miserable Art College Applicant, Lee Jinho. In a stroke of luck, he opens his eyes.

“These are the pictures I’ve been drawing…? They’re a total mess!”

The story of Lee Jinho, his new life, and his new eyes.

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기적을 그려라!
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Rosver rated it
December 15, 2016
Status: c2
I really dislike the protagonist. Whiny, uncreative, unimaginative. He whines and whines and whines... That was just wow. He is incredibly annoying.

The first chapter have our protagonist in a a museum that he has visited many times, tens of hundreds of times. He only paid a cent and all he did was complain that the artworks are not fresh or new. He have seen all of them before. There are paintings by Goya to Rembrandt, works from various era and culture... 'it was all predictable, boring and not new' he... more>> thought. All I can think was "My God! How despicable you are."

And in there we have this:

"He believed manhwas, animations, game illustrations, and vintage artworks were all pieces of art, but the society around him didn’t think the same." - *Expletives* Did he really ask the society? Did he asks everyone if these are pieces of art and he got no as answers? Or did he expect that he can make a manhwa drawing and sell it for millions of dollars like some Leonardo's masterpiece?

"‘Dammit. What’s so wrong about drawing whatever you want when you want to?’" - Nothing. What is wrong is that you expect everyone to like whatever you draw.

"But even he knew the truth. Drawings drawn like that weren’t worth much. Jinho sighed once again as he counted the dates." - Shit! You where just sketching. Sketches always never worth much. And what had he drawn by the way:

" At first Jinho drew the outline of the statue in front of him, and then drew on top armors and weapons from his mind, creating a peculiar drawing." - What? I try to imagine it and it turns out awful. It is not difficult why other people don't like your work. You just have a bad sense of aesthetics.

Then in chapter 2, he passed out drunk and the painting he was working on magically finished itself. And the description was:

"The brushstrokes were highly precise and clean. If he were to judge it would be one of the highest grade he had ever seen.

It was as if France’s Monet has came back to life to borrow his hand, and coated the hues onto the canvas."

-Are you for real? Monet has brushstrokes that are highly precise and clean? Are you talking about Monet or a robot?

And 'highest grade' nonsense are you talking about? Are you really able to judge the quality of the brushstrokes? If those brushstrokes are the highest grade you have ever seen, then those brushstrokes are even better that Goya's and Rembrandt's? Better than those masterpieces in the museum? - Loads and loads of crap!!!

And in the previous chapter you are complaining that those masterworks are predictable and boring, then now you used those same masterpieces to exalt your own work? Uh! The gall of the writer...

I was expecting a story that would present to us the world of art. Its history, its culture, its diversity. To appreciate Art and its importance to our lives.

Instead, we are told that the masterpieces and art from various cultures are predictable and boring. Such disrespect!

Meanwhile, the protagonist's lame sketches is presented as something that needs more praise and should have been more expensive. How narcissistic!

I have never come upon a story that brings out in me such anger and hatred. This fiction defiles history and prehistory to feed its massive ego, self-importance and narcissism.

There is wish-fulfillment, but this story went far beyond that. This deserves to be erased from existence!

And I hate the translator for making me experience such a vile abomination. I rather watch Food Fight! and Where The Dead Go To Die than read this excrement.

And author you can't write shit. How can you expose the world to such shameful and atrocious writing. You have no shame! <<less
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CharLok rated it
January 14, 2017
Status: --
Okay, I only read a several chapters so I don't want to penalise it too much. But as a pursuing art student, this does seem, like how @rosver has said, rather ridiculous.

I wonder if the author know anything about art, or university courses at all? I mean, if the protagonist wants to do game or manga art, he just has to look for a university with such courses right? And considering he's been out the country it won't be hard to find one. Since I'm personally applying for an animation... more>> and illustrations course.

And his critisisms on fine art.... I'm not going to say I'm a fine art expert, but I have been exploring it for necessary means, and I simply can't imagine strokes been concise and accurate. Paint strokes are layered, it's not like line art, and it's not like the more concise you strokes are the better painting it is. I'm a messy painting so I under stand this the best, heck I hate paint brushes, but palette knives are awesome!

Both painting and drawing isn't about accuracy, it's about expression, if he wants to express himself through animation and illustrative media then so be it, but the way he looks at other peoples art, especially fine art really bugs me.

"Even I can do that much" I honestly can't even begin to count how many people I have heard say this, whilst I won't say I've never said this phrase, but he's just simply over excessive. If not about if you can do it or not, why do you think there's things like artist copies and highly skilled fakes?

The skill in drawing, every artist has it, even the most abstract painter you've seen will have a level of skill in realism. A painting is like a book, it's tells a story, and you won't know everything about it by reading the first page, heck, sometimes even if you've read the whole book, you'll still discover more things when you read it the second or third time. Yet he claims that every painting he sees in the art museum as the same? I'm not say I like art museums all that much, but he's so excessively arrogant, there's no way he will simply understand a piece of art by looking over it once.

If you're an artist or an art fanatic, you probably won't like this. But if your not and is only looking for some easy reading then go right ahead, it's really as intelligent as it tries to be though. <<less
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ScotlandForsythe rated it
December 5, 2016
Status: c17
(PLEASE NOTE the novel has been taken down. To find out why read my edit at the bottom of my review)

I personally love novels like this. This is extremely similar to God of music/cooking except with art and it is just lovely. The writing style idms good (though some aspects of word choice and placement could be improved).

Try it. You just may love it.v (and it's translated by one if my fave translators)

EDIT: sadly, this novel has been taken down because the copyright owners requested for the... more>> translation to be stopped and the existing chapters taken down. I know. It's a huge disappointment, especially to those who read and liked it like me, but it isn't the end of the world. It's safe to say no one was expecting this. Try to put CK up your feet and find another non xianxia novel. "-" <<less
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December 3, 2016
Status: c5
I'm not one to usually read these types of novels. I mostly read Wuxia or Xuanhuan, but this is a refreshing change for me. It's grammar though, not the best, but still pretty good. I would give it a 3.5 out of 5 just because it didn't do the best writing to express the story and had a few mistakes, but it was still okay. I personally like the story so far

but the last chapter I read hinted at a harem element. If that happens, this gets a -1000000 out of 5 from me.

All in all, good potential for a mediocre novel that's a refreshing sight in the giant mountains of "strong eat the weak" or "bullsh*t OPness in strength" novels on this site. I recommend it to anyone who might have the time.
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Karzard1010 rated it
January 27, 2017
Status: c16
16 chapters in, the MC is rather whiny, in a self-deprecating manner, especially since he's got his "special" powers like he's always fishing for compliments. Rating this a 3 even though I like some of the other work on KobatoChan.

I won't drop this series, but will rather wait for a large queue of unread chapter cause otherwise I can't gloss over this MC.
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