Mechanical God Emperor


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Yang Feng somehow transmigrated into a different world and received a legacy of an ‘ancient high tech’ family, which does not directly raise his power, but gives him the technology to build things which are way more advanced than the seemingly medieval world.

But to build something you need resources and energy. To receive resources you need strength. To gain strength you need knowledge. To gain knowledge you… need strength? or a background? Or maybe a fully armed army of high tech robots who aren’t afraid of death?

But is this legacy really for him to keep?

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Trane rated it
September 24, 2017
Status: c5
AI robot equipped with the latest version of Plot Armor.

Lack of information? Fret not, the robotic AI unit comes with its own information bank several times superior than G***le

Radar, face change, memories etc... it can do almost anything, sucks at fighting though and it even comes with its own solar panels for convenient charging[ Buy one now and get the bonus §@£$€%¤ Armor, Limited amount! ]
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hawlol rated it
December 26, 2018
Status: c87
This is not a mecha novel. This is a Warlock of the Magus World Clone.

MC transmigrate with a free super AI that can construct battle robots like skynet.

The firsts dozen chapters are really fast paced, and it's about the MC using his cheat, building robots and conquering land. The battles are lackluster and too one sided. Soon he's already a landlord capable of facing entire countries.

Eventually he goes into a school to become a Warlock, and most of the written content becomes him talking about spells and cultivation and dealing... more>> with stronger warlocks, etc. The WMW clone part.

Nevertheless, when it's battle time, his robots will still show up to kill everything making all things related to Warlocks kind of meaningless and a waste of time until the point where I was reading. He doesn't use mechas btw, the robots are automated and work in swarm tactics. By chap 80 he already had something close to 500k robots which is just absurd.

MC is a psycopath, killing all and any without remorse for the simplest insult or challenge to his authority, except if it's a pretty girl, then even if she tried and almost killed him, she'll get a pass to join his harem. By torture or threat of death, of course. It's a f*ck or die kind of thing, which is, you know... r*pe.

This is a terrible novel in all regards, wether it's the MC's disgusting behaviour, or the lack of consistency in it's theme. I suggest you don't waste your time with this as there's no redeeming quality whatsoever. <<less
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shady8x rated it
March 27, 2018
Status: c173
Could people please stop lowering the score for this story just because you liked Warlock of the Magus world? I almost missed this story cause it's below 4.0 thanks to you guys.

Warlock of the Magus World was written in 2015. It has 1200 chapters.

Mechanical God Emperor was written in 2015. It has 1569 chapters.

Considering which one is longer and would have to have been started first to come out at relatively the same time, it is more likely that the author of WMW copied this story, than the other way... more>> around. Also, it is almost impossible that WMW didn't copy from Wizard World (and yes, MGE probably did too) which came out in 2012, so even if someone does copy WMW, who cares?

Please vote on stories based on their own merit so people could use the votes to find good stories and avoid bad ones.



EDIT: The above was written before I started reading, now that I have read up to chapter 173, here is my review.

This story is really good. Having arrogant cultivators blasted out of the sky by anti-aircraft guns and surface to air missiles is really fun. The MC is fairly smart, he understands his power, knows when to step back and when nuke forward. Despite how much this story took from the wizard world (like a dozen others), it actually feels more like Overlord because MC has overwhelmingly powerful massive armies of robot subordinates.

So anyway, this is a really good story, give it a chance.




As for the complaints other reviewers had:

This story has certain concepts at the beginning which are identical to WMW, however, many of them aren't introduced in WMW until a thousand chapters into the story... so either those will come in later chapters of the wizard world (from which both stories copied a lot) or WMW really did take a lot from this story (rather than the other way around).

Racism was mentioned in passing a couple of times but the only person that actually said something racist got immediately and horrifically dealt with by the MC. Anyway, I don't think anyone mentioned it in like a hundred chapters so it is not a major theme.

