Mind Controlling My Childhood Friend, I Made Her My Sex Slave


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One day, I obtained a Mind Control ability from a devil.

Mind Controlling My Childhood Friend, I Made Her My Sex Slave average rating 2.2/5 - 134 user ratings
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MC Childhood Friend
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King0Mik rated it
December 6, 2017
Status: c15
Chapters are really short and mostly are just about a single event/idea. These first five chapters have been something of a prologue to the ero bits. It's a little too early to judge if it'll be good, but it seems promising thus far. However, if you are looking for high quality ero novels, I wouldn't recommend this one. Unless by high quality ero, you want straight up smut.

Probably more of a 3*, but I'll give it 4* since there seems to be a lot of 1*s on this.

EDIT: The dialogue... more>> is pretty good IMO. The ero bits start around chapter 12. I would recommend saving up lots of chapters if you plan on reading this because the chapters are really short, and I would say that one s*x scene sorta spreads across several chapters. Each chapter seems to finish a s*x act, but it really isn't enough to satisfy me. So far, it's pretty good. <<less
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December 21, 2017
Status: c16
Wow, so many 1* ratings. I can only assume the reason is that the chapters are super short.

Because the translation's good, the story's exactly what you'd expect from the title, and it shows the main character's thought-process pretty well. It's presented well enough that it deserves better than 1*.

I'm not going to recommend to read or not; If you're interested based on the title, I'd say chapters 1-10 are basically the prologue. If you like it that far, wait for a lot of chapters to pile up before reading further.
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vusdruv rated it
February 6, 2018
Status: c44
This is so bad that it's actually entertaining.

At least until you realize that this story seems to be following an episodic format, meaning each arc is a few chapters consiting of one single act and then thet next chapter is another act and so on.

There seem to be no consequences to his actions whatsoever, all handwaved by him using his magic lighter to cause everyone involved to forget what happened afterwards (except for him and his childhood friend of course).

Furthermore the MC seems to lose his spirit after the first... more>> few chapters. It's like he's not actually there but instead playing Sims with himself and the girl as characters.


In the latest chapter he takes control over the body of his childhood friend and proceeds to have s*x with himself. The way it's written it certainly seems like he's remote controlling his childhood friend and just watching instead of actually being inside her body.


It's good for wasting time but don't even think of finding some actual meaning in this. <<less
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Aho555 rated it
January 24, 2018
Status: c28
Hmmm...... it's well translated and easy to read but.... it's just way too short. Too short for you to enjoy the R18 scenes, too short on story to build up to those scenes, there's barely a sense of the characters. Rather than an R18 story, it feels more like glimpses into the author's wet dream.

It's not offensive, it's not bad, but that's because it's so short and brief that it's barely anything. Don't waste your time on this.
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