Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress


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One day the mentally disabled 13 year old daughter of the Ye family is reborn! Ruling over the Omnipotent God’s Cauldron and possessing a spirit cultivation space, she’s no longer the good-for-nothing, abandoned girl who everyone bullies on sight!

With her incomparable poisons, even miracle doctors have to move to the side.

Spirit beasts beg for contracts, but even the God of Beasts has to call her Boss.

Scum father abandons his wife and daughter, she will surely make him destitute and homeless.

People of the world bully and insult her, then she will definitely pay them back a hundredfold.

Reborn again into the world, she returns as a sovereign, but who knew she would attract the nefarious-blood-thirsty-demon him.

He’s definitely the sly emperor who doesn’t hesitate to kill and cut down anyone, but he transforms into a harmless foolishly cute prisoner prince of an enemy country……

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Divine Doctor Abandoned Girl
Miracle Doctor: The Wild Beast-Tamer Empress
Thần y bỏ nữ: Quỷ đế ngự thú cuồng phi
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41 Reviews

Aug 31, 2017
Status: c35
I felt it sad that such an awesome novel had so little reviews. I read the "guidelines" not long ago so I know I can not just write "It's original!" or "It's awesome!". It bummed me out because I am a reader not a literary critic. It's just this novel is so good and I'm scared it will be dropped before other people discover it. Please have mercy on me and remember I am a reader.

As I mentioned earlier, I think this novel has an original approach to the character... more>> development of the female protagonist. It's like reading a Xianxia novel with a male protagonist but it's a female. I don't mean she comes across as masculine. She is still petite, beautiful and clever. I think after reading the first four or five chapters you will understand what I am trying to express.

After reading the first thirty-five available chapters, the author has my imagination going off with "I wonder if it will go in this direction or will it go that direction". There are so many possibilities and it has me checking for new chapters daily!

Since I am reader, I have trouble understanding people focusing so much on translation. If I can understand it, I can read and enjoy it. So - this my opinion as a reader - I think the translation is excellent. I was never distracted nor interrupted with the need to rearrange a sentence in my head in order to get the meaning. I was able to just sit back and enjoy reading each chapter.

This novel translation stayed at nine chapters for quite awhile but has started releasing chapters on a regular basis. I hope it continues, because I believe right now its a hidden gem among all the other novels of this type currently released. <<less
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Jun 27, 2018
Status: c361
I liked this book a lot at first, it was really enjoyable, funny and entertaining. There were a lot of laughs and it was a relatively light read. However, as I got deeper into the book I started noticing some of the many, many flaws that made reading this uncomfortable. To the point where I want to drop this book, after reading all the available translated chapters.
    • Ridiculous plot. As some readers have pointed out, she only gained her sanity, not cleverness. I'm really wondering where this personality came from when honestly shes been living as an idiot before her minds been cured. She should honestly be acting like some kind of newborn child, not a scheming 40 year old man.
    • Villains: they are all plain, lackluster and cookie cutouts of all villains in c-novels.
    • The main character herself, is in reality, a horrible main character and a role model I'd never want to look up to. Although they say she's just being "shameless" and all MCs in c-novels are, there's a difference between shameless and downright evil. She is no better than the villains she takes down herself. A few instances are

      1. When she was robbing those phoenixes of their CHILDREN. Their own kids for god's sake, and she acts like the victim while blatantly threatening to smash their unborn kids. Yep, definitely a role model. I have never seen such a terrible MC. She is a true hypocrite, seemingly living by the "You don't provoke me and I won't touch you" philosophy of all shameless MCs but not following by this rule when something suits her. She will do anything to gain power whether it's morally wrong or not, and uses people. The only people she honestly even cares about is her mom, the ML which makes no sense bc she doesn't deserve such a good guy and Lan Caier. She can steal from whoever else even if they have done nothing to her because she's so "entitled" to do so.


      sorry for my quite ranty of a review.. I will still be reading this btw, but if Ling Yue doesn't show any signs of character development, im just going to quit.
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Oct 21, 2017
Status: c504
You might think this is the same like the other rebirth story but it is definitely not. It's not just about "I'm gonna crush my bullies with my insane strength." anecdotes but you can see how determined she is to get stronger not only for herself but for her mother.