Women in this novel are really well done. They are regular cultivators jut like males. That means they are greedy, scheming and domineering. They rule empires, have their own harems and oppress those weaker then themselves. You know, how every single male and almost no female acts in all other CN stories with male MCs. It's nice to have women be people, rather than unblemished flowers.

Going to the school run by people he offended was really the only unwise thing he did, but that only lasted a few dozen chapters and then the story was back on massive robot armies fighting people. But he did need to go to some school as otherwise he would have needed to hunt and murder people he could barely kill with the knowledge that he would then be counterattack by people he had no chance to kill.

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adsegm rated it
June 6, 2019
Status: v1c8
Total dumpster fire. My only question after reading this is who allowed the 5 year old to write a novel?

To start off, MC transmigrates with an AI robot and his body intact, into a seemingly medieval world. However, everything MC needs just gets done by his robot which leaves me to wonder exactly why MC even exists?
    • MC transmigrated and needs to scout his location? Robot can radar scan.
    • MC needs to assume new identity? Robot can create face mask.
    • MC needs to fight? Robot can create other robots that look like humans but equipped with super alloy blades, machine guns and even artillery. Using only iron ore. Gunpowder?? Plastics??
    • Infrastructure for power generation? Robot can create solar panels.
This novel tests one's utter suspension of disbelief. Perhaps it is this quality that leads everyone else to rate it so highly?

EDIT: Why does this novel have 'harem' tag? Surely the robot could've created the Super v*gina 10000? Perhaps the technology just isn't there yet.
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Yoburi rated it
July 12, 2017
Status: --
This is the same autor from Gods and Devil world so if you like his work you probably will like this one.

Basic this is a story about a guy from earth that gets a super droid with all the knowlege from a powerfull clan that no longer exists and is teleported to a planet with medievel people using blades and magic. So his cheat is pretty much making guns and robots, he takes the face of a young noble that was murder and pretends to be him and from that... more>> he pretty much becames SkyNet building terminators to conquer the planet since all his robots can take human form. This is Warlock of the Magus world meet the Terminator novel.

The autor really copy the novel WofMW because we got pretty much the same setting but with T800 and T1000 runing around. <<less
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Xazch rated it
August 26, 2017
Status: c362
Reading this novel using google translate~

Well simple opinion from me for this novel is : This novel is better than this author other novel~

Even if racism still there, but if we compare with GDW its still better~

... more>> Just that this author seemed to have style for making MC jumping around while leaving his woman then getting new woman from new place then making himself as srong figure there and its loop like that~

I'm giving this novel 5 star because I like this author work except its racism, but its still good nonetheless.

Spoiler? No! I'm not gonna give anything like that! But this MC cheat is too much OP and MC didnt want to depend on it too much so he did make himself stronger by his effort sometimes his cheat helping him but he still trying to avoid the case of him depend on it too much~ because his opinion is personal strength is everything in that world in case his cheat gone so he can depend on himself not on external thing~

Its good novel, so I recommend this for people who like GDW~

Sorry for bad grammar within my english, and have a good read~ <<less
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Queen of Sheba
Queen of Sheba rated it
October 13, 2017
Status: c48
An unusual story. At first glance, it may appear to be be like any other West-obsessed Chinese story. That is not so. For one, the protagonist is rather difficult to comprehend. His perversity for example at times appears more akin to a facade than any true desire on his part. His agenda, and the actions he executes to fulfil them, too indicate towards possessing far greater maturity than is usual.

The women in this story aren't the 'pure', and 'prim' type either. Scheming. Manipulative. Dirty. Plotting. It's far more realistic than... more>> the usual 'Divine Daughters' rubbish.

Above all else, the direction of this story is Just rather novel. Certainly it's rather influenced by WMW, but it has its own flair, the neo-technological angle adds Just this extra dash of character, truly differentiating this piece.

