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A story about a man who was cheated on and the woman who cheated on him, struggling to rebuild their relationship.

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New Muteearphones rated it
June 26, 2024
Status: Completed
3.5 out of 5 stars.

It's very short and easy to consume.

Story Review: This novel is utter tr*sh, but it 1. Doesn't pull any punches and 2. Doesn't leave things in prolonged suspense

It starts kind of basic, but the story then turned over its head.

Characters: The characters are the most "special" thing about this story.

Non Story Spoiler

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Literally every person around MC sucks. Literally everyone. It made the different from others that was an overall plus to the novel, but it created a sense of unrealism and general hate when reading through.


Character Spoiler


Mizuki (Whether planned or not) was the biggest twist to the story. She is written as an overall strong female side character. The typical Cool, Calm, Collected, woman that gives sound advice when needed.


Continuation of 2nd spoiler


But it turns out, she's tr*sh. In morals decision making and in everything else. This girl is the last person you would go to for advice. In the story, she gave out "iffy" advice that would make the reader squint, but it was somewhat okay in the scope of the story. So, (whether this was a stroke of genius or just plain coincidence) this terrible advice cleverly hinted in how garbage she truly was, which makes this story above a lot of others in this genre. It's also this character that makes me hate the ending where she gets off relatively scot free and never once apologized, in scene.

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