... more>>

Unlike other stories, the family relationships in here isn't very complicated. Some uncle and cousins are jealous of the MC and her mother but it never got to a point where they try to kill or hurt them. Throughout the story, they eventually learn that they got too blinded by envy and became good to them.

Even her love interest not the usual love at first sight or "you're mine and no one else's." possessive syndrome. You get to see how he falls in love with the MC and get over the hurdles he have himself.

Her father isn't the usual type too because her biological father is someone great but doesn't care about her or her mother. They got kicked out when she was a baby with her mother and now she's aiming to get revenge to him for her mother. Really, how did her awesome and great mother got blinded with his greedy father's personality?


Strongly recommending this! <<less
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Dec 13, 2017
Status: c20
You can tell after reading the first couple of chapters that this author is not very good. Rather than feeling like you're reading a novel, it feels more like you're reading someone's day dream. "This happens, and then this happens! So she punches him. He gets really angry so he yells and threatens her." There's no flavor to the descriptions. Another way of describing it could be that it seems like a written script for a movie, explaining what will happen in each scene in a plodding manner. I think... more>> it was in the second chapter where her mother finds out she's not mentally disabled anymore.


"Mother I'm not ret*rded anymore." Mother tears up in relief. "Mother I want to practice martial arts." "Ok"

Then the next chapter starts with her mother training her in martial arts.

... Really? So boring! Were we supposed to feel something from that?.. Anyway, this plus the awful editing (another translator who can't seem to grasp the difference between past and present tense so decided to use them both randomly) makes this a novel you should skip. I'd only recommend if you're fairly new to novels and have next to nothing to compare it to. Once you read any novel that has substance to it, you won't be able to get through many chapters of this one. <<less
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Apr 01, 2018
Status: c189
This novel has a good potential. It started good with different 'transportation into another world of ruthless female MC ' storyline. There were some plot hole bs but it was tolerable up to chap. 100 which makes everything get worse.

1. MC always win. I am not saying she doesn't have hardship. But whenever or whatever encounter with villain characters, she always has a way to throw their dignity into garbage. She never even once being ashamed or feel humiliated or outsmarted by her enemies. Which makes the story plain. There's... more>> no particular challenge and after chap 100, the storyline is kind of predictable.

2. The villains are plain dumb. There are some 'smart' villain but the way she outsmart the enemy makes story unbelievable and shallow.

A supposed to be dignified noble or a noble daughter that's been taught to act like one become a 5 years old kid throwing tantrums when encounter MC. They become dumb
All of villains are the same, without specific trait to differenciate them. Without name and family background, they are the same. We cannot imagine how those characters look like

3. MC is too shameless beyond limit. You can read chapters around 107-108 you'll know why.
She's two faced and a hypocrite. (already said in description maybe lol.

4. Her mother who's supposed to be a genius turn s*upid like super s*upid muscle head. She's a Dan core realm martial artist who just recovered trying to assassinate a sixth level reincarnation realm martial artist aka her ex, in a vehicle consist of his ft family. She already know those facts and now dumb is that? Her mom of the author????

5. At 14 years old age, MC already make a sect consist of a muscle head whose dull-minded without yuan energy cultivation but manage to make it big less than a year. I mean how????? It's not really explained how. From the story, the author doesn't explain how she train them, I mean what!? Yanche is capable to assassinate someone which not something he ever did or maybe he did but not professional enough I think. How those kids gather information? How's Yance able to recruit member of ghost sects despite of his dull and not outgoing personality??? At least that's how I pictured him. I dont think he is credible enough. And I dont think she spends her time with the sects that much. I don't know.

And many more.... anyway, I don't want to type anymoar I'm tired lol. But besides that, the interaction between MC and ML are quite cute (not wu chong) . Their story with paper cranes and mc's determination to heal him are great. <<less
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Aug 11, 2018
Status: c322
If I can summarize this novel so far is: Plot holes and hypocritical MC. Bad title btw. She's no doctor nor tamer. She has a healing cheat and gain some beasts though luck. That's all.

... more>>

At first she cries injustice for her family being thrown out and how people are evil and everything is unfair.

Then a little in the future, she's training child mu*derers, assassinating people in gruesome ways, torturing people, forcing a betrayed woman to be a who*e for her own ex husband that she hates, or even kidnapping phoenix babies from their nest while threatening to kill the other two.