Recommended read, rated so highly purely because of how unusual the story is. A cliche breaker! <<less
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Diskat rated it
December 12, 2017
Status: Completed
Not bad. I've been wanting to read more Release the Witch-esque. Of course, with an AI in his head, it becomes easier to release the hammer of modern might to these medieval peasants. That doesn't mean that the Warlock world isn't without technology, since they have magical powered sports cars, it's just that all high-tech things are lost from time or consolidated within Warlock cities. Kind of like North Korea.

... more>>

The racism against orientals is the only thing that doesn't really make sense. Here's what the reasoning behind the racism: "they believed that when those orientals arrived they would steal their jobs, achievements, land and the opportunities of becoming a Warlock."

Orientals arriving to their continent? The civilization in that world is recorded to be millions of years old, it's hard to believe that orientals are just arriving to the continent considering the past level of technologies.

Jobs? What jobs? Everything the warlock produces is so rare, that making money is extremely easy and the profits are unreal. Of course, the cost of the materials are also extremely high. In any case, they don't hold jobs, they're all independent businessmen.

Opportunities to become a warlock? That's a merit/luck/talent-based position regardless of how our protagonist cheated his way by drinking many elixirs. You can't just become a warlock by bribing someone.

Land is the only thing that seems rarer, but it's stated that Warlocks don't care about money, wealth, and other material things aside from gaining more magic crystals for their research and stuff. Furthermore, it's not like land can't be bought with enough money.

If it was racism against other races from different planes, that would be more understandable though but I haven't really seen that yet.

Edit: Currently on around chapter 500; Racism seem to take more of a back seat and the hate generated seems to be just a mere byproduct of jealousy for the protagonist's wealth, backing (from his mechanical army), and disdain from low (er) tier relative warlock position, or from playing total war with his mechanized army.

Also a bit tiring how formulaic plot-wise it is. It has the "But our princess is in another castle!" syndrome in regards to his enemies.

Offend [GenericVillianousPerson1] with great backing of [Clan1]. Protagonist destroys [Person1], destroys [Clan1], and maybe ens*ave the leaders in [Clan1]. This in turns offends [BackerofClan1], [BackerofClan2]. Protagonists proceeds to destroys them as well, and maybe enslaving their leaders as well. Only when they offer peace treaties does he back off.

By the way, all the [GenericVillianousPerson1] have the same personalities, which is being an arrogant coward. They attack, he defends and maybe attacks their clan, they pale after seeing his awesome strength, plead for their life, and he says "Serve me or die", and injects nano robots after they surrender. Some of them quite literally have the same lines.

Their reasons are not as diverse. It is either for revenge, jealousy, disdain, seen as weak, politics, or he's in the way. I'm not sure if I have seen any of his enemies actually fight just to fight just yet. They all seem to be afraid of death only when their death is certain.

Edit2: Another thing I kind of get annoyed at with this is the frequency of word "peerless" in machine translations. Peerless treasure, Peerless beauty, peerless genius, peerless etc. If everything is peerless, nothing is.


Finally finished the novel.


The story basically tells about how our protagonist grows stronger and stronger, with no real goal but just to grow stronger cause why not.

At the end, it's like,

"he has grown strong enough and is satisfied. Lets go back to our harem and enjoy life.

100, 000 years later (literally states almost like this in the mtl),

'let's begin a new adventure.'" the end.

I give the entire story a 3/5. The beginning was the most fun, but the story lacks a lot as a whole. Like I said before, at some point, it's just becomes a continuous BECOME MY EVOLUTIONARY STEPPING STONE! A fight later, and he consumes similar or higher class entities, I GAIN MOAR POWA!, rinse, repeat.

The fights also sort of devolve as well. I expected the fights be something like "universes and planes will explode after each fight, and nothing will be left." considering how much power level is being touted around. Instead, fights with Yang Feng are resolved relatively quickly, with Yang Feng being the victor 99.99% of the time, and the planets and universes as a whole are unharmed most of the time.

No real character development for any of the girls, so they pretty much all forgettable character-wise. They are also generally not brought along on Yang Feng's adventures after he acquires them. The only one he brings are his mechanