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Jiang Bai woke up one day and found that he had transmigrated to a parallel world that is similar to Earth. Stuck in the body of a weak and cowardly loser, he was granted a cheat system to forge the path of a tyrant in this new world. With the cheat system, he grew in strength, amassing great wealth and influence.

As he grew in power, he discovered that this world was not what it seemed after all. Legends and myths were not mere fabrications, and this world was much more dangerous than it seemed. How would Jiang Bai fare in this new world?

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Dushi Xiaoxiong Xitong
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Curee rated it
November 3, 2019
Status: c232
Frankly I'm awed that someone has the balls to published this embarrassment and call it a novel.

This thing is all about face slapping and nothing else. MC dressing like a migrant worker even though he's a major shareholder in various industries, this of course ensure a lot of disdain and contempt paving way for the aforementioned face slapping, which seems to be the only thing this "author" is capable of writing.

As a perfectly normal functioning person, I fail to see what is so interesting about constantly humiliating people in public... more>> space.

Aside from face slapping there's really not much of anything else to talk about. You have the regular useless baggage duo named the parent, seriously, these "parents" are so useless they only serve as a plot point for MC to show off his "filial piety", and a whole lot of females of course. <<less
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Alztec24 rated it
November 22, 2019
Status: c502
I love the story, but I love the manga even more. I hope that they continue to translate this at breakneck speed, as it is definitely a good story, even if with the combination of plot inconsistencies and s*upid gimmicks. Would help on translation, but working on my degree right now. After college maybe.
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Faye rated it
November 7, 2019
Status: c312
I agree with the below poster

The system has too many loopholes and the MC is like "I'm just going with the way the wind blows"
The manga already shows enough "plot" to follow what the novel describe as face-slapping

Tang Xiu has a lot more interesting concept than this Jiang Bai who keeps calling that Lord KittyCat here and there. At least Tang Xiu has enough conscience to deal with people around him, but this Jiang Bai probably doesn't grow
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rhianirory rated it
December 5, 2019
Status: c200
yes there is face slapping in this story, but it's not nearly as bad as Rebirth of the Urban Immortal Cultivator and his reactions aren't as extreme; i.e. He hasn't destroyed any families down to the last child in this one (so far). The start is interesting at any rate and the manga is ok. Why is it only a 3?

sadly, it's yet another harem and once it moves from pure storyline to chasing women/ dealing with all those various moments of jealousy and catfights I tend to lose patience... more>> and interest. I prefer to see the plot advance rather than being forced to read a bunch of chapters of him being led around by his "little brother" with lots of comedic misunderstandings that aren't funny. Also, the "don't worry your pretty little head" condescending attitude he has towards women is a bit of a trigger; most girls I know would punch the man if he said something like that to them. So it's a 3. <<less
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Mark X Moon
Mark X Moon
May 11, 2020
Status: --
Hey guys, im currently reading this novel.

I love reading this one on my oen preference.

And else I just want some spoiler about yaoyao"miss blue haired waifu" who on earth really is she?

Is she a mutant too?

Where did she go in the last 5 years when she lost and what happened?

Thanks for a gods gift for those who can answer this selfish questions hahaha peace yows.
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Alanray rated it
January 1, 2020
Status: c24
A review at this stage is just to premature with only 24 chapters listed so I will add something after a decent amount is released.

So far I’m enjoying the reading of this book though it’s taking a while for the chapters to roll out, nothing released in December at all. So here is hoping the translator can dump a pile of chapters for us To enjoy.
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pokkadude rated it
November 19, 2019
Status: c510
Sure, there are many face slapping, but that is not all there is in this book. I have to disagree with what the two reviewers who claimed to have read hundreds of chapters said. And as of chapter 510, the parents have only appeared once, not quite the "regular baggage duo" the other reviewer pointed. And also as of chapter 510, the MC has discovered that:

  1. Spoiler
    • Ghosts exist
    • Shamanism exist
    • Wuxia novel-like martial arts exist
    • Superpowers exist
    • Dao cultivations exist
    • League of Assassins exist
    • There is a deep world, world within world that normal people are not aware of
    • Demons exist
If you are interested in the premise of this book, read it and judge for yourself. Take the reviews with a grain of salt. And yes, there are many face slapping, but the focus kinda changed after chapter 300. But if you totally hate and can't tolerate any face slapping at all, then yes, this is not the book for you.
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