Meshitaki Onna ni Yakuza no Ai wa Omosugiru


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27 year old Shindo Nanao lives in a rundown apartment in the metropolitan Tokyo area. In strange circumstances, she gave her neighbor tonjiru and white rice, but unexpectedly her neighbor-san’s place was a hangout for people in the “Ya” business.

These ill-bred starving school-children―― Rather, this yakuza bunch who were starving for the taste of home got attached to Nanao. While twisting her neck to the unexpected situation she continued being their kitchenmaid , but one day she encountered an unfamiliar man in an expensive suit――

Eh, it can’t be, this guy is a big shot? In other words, someone at the top of the group……

――No, I am a mere kitchenmaid, so don’t pay me any mind.

Hohoho, really don’t mind meeee!!!

What will be of Nanao’s fate where a yakuza has gotten fixated on her under unusual circumstances――

Associated Names
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The Yakuza’s Love Towards the Kitchenmaid is too Heavy
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New chromaQ rated it
July 9, 2020
Status: c38
Uhh, this was fun until it abruptly became a prolonged brutal r*pe of the (virgin) female protagonist, including kidnapping and drugging the protagonist, violently sexually assaulting her, followed by raping her while the protagonist is telling him to stop repeatedly while crying and in significant physical pain.

Look, love is respect. A man capable of raping a crying woman does not love her, NO EXCEPTIONS. It is unforgivable. This is not respect, it certainly isn't love, it is violent sexual assault and rape.

She made a bunch of dudes goddamn dinner and... more>> gets brutally raped. Wow. This story was written from her viewpoint and it literally made me nauseous - she doesn't enjoy it at all, and she begs him to stop, repeatedly, over a long period of time, and he doesn't stop. <<less
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chamchaworld rated it
June 20, 2017
Status: c20
Smut aside, this series get 5 stars for the cute and adorable moments. Still not sure about who's the male lead, but the interaction between MC and her ya's neighbors is totally worth reading. Let's see how far the MC can raise her 'mommy' point!!


she's feeding the lonely yakuza with warm meal and they are so attached to her that they even trying to protect her from their boss.

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Pachia rated it
July 7, 2017
Status: c22.2
Quite good translation and plot. Though the chapters are short. And cute subordinate. Who knew that it would be love at first sight for the ML.
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Nikitaxo rated it
February 20, 2019
Status: c31
God, I died right there at "Mary-san"

Yup, I willingly sell my soul to this amazing dropped-tl novel!

If I knew Japanese, I'd directly read it raw gdi! But if there is an amazing soul that could sell his/her soul to us kind -if you omit all those ungrateful ones, maybe... 60-70%? 😏JK heh, I like where my neck is- ahem, readers then please let us die laughing and writting your name is our "All-hail-Tl's, editor and proofreaders' Notebook"

Tehee ~
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KKristen rated it
July 24, 2017
Status: c27
Early review:

A chaotic story about an overworked woman who accidentally offers home-cooked food to the yakuza gang members next door. A timid-yet-brave woman who accidentally catches the attention of their super scary boss...!!!

So far:

... more>> The plot has yet to really develop, but so far it's a fun and energetic read. We're only just starting to understand the characters (it's taken this long to even get their names), and for now it's just entertaining but chaotic.

I do want to add that the male MC is SUPER YANDERE. Right now, it's not even in a hot/sexy way... It's just confusing, a little scary, and OMFG NO MARY--!!!! *screaming* (Note: If explicit consent is important to you, this may not be the story for you.)

The novel genre/tags say that this story is going to get smutty, but there has been nothing along those lines even after 20+ chapters. The translator also said there's only one ecchi scene.


The quality isn't too bad (it's a little rough), but the translator provides helpful footnotes. The writing is very normal for Japanese light novels (eg. 「 」 brackets, jumpy, lots of stuttering) but it actually sort of matches the hectic story.


Not too bad; fun to read. It's too early to make any really judgements about the story or characters. I'll update this review later. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
YoriMei rated it
January 9, 2020
Status: c115
Because I MTL'd it, I'll boost my rating to 4 due to the fact that I probably missed a lot of detail, but it's a 3 in my heart! Honestly it's an ok story, but please know this is a pure "chase" story, ML is very forcefully going after MC, he even has s*x with her with very, very dubious consent. Don't read this for romance (you'll be unsatisfied), read this for the pursuit. Sadly the "feed yakuza tonjiri and win their hearts" is kinda pushed to the side, it... more>> does pop up, but it became more novelty than anything.

overall it's ok, it was entertaining enough to get myself to read the whole thing. The plot is a MC feeds yakuza thugs her home cooking and they're loyal to her now, but their boss fell in love with her at first sight and now is doggedly after her hand in marriage. She tries her best to resist but in the end falls into his hands anyways. Characterization is pretty consistent throughout but I do enjoy how stable and true to herself the MC is. ML is of the scummy forceful yandere type so if you're touchy about that, be warned.

warnings; as I said it's more about chasing her than romancing her.

ML raids her apartment, forces MC to stay at a hotel, forces her to have sex, cums inside her with no condom and I think they even stop her from getting a morning after pill (or at least someone else gets it for her), guilt her (if you don't become ML's woman he's gonna kill your friends), tricks her into signing marriage forms because she thinks her friend is in danger (and her friends are in on the con

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PaperWing rated it
June 20, 2017
Status: c10
The beginning was a bit confusing but by chapter 10 it becomes much easier to understand. I'm very curious about possible romance... I have a feeling she may have two suitors?? However, the cute comedic exchanges between her and the ya group are more than enough to keep me reading!

Good job translator-san!
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
August 26, 2018
Status: Completed
Good story, I just wished they went more in-depth with their relationship.


I also wished that the ML didn't "force" their relationship and just let MC fall in love gradually (or at least let her choose). Well, I guess ML couldn't help it since MC was his first love and would anything for her to stay with him.

I like the grandpa though lol. Asking for 15 grandchildren xD

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Novelana rated it
October 28, 2017
Status: c28
Please dont drop it because im curious how the story goes.. 😭 Ps.

I've noticed the translator recently in his/her other projects.. And all that projects is mostly incomplete or dropped. So im hoping the translator will complete this story and for that.. Thanking you in advance. Muah!! 😘
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July 5, 2017
Status: c21
Nanao-san's interactions with the 4 yakuza guys are just so cute. However, I don't really like any of the male leads so far. They're too forceful and demanding so if you dislike yandere types, this novel might not be for you.I'm not saying you shouldn't read this because it's actually quite nice but haaaa....I just don't really like her boss and that Ren guy. Her boss overworks her and is very unreasonable. While that yakuza boss acts overly familiar to her and seems abusive to me. I'll wait and see... more>> first on what happens next to decide whether I'll continue reading this or not. <<less
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Insideofadoge rated it
October 31, 2019
Status: c33
It’s cute! It’s funny! A new translator who does good work has picked it up!

More zany slapstick than big sweeping romance, but that’s okay. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but this woman’s cooking appears to have also had unanticipated effects on the brains of the men around her. Or maybe they were idiots before, who knows. It’s still cute.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
shouahang58 rated it
September 17, 2017
Status: c31
Goodness lord!!

This novel have me laugh my ass off like an idiot!! This novel is a must read!

Cant wait to see more of this yandere male lead!!
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Gossip0105 rated it
April 8, 2019
Status: --
I really like this novel. It’s really funny.. Especially her relationship with the ya’s men.. 😂😂😂 I really wish the author hasn’t drop it yet. I’m anticipating the ML’s yandereness (?) progress
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