Mightiest Melee Magician


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‘Ruin Ardell.’

The name that was enrolled into the academy with the best grades.

More promising than anyone else.

More dilligent than anyone else.

More talented than any other magician. That’s what my name meant.

That’s what it meant…

until my 10th birthday.

I had received a death sentence.

‘Magic Evocation Disorder.’

A damned curse that turned the ‘Magic Genius’ that entered the academy with the highest grades into a ‘Magic Cripple’.

But then,

A miracle found me.

“If I can’t evoke magic, I just need to punch them!”

Oppressive Strength, Fearsome Fists, A Genius Magic Talent.

I’ll never lose to anyone ever again.

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All-strength Magician
올 힘 마법사
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4 Reviews

Mar 05, 2022
Status: c39
MC is like any other stereotypical OP characters where they climb up from being weak to being the strongest. It has a system like notification, to monitor his progress and help him with quest to gain skills and achievements. Anyways, the plot itself is pretty interesting. I have a tendency to love MC's who destroy other's expections and go beyond from the 'expected' norm. So, this is quite satisfying for me (shocking others and being cool in their eyes), you see. It's a good read to try if you're bored.... more>> Worth trying, I guess. <<less
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Dec 18, 2022
Status: c19
This story is just your typical power fantasy that you can find a dime a dozen. The protagonist is "randomly" selected to gain an extremely OP ability that of course is of the growth oriented type. But all of this is perfectly fair because he had a hard past until now and never gave up. And of course the protagonist trains super hard and is also very smart/handsome. And there's even a status menu for people who like seeing numbers go up!

I pray for the day that self-insert wish fulfillment... more>> stories stop being so common. <<less
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Oct 21, 2022
Status: c118
I have read till ch 118, and this review reflects my opinion till this point in the story.

This is your typical - MC is OP and Smart and will triumph against the opponent always, kind of story. It's well written, doesn't get boring at all. One of the better written stories that lets you get lost in flights of fancy! Totally dig it

MC is smart, not irritatingly arrogant. He is diligent and hardworking, knows that he needs to put in the effort to get ahead in life.

Values is relationship, family... more>> and friendship - there's plenty of sweet, heart warming scenes in the novel with his family and friends. Well done Mr. Author!

Greation action sequences, battle royales, nice serving of MC kicking butts. Can't complain at all! <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 08, 2023
Status: c131
To all my fellow readers who like an OP MC with unbreakable plot armor who walks a flowery path, then this novel is for you.

The characters are likeable. Not all of them are one-dimensional. Each has their own unique 'character'. I especially like the camaraderie between Ruin and the Team Triple A. The villains, on the other hand, are third-rates at most. As for the MC, I neither do like him nor hate him. He does have some likeable parts. It's just that I don't like his arrogance and overconfidence... more>> that everything will work out despite not having a basis on this belief nor a very solid plan. The author seemed hell-bent on making an MC go everything his way despite not being logically possible (even in a fantasy novel sense). But hey, it's not like Ruin is the only MC who has a godly plot armor and endless luck right? Almost every protagonist I've read in most novels are like him smh. This actually makes the story less thrilling and boring as you read on.

Still, if you don't have anything else to read, this novel is good to past the time. My real rating for this novel is 3.5 but since the story's not that bad, I rated it 4 to give it a boost. <<less
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