Mermaid Trap


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The youngest princess of the mermaid kingdom who had lived all her life under her father’s excessive protection.

Viviane’s natural habitat were these underwater depths, yet somehow, it felt as if she was going to drown.

The day of her mating period, she secretly climbed to the water’s surface,

And she fell in love with the most radiant male on the land.

Vivi, desperately wanting to reach him, made a dangerous deal with the witch…

“If you become pregnant with that male’s offspring once the red moon rises, you will be able to transform into one of them—a human.”

She thought she could reach the radiant male with her temporary legs.

Until one day, she saw traces of stuffed mermaids in the mansion’s most suspicious room.

Right then, she realized that she had been caught in a trap.

Associated Names
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머메이드 트랩 (MERMAID TRAP)
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