Lying and schemming are also already a second nature to her.


Anti-heros are fine. Hypocritical ones are not. If the MC doesn't care for the pain of innocents, we won't care about hers.

Villains are like saturday morning cartoon shows. Their plans are s*upid, always fails, but they don't die and just go away to come back next show.

The MC foils the plans of her father, the concubine and the crown prince so many times, yet they all don't fall and at max just change positions.


The king caughts the crown prince raping and killing children during the act. He's set for execution but is pardoned for s*upid reason. The royal tutor that loses the position but falls upwards as a general instead of being disgraced.

Royal doctor that gets demoted and almost executed, involved in treason plot, somehow can treat the king while all other royal alchemists just watch him do it.


The sixth prince faction is composed of lazy dumbasses that knows nothing and do nothing except for the MC. The enemy faction plots and fails the entire time and nothing happens to them, while still making demands from the king. It's just ridiculous. The king is just the most s*upid character in the entire novel and can't see the most obvious plots in front of him.

If there's something good to salvage is one of the male leads: Feng Shen. The only character worth something in the novel. I read so far only for his romance with the MC, but nothing really important happens aside from some fluff moments. Every important male falls for a 13 year old girl by the way. Don't ask why.

For last, at the start there were fights and cultivation, but after arriving at the capital everything slows down to a crawl and the MC just stops evolving. It's like the author thought: 'This is too fast, let's stop and milk the plot as much as possible."

And after I saw the "4790 Chapters (Ongoing) " while there's already so many bad things as far as chap 322, all I can think is 'f*ck this, I'm out!' <<less
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Feb 27, 2020
Status: c5000
I lost track of how many chapters I read since I was skipping around the place, but anyway:

It feels like the author is dragging on this story for much longer than it should have gone on for. Just add on another round of cliche arrogant villains every arc, oh and another of her admirers (by the time I stopped she had 12), and then let's make the characters teleport from world to world so the power ceiling can get raised and they can start training all over again. It's a... more>> pointlessly repetitive cycle. And the background of the MC is so convoluted and confusing it's like whenever they raise the power ceiling they need to add in another backstory for why she'll be so OP. Same for the ML.


Eg. In the human world - she's actually the daughter of a high-ranking god just transmigrated into another body. But when it's revealed there's a world even greater than the realm of the gods, apparently she's a reincarnation of some super important person there as well, because... reasons. The ML is actually the reincarnation of some demon, and also the son of this woman from a high-ranking demon family (I assume demon is what they were going for) and that woman is actually from a greater world and was abandoned by her mother to fall to this world which makes him super OP... last I checked.


Characters are quite inconsistent sometimes, and the cast is wayy too big to keep track of. Sometimes some characters we haven't seen in a while randomly pop back and I just forgot who they were by that point.

The romance is a considerable train wreck. I used to support the relationship between the MC and ML quite a lot, because Feng Shen was sweet and nice with an intelligent side and I enjoyed his character.

Then he got killed and revived as a baby, then grows into a wooden block whose only character traits are 1. likes MC 2. ruthless

There are a million guys chasing after the MC, probably because she's badass and beautiful (mentioned every time she does something cool or a guy's looking at her) and besides that... because plot armour. I feel bad for most of them, one hasn't been able to forget about her for hundreds of years and used up most of his powers to save her; one left his family and changed himself, starting on this endless quest in power scaling to protect her; one was forced into a marriage in order to protect her knowing she would never look at him. The only people who are stronger than the MC (except villains), are of course, the male characters chasing after her.

The writer doesn't seem to know how to set up a decent romance beyond "these two people had a teasing relationship, now they're a thing". It's purely based on physical romance, I can't tell why most of the characters even like each other. Especially because they all seem as generic as the last one.

In case anyone asks why I kept reading when it was so bad, it was one of my first novels so I had no standards. This is basically just wish fulfillment. The entire world revolves around the MC.

The MC has to sacrifice her life to save the world, because it's her duty as Queen, and the male lead + one of her admirers are MAD at her for giving up her life to save millions or billions of people because their lives are so insignificant and the ML is salty that she abandoned him. Only things the ML knows how to do are like the MC and fight. And push away the dozens of people who like him.


