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The college entrance examination, failed it. Xiaxiaolan’s college choices left are New Oriental and Blue Xiang. Mysterious black people sent a special admission notice, she finally had a third choice! But! What the hell is that sister with the zombie? Why the hell is that guy pinching her neck and sucking her blood? She, Xia Xiaolan has gotten into God of Magic College! Demon Monsters all over the sky. She, Xia Xiaolan, has to learn how to become a god.

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Méng shén liàn'ài xuéyuàn
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07/25/18 Kuhaku Light Novel... c1
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wintia_blue08 rated it
July 26, 2018
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She's a little dense...


when you're dad panics and sends you back to your room, when he doesn't show a slight bit of joy, when he is cautious and gives you weird warnings; isn't it obvious that something's wrong?! I can only hope her father will be ok...


The first chapter is like a tide, it all rapidly happened - as if one was running through the forest and found a secret path.
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