Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family


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Nobles have difficulty in terms of fertility and for nobles, mermaids are more fertile than Omegas.

Yu Qing hid his identity as a mermaid Omega, and he originally wanted to marry an ordinary person and live in peace.

However, the Alpha he chose was actually a transmigrator, and this transmigrator went for Mermaid Transformation Surgery in order to marry a wealthy family.

An angry Yu Qing ran to the Genetic Management Bureau to find a match. If it’s just marrying a rich family; he can also do it!

The result was a match with a superior aristocrat who was said to be indifferent.

Superior aristocrat: Can I finally get a wife?

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8 Reviews

Sep 04, 2021
Status: Completed
[edit at the end]

The writing is laughable, the plot has some potential, and the characters are inconsistent and flat at times, but with interesting prototypes.

It's a thing with potential and good ideas, but the author's skills are too immature to properly keep up with the story they want to tell and the emotional lines they want to portray, leaving a hot mess on paper.

If you can keep up with the bad-but-not-that-bad writing, it's okay to pass the time, specially since the chapters are short.

Interesting things that might catch your attention and made me reluctant to put this down (and that would have made me give 4/5 had the writing kept up with that) :

    • MC: he's cold, detached, carefree and cunning. His setup, specially as an unusual omega mermaid that hides his identity, is interesting enough to capture the reader's attention - however, the inconsistencies are fairly fast to show up, and suddenly MC gets all flustered by ML's actions (that are nothing special, actually). His setting as a pharmacist with inherited memory is good as well, but I don't see much future hope. Also, the things on his family could have been written differently, and it would be more interesting.
    • ML: a lovesick fool, follows MC all around and does everything for him, but with a normal person's mind of "don't chase if it's fruitless". It hasn't been explained yet why he loves MC so much, but it's quite interesting for a ML. He's awkward and frankly quite silly, but because of the awkward writing it becomes tenfold worse and make him seem very s*upid.
    • The setting of mermaids: interesting for omegaverse worlds, but I'm not too comfortable with the implications of "transformed mermaids are not as good as natural ones" because it reeks of transphobia to me. The general consensus of the world seems to be of acceptance towards the transformed mermaids, but only when they're betas, omegas, or weak alphas, and only because mermaids are necessary for reproduction with nobles (who are called so because their alphas are S+ powerhouses), so do with that what you will.
    • The pharmacist setting. Wish they had done more with it, but it's still early to say it won't be relevant in the future (but I'm quite sure it won't)
With proper skills and minor plot changes, could have easily been a 4/5 stars work, but as it goes I'll give a 2.5/5 rating to it, rounded up to two because I'm just still reading cause I'm curious about the worldbuilding and some settings.


Adding another star. The quality of reading gets much better after c35~40. Although it's still quite ordinary, it's not enough to give a 2-star rating.
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Nov 13, 2021
Status: Completed
Oh, it's this novel. I remember thinking, "what the hell is going on?" when I first started reading it, followed by more "huh??? Wait, WhaT?"

The best way to describe this novel is a bunch of people running around trying to bite each other in the ass while MC pats his and says adios muchachos. He's a mermaid omega who had xyz number of secret identities, met with some conspiracies, managed to attract some people, then decided to reveal his identity and marry ML. Then they go on an extended honeymoon... more>> while everyone else implodes.

There's some confusing entanglements between MC's ex, ex's suitor, and some transmigrator. Whatever, it doesn't matter anyways because MC just slaps everyone's face.

The end. <<less
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May 12, 2022
Status: Completed
Rating: 3.5/5

This novel employs a few common tropes; mainly book transmigration, interstellar omegaverse and fertile mermaids as well as the lost child reuniting with their rich/powerful family. It's just the one who transmigrated is not the MC nor is the MC one of the main leads of the og. Book. From beginning to the end the MC stayed unaware that he was a side character in a book.

But this side character halo sure as heck stayed on the MC even in his own story. The MC while not a pushover... more>> was really passive. He was constantly dragged into some online drama by his ex and the ex's fiancé only to have the drama resolved without him really having to really do anything since other people like to solve the problem before he is even aware of any issue going on.

His passiveness and general lack of actions and emotions makes him feel distant which makes it a bit difficult to sympathize with him. But that's what you get when the MC is super pragmatic. It doesn't feel like he even really likes the ML, but rather settled for him since he was already in that situation and actively doing something to change his relationship status would be too troublesome and an inconvenience.

And how and why the ML even fell for the MC is still a mystery for me as it seemed like they had barely crossed ways before the MC had to change his identity. The MC couldn't even consider the ML an acquaintance before. So whatever the ML fell in love with must have been some superficial image he had of the other.

Apropos superficial, the blatant acceptance of gold digger mermaids is baffling. Or rather the double standards. When the MC wanted to marry into a noble family, it was taken for granted and seen as a normal thing. But when the alpha transmigrator did it, it was such shameful thing. Sure, he was a mistress, but even before he became a mistress he was already shamed for going through the mermaid transformation surgery to become a certified gold digger.