The power scaling was my least favourite part of the story. Every time we think the main characters are finally going to climb up to a pinnacle and get a break, there's another world. Oh there's another 72 worlds. Oh there are other layers of worlds now. And somehow the main characters just train (or even not) and manage to refresh their powers and constantly break the limits. Even the power levels stopped making sense. Every world has a set of power levels higher than the last, I get that part. But even within the same world (particularly god realm) the methods of counting power levels are confusing. There are so many fields to train in, alchemy or strategies or blades or the uncountable forbidden techniques. Leaves me wondering if the MC is capable of anything, because her power level makes no sense and she's either relying on her magical hacks or the male characters half the time.

Basically this story is the badass ruthless MC who loves her family and friends a lot training her skills and having sensual times with the ML because they don't have any emotional moments beyond "I love you so much and want to protect you". Except over 5000 chapters. Be prepared for a long ride. <<less
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Aug 20, 2018
Status: c399
After reading the negative reviews, I was hesitant to read the novel. Still, I decided to pick it up after having nothing to read.

The story is not a typical transmigration story at all because MC background is unknown. She gets her sanity or her head injury is somewhat healed and she gets a cheat. This is one big difference from other novels.

MC is definitely black bellied and somehow twisted morally, but her world is eat or be eaten. From her point of view, I don't think that there is anything... more>> wrong with her action.

It took me a while to understand who the ML is, but he is also different and unexpected than the usual overbearing ML types.

Story is fun to read. I specially like little squeak. The translations are good in quality. So, I suggest that you pick it up and decide for yourself whether it is good or not. <<less
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Jan 07, 2018
Status: c191
CUTEST. ML. EVER. I need to say that first because, duh, he is.

If you're ever tired of MC who's shunned by family, angsting super hard about just about everything in their life, and cultivates like there's nothing else in this world, this may be the novel for you. The quintessential face-slapping and plot twists, as a result, are far more lighthearted in tone (although be forewarned this novel can get quite descriptive in violence), and the MC frankly is also adorable, with hilarious interactions with people around her. Her revenge... more>> on people who wronged her and her friends can range from unfortunate death to funny prank, and since she's the righteous type, I don't foresee that happening a lot. Scratch that, it's still a dog blood cultivation novel, lotsa people gonna die... but only author and translator-san knows.

Major selling points for me:

  • MC and shameless sister being shameless girls, facing shameless people, and out-shameless-ing them
  • MC unintentionally picking up handsome boys like flowers
  • Her glorious, glorious pranks
  • ML being his sweet, caring, strong, handsome, perfect self. Seriously. He's struggling with health but he tries so hard, always goes above and beyond, always supporting her, WHAT MORE CAN A GIRL ASK
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Aug 17, 2020
Status: c684
REMINDER: Give the novel a fair chance and don't jump to conclusions quickly. It's a novel worth reading. Also, this novel has some serious tags which is to caution readers against some content that you might not enjoy and suggest to read with an open mind. So far haven't read anything extreme.

There are two types of books worth reading:

1- A book written with a totally new concept/ plot where the author introduces the readers to his unique imagination in a way that they can connect and correlate and still entertain... more>> them with his wit and ingenuity

2- Using the pre-existing concepts (which are anything but original) and spinning a story around it such that audience are in a familiar world and still get hooked on to the plot.

This novel belongs to the latter category. This is a novel with lots of mysteries and the author keeps us hooked with subtle hints dropped every now and then. I am the one of the most impatient readers ever but even after reading post 680 chapters I still am enjoying the read.

Also at the beginning when she said reborn, she meant her new life post regaining her wits and sanity not literally. However there is stll a character that has come from modern times I believe and she's not MC. MC is reborn in the same world but in different realms.

