Medical Sovereign


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Ding Ning was just an ordinary youngster from a small border town in southwest China, but he had learned tremendous medical skills from his masters since his childhood. After graduating from college, he stayed in Ninghai City and tried to seek a job in a hospital there, but things did not go well at first. However, he accidentally saved Shen Muqing who was from a rich and powerful family, and then got involved in the confrontation between Ninghai special police team and a mysterious organization called Vampire Mercenary Group in order to protect Ling Yun who was his landlord’s daughter. It became the turning point of his life. After that, he started an incredible adventure during which he would find out the real identities of his father and masters and discover the secrets behind the mysterious organization Vampire Mercenary Group and the special weapons and tactics team Dragon Soul…
The story tells about how he opened nine apertures, fought with rogues, chased after various pretty girls and established a rich and powerful family by himself. He climbed up to the peak of his life step by step, and finally became medical sovereign.

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June 5, 2019
Status: c100
It's goes from start of lowly no job but great skills and attitude to degenerate ladies man, problems with women women women instead of what was promised to be a good character build. Plots gets lost from super military intrigue, too many women looking to get it on with him cause of princess syndrome + etc of such novels. I'll probably check in once in a while to see if there are any plot changes but everything so far is super predictable and boring unless you like his dialouge: confusion... more>> for who he should sleep with first and how many times.

Translation wise, it's not bad from Tapread. Certain terms and idea could have been made more clear instead of reliteration of mlt words but that's tapread for you. <<less
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Vudoodude rated it
August 15, 2019
Status: c126
Honestly, I'm only reading it because it is modern day, but as another user has previously mentioned the MC is garbage. The plot started out somewhat interesting, MC is trained in many op ways by op masters but was bit*h slapped by society and isn't doing well. His character was hardworking, intelligent, and experienced, and he also possessed some decent ethics. But as if the MC (or author) had received a head trauma resulting in a loss of memory or dissociative identity disorder, the MC becomes the biggest hypocritical piece... more>> of garbage in the world.


Up to chapter 126, he's raped 2 girls (1 caused by ingesting dragon blood, and one because he's a f*cking retard, although she is accepting of him) and despite being in a relationship with the second one, he goes around flirting with chicks and dropping millions of dollars on them. Then when his girlfriend is seen with another guy he goes mega-emo-infantile-tantrum mode and goes to one of his side chicks to flirt with her.


Honestly, the author tries to portray the MC as an intelligent, noble, and innocent town-guy who feels like he "doesn't belong in the city" but at the same time he acts like a womanizing, jealous, immoral piece of shit. I think what angers me the most about the MC is that he is aware of his player-like attitude and tries to act innocent, but will then try to seduce another girl because she is "queenly". Worse yet, he can't stand other people who try to flirt with girls and goes out of his way to act like a "white knight" not realizing that this is exactly how he behaves.

I give this series a 2 star, only because it is a modern series with a somewhat entertaining story involving medicine, business, and the military. It obviously lost a lot of marks due to the MC, but it also lost marks for being random and disorganized, like the author has a bunch of ideas for plots and just throws them all together at once in a tangled mess. <<less
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Temurr rated it
April 19, 2020
Status: c140

I tried to ignore his flaws but this some A grade piece of sh*t of MC. I don't know if the author just fulfilling his wishes though this novel or if he became a ret*rd after writing the first chapters. I won't go into details since the previous review description fits perfectly.

This work can only be written by a single dog who is Virgin. With heavy grade of mental illness. Too bad it had some interesting parts even if it was a bit cliche.
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