Generally, you find a lot of side characters with screwed three views. Not to say that the MC's three views are much more comprehensible. I still don't understand why he doesn't hold a grudge for being thrown into the sea, but rather for having his dream of being a deep sea mermaid broken. I mean ???

I guess, it's my fault for wanting to make sense of a Mary Sue novel with a cold CEO x green tea shou book transmigration premise. <<less
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Jun 02, 2023
Status: Completed
The combination of mermaid and omegaverse is really shooting my favourite trope straight in the gut so as much as I wanted to wait for more chaps, I've decided to just mtl all the way LOL. Well, how to say this... it's a cute but I somehow cannot find it fluffy or romantic. Sure we got a slowburn love story after a marriage of convenience. The story is just... there. Not much drama on MC's side (rather he actively steers far from conflict) The ML might not be for everyone.... more>> He's a good guy, yes but sometimes just a tad s*upid? Still he's better compare to the villain!transmigrator. He is a green flag golden thigh gong.

I'm normally tolerant of s*upid villains as they are a great target of faceslaps HOWEVER this story even fails that part. I go: "So what's the purpose of s*upid villains if they will not serve their purpose? It's like the author set up the stage for faceslap then gave up halfway and made it slice of life instead. There's a lot of scenes that are confusing. And I hope that's just me with MTL.

The concept is nice but the author is quite lacking in the plot. Just take heed of that for readers that that are more into story flow. Okay-ish if you are obsessed with mermaid+omegaverse trope and is willing to overlook the plot holes. <<less
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May 11, 2022
Status: Completed
The plot is actually good but the writing is bad. Wait, maybe its the translation that is bad? I don't know but all I can say is I don't quite understand what is going on.

Anyway, I don't think I'll read this one. Maybe if the writing is edited and become good in the future.
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Sep 04, 2021
Status: c6
People give it a try, it’s quite good :))

I have mtl-ed to chapter 6 (which is not a lot), but am not sure if this was the story I was looking for OwO

Well I was on an abo hype and also love reading abt mermaid shous (and there’s barely any ah) suddenly we have a COMBINATION of omega AND mermaid shou yayy

... more>>

Its just, I wanted a sweet, very cliche Omega, is that so hard orz, so yeah, idk if this was the story I was looking for...


What happened till chap 6 (SPOILER)


since he revealed that he was a mermaid Omega, he was highly sought after, but, as we all know, only ML will have almost perfect match with our MC. Also apparently MC had his own white moonlight, who he met in the past (no worries, it’s our MC) so he refused to meet this “99, 9% match bc he only likes his white moonlight. And then it was like, this one doesn’t like MC? Welp, there are tons of others.” So he has a blind date, who is MLs friend, who also coincidentally knows his White moonlight, so he writes ML, who thought he was annoying and thus blocked him. Well stuff happens, that friend runs to ML to inform him it’s his white moonlight. Stuff happen again and well, they already have the, what’s it called, certificate?? in their hand :) they’re married basically... yeah

tho I gotta say I’m probably going to drop it O-O I was looking for sweet, cute, obedient, very cliche Omega wifu hmpf < (ò.ó) >


and the translation... well I guess it was alright? Idk but there were some parts I couldn’t understand :/ I went to mtl it, but it was all the same... maybe it’s just the author, who’s style is... harder to understand? Anyway, some things didn’t really connect in my head, but maybe I’m just s*upid v (070) v

all in all it’s alright, dunno if I will continue tho <<less
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Destiny Slayer
Destiny Slay
Mar 05, 2024
Status: Completed
I love this novel because the story isn't that long and MC is the type that love peace so the villains always have trouble caused by themselves not by MC revenge

... more>>

So MC world right now is a book and there is a transmigrator who transmigrated to MC second ex boyfriend. I pity the original soul of MC second ex boyfriend because he doesn't seem bad. The original soul of MC second boyfriend will be still in that world but he got into another body because the transmigrator is using his original body. The male lead in the book is MC first ex boyfriend because of that the transmigrator want to be his lover. The villain in this story is MC first ex boyfriend, MC first ex boyfriend fiancee, MC second ex boyfriend (the transmigrator), MC first ex boyfriend fiancee friend, MC aunt, MC old classmate, etc

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Sep 11, 2021
Status: Completed
The MC is interesting and independent which is different from other omega verse or mermaid novels but romance is not much and personally I don't feel the chemistry between the main couple till the end so for me the novel is boring. It focuses on canonfodder plots after after plots against MC and them getting face slapped but even that is not interesting at all. The MC ex boyfriends are really very innoying the MC is smart but his choice of boyfriends is really bad. Overall this novel is not... more>> interesting at all if anyone expecting romance in it you would be disappointed. <<less
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