Also though she's got a god ding and delivered to door contract beast which makes people think that she's not really a doctor or beast tamer but if you're patient you'll find out later on that she's just hadn't had the resources to learn them yet but starts really learning when she's got the opportunity. So the title IS justified. Also remember she's in a world where strength rules and weak are prey to strong. The children she's training as assassins are those unfortunate ones that has already seen the ugly side of the world and not kidnapping random kids from good families. She gave them a better life and chance to be strong in exchange of their services which she needs to expand her strength which in my opinion is a fair trade. Yes, she relies on ML on several occasions without knowledge but it's impossible for a single person to pop out of nowhere and shake the deep rooted foundation. Even ML relied on his brother's assistance to get where he is now. Hope I have cleared some of your doubts <<less
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Pan the Wanderer
Pan the Wand
Dec 12, 2017
Status: c153
I honestly think this series deserves a much higher ranking because it sets itself apart from most female protagonist stories. Her personality is a lot more light-hearted while still intelligent and manipulative and I personally think this makes her character more relatable and more fun to read. The relationship between her and her mother is very good and she does not really have any major problems with her family as they get sorted out at the beginning. Instead, she has a grudge against her father who abandoned her mother, but... more>> I think this gives the character more of a motive to work hard and become strong. Although she still has a bit of an edge, she is not completely overpowered compared to most series as in the chapters you see her practicing with others on par not just always beating them. Lastly, her relationship with the MC is pretty cute and I really enjoy to read the interaction and chemistry between the two of them, and she independently deals with most of her problems. IN ALL THIS BOOK IS A MUST-READ! <<less
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Oct 24, 2017
Status: c105
Good points first.

*It's pretty much the same soul. Not some transmigrated topnotch genius, or assassin, or cultivator.

*The MC values her family (mother's side) as a whole. Despite being bullied by a certain cousin, she's not out to kill him or his dad.

... more>> *She appreciates cute things as normal girls do. Unlike other novels with the same platform, she isn't cold or apathetic or stonefaced or some whatever assassin.

Not so good points (it's generally not bad)

*After she got her rebirth, considering that she was not mentally capable to absorb too much intricacies of life, she somehow got too smart too fast. That in itself was good but it was to the point that it was illogical. (Then again, this is fantasy so maybe we throw logic away)

*Sometimes I question her morals. She's like a ruffian! But meh.

*The plot progression seems to be too fast with little details sometimes.

* <<less
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Aug 30, 2017
Status: c34
It's a well translated story. If you like cultivation then this could be your thing. There's a bit of revenge going on, but mainly the MC training and getting stronger so far. Not sure what the overall plot is yet but I am interested enough to stick around to read more!
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Jul 28, 2017
Status: c10
Unconventional beginning

So aside of your typical rebirth martial artists start (first chapter), I really enjoy how the author has set up certain elements, i.e. The cauldron and pill-making. I like how the MC while not having a close relationship with her family as a whole, is tight with her mother. All to many times the mom-daughter relationships are not as strong or fierce as they are like the one here. While there may have been some massive misses on ther mother's part, she is fiercely protective of her daughter and... more>> not afraid to show it. The daughter (mc) is a grab the bull by the horns with her training and is straight-forward in her growth. Overall I adore how well the story moves along and can't wait for more! <<less
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Oct 11, 2019
Status: c41
I enjoyed this story, up until the first meeting with the ML.

The MC is cute and works hard. She tries to get along with her family, with the exception of those that bullied her. She is overpowered and usually comes out on top of every dispute, but that is okay for a light and amusing story.

My main complaint is the slightly r*pey ML. This type of ML is fairly common and I find it highly upsetting that authors and readers think having a male force himself on you is romantic.... more>> Non-consent is an issue, not something to be romanticized. <<less
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Aug 14, 2019
Status: c559
I am not really sure if this is a transmigration story, because there is no mention of stuf from a diffrent live/time/world, but it falls more or less under the same category. Regardless... in my opinion this story is better than most other of this genre.

The most important reason for that is, that the villains (at least till this point) are not kept alive endlessly. Many "anoying" characters died at a time that felt deserved and not magically survived somehow a fatal attack. I hope that this will not change... more>> later (I fear there are some candidates for this dreaded desease of undying villains).


The "genius" half-sister and the fiancé


The other reason is, that this story has a very interesting love triangle going on with two guys and both seem do be the Male Lead in their own right.


Technicaly it is the same body though. In the story the sickly "prisoner prince" is the source of all the cute romance stuff and kind of The Brain in many situations. There really is chemistry betwen him and the MC. On the other hand the "Ghost Emperor" provides the sexy steamy scenes and being the overbearing type with enough power to protect the MC in most situations. Both are very possessive though and tend to not like each other very much. In the tiny bits you get from their thoughts about the MC both are very cute and sincerely in love.

Strangely enough I kinda like both... So I hope they melt together or something like that so MC does not have to choose and can have the best of both.

