Men of the Harem


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“Why should I only marry one man?” the female emperor declared.

“In past generations, the emperor has had at least five concubines, and an average of fifteen. Now that I am emperor, I should have at least five concubines too. The son of a chancellor? The successor to a powerful family? If they are good, send them to the harem.

“My favorite one will become the male empress.”

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하렘의 남자들
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Julex rated it
March 7, 2020
Status: c1
Wow I'm first here to leave review! ;)

I can't say much cos at present time only first chapter is relased but I can say that this novel have big potential.

... more>>

In first chapter you can see FL as innocent little girl who fell in love in prince from neighbour country. They quickly become a lovers and are very happy but that happines ends early when prince home fall in danger. Before leaving the boy and girl vow to marry each other. She waits for his return and prays for his safty... but when everything seemt to be good and ends in "happy end" she got betrayed. In result to have her revenge she has to change


I like how FL changes from naive princess to strong female kick-ass lead ;) I like ther attitiude when she ascend the trone and talk to her ministers.

Hope there will be more chapters to read:) <<less
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Sloth02 rated it
July 10, 2020
Status: c2
This looked really interesting. I simply love the premise of MC building up her own harem— like, she's the Empress, why can't she act like the past Emperors. Even though it seems to be a way for her to take revenge on her former lover, but whatever.

I love MC's personality, and although I haven't been able to see much yet, everything seems pretty enjoyable from my point of view.

I'm kinda sad and disappointed that the translation got dropped, but I can understand. Let's hope the official translation comes out soon... more>> enough <<less
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WeirdPersonOnTheInternet rated it
May 11, 2022
Status: C230
About the story:

Latil (FL) is very smart and strong. I love her a lot. She went threw so much yet still is going strong. Idk if she will end up with all the love interests or just one but I love all the love interests. They are all so unique and likeable in their own way. The story is very exciting. Originally I didn't care about the story that wasn't related to men of her harem but NOW I DO IT'S SERIOUSLY AMAZING. Betrayal, friendship, enemies, secrets, and more. I... more>> love stories who have the protag questioning their own moral compass and themselves. Latil is an emperor but what will the empire think when they found out that their emperor might be on the dark side?

Regarding some negative reviews:

A lot of people are saying they are disappointed because slowly the story is getting further away from "the men of the harem" but it really isn't. Everything will come full circle and the men of Latil's harem all have important roles for the plot. This story isn't just about harem drama, it has much more. Because it also focuses on Latil's life of course, she is the emperor but also

the lord (aka kinda the demon king of this world)



Love it, characters, plot, and everything. 10/10 don't underestimate this novel for just a harem drama romance. <<less
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April 13, 2020
Status: c2
Wow, this is off to a great start so far! I have high expectations of this since it's written by the same author who wrote Remarried Empress, and that turned out to be a hit.

The FL seems to actually have some self-respect (or at least she quickly learns to) after being betrayed by her lover. It's refreshing to see and I hope we get more of that kind of content. Of course the art is beautiful too!

Overall, I'm actually really excited for this and I can't wait for the next... more>> update :) <<less
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Bharti rated it
November 17, 2021
Status: --
Really this is my favourite novel and I'm always curious about it and I feel really sad when I c that translation is stopped 😳 always scared 😨 yeah please 🥺 don't make us wait too long

And I love this manga whenever I read this again and again I got chills and excitement love your work bless you
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Poopster rated it
November 7, 2021
Status: c1
UGHHH sadly it seems translations were dropped (AFAIK). I've seen a few of shots of the manhwa, looks good!

I read the novel tl up to around what, chp. 6 ish, can't recall specifically.

Anyway the translation was SUPERB and although I can't comment too much on the plot as there was hardly enough chapters to cover, but I recall it was a fun read and I was eager to know how the Empress was able to equip men in her harem, and what came of it.

Plus the accompanying art was GORGEOUS... more>> to look at. The men, and the empress, served.

By some miracle hopefully someone will pick it up-else I'll learn Korean and do it myself-and I can provide a better review then ^^ <<less
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