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Mar 29, 2019
Status: c521
This surprisingly is pretty good with actual meat and bone that doesn't use a crutch like memories of a past life or OP protagonist. The author also is not in a rush to get to point 'A' to point 'Z' skipping half the points that commonly happens with similar novels.

500 chapters in and the MC can only be considered a little strong relying more on cloak and dagger over brute force and these are normal sized chapters instead of those short ones common with this type of novel.

Some people put... more>> bad reviews in that obviously didn't read much into the novel. These people did not notice this novel has more than 5000 chapters ongoing so those plot holes they mention are just foundation plots that are still being addressed. An example being how she was mentally impaired at the beginning then suddenly became super smart, a couple of chapter have started to hint there is more at play into this than simply being dropped on her head as a baby.

Something that was pointed out was that the villains don't have much depth but keep in mind most of them are throw away characters that are being thrown out there by bigger villains and only a few true villains with a brain are just starting to pop up in the current translation as the MC finally gains some fame and strength. <<less
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Da Xiao Jie
Da Xiao Jie
Jan 12, 2018
Status: c200
At first, it was really boring. No taste at all. No attraction that keeps me interested in the story. Simply to put it, it lacks life. I dropped it for two months and read it again out of boredom. Turns out, chapter after chapter it gets more interesting. It keeps me on my toes everytime.

When she left to the capital for vengeance, a lot of things happened. Interaction with ML is really cute and sweet. Unlike the usual overbearing-Ness, this ML is really shy and acts like a sixteen years old girl. His other personality is a bit forceful, but the real ML cover it with his adorableness. MC meets a few nasty girls but yeah, she's mainly calm throughout the story which I like the most about her. I dislike MC who is too rushed and impulsive. The results being either kidnapped or chased. But this MC, I rarely saw she acts out of impulse. She's independent (ML usually let her does whatever she wants and MC rarely needs his help)

This story is worth reading. Try to bear for a few chapters, it gets better. Don't give up halfway like I am.
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Mar 22, 2020
Status: c649
Honestly, I already read others chapters in the original language (but still I can’t really enjoy, since it’s not my mother language), so I really do want to beg you guys to not be so cruel by saying “it’s not worth it” or “it’s plain” since I really like this novel and I hope they continue the translation (and I think it need an improvement).

The story is not bad for someone who just started to read novels and it’s very touching e hilarious in some parts. I do think it’s... more>> a little strange at start for the main character description because she was really too smart, but I thought that there’s must a reason (and I was right).
I really like this novel because I didn’t expect this story it’s really “human”, I mean the main character is not the classical “always nice and always forgiving”, she’s not a saint. Someone said that it’s a bad thing, but in my opinion it’s really a clever choice. <<less
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Apr 06, 2019
Status: c4000

Novel had good potential, unfortunately the author ruined it. Would’ve been nicer if the author focused more on plot instead of dragging it by adding fillers. The novel starts to get repetitive as you read on. The villains are the brain dead kinds with like 9 lives. Their actions are highly repetitive. They escape death and come back to make more trouble for the main leads. Unfortunately, the main leads do not kill the villains most of the time because these villains, or cannon fodders are important to the story line. The beginning of the novel is not the best until like chapters 900 lol. Was a kind of boring read until 900 chapters into the story. It showed more information about past lives of main leads. Too bad, later on in chapters 1100-3000+the author gave the scum male too much screen time. I get it how much of a scum he is, but it got annoying real fast. I tried skipping the chapters where the author shows how much of a scum he is, but ended up missing some important information that’s in the chapters, so had To skim the scum male’s chapters for some informations. Unfortunately, scum male is an important character and stays for majority of the chapters.... only good thing about this novel is the plot and storyline. The female lead and Male lead are ok. They’re the typical power couple and ML is the usual husband material in cultivation novels. But, I do like the fact that the female lead did not use the innocent kid as a revenge tool. This novel has 5, 000+ chapters, I bet there’s most likely going to be some sort of amnesia in the later on chapters and then things get more drag on. Best to read this if you’re looking for a good storyline with revenge, but you might get risks of losing brain cells. Just my opinion though.

Side characters: 3/5

storyline/plot: 4.3/5

Cannon fodders/villains: 1/5

World building: 2.5/5

revenge: 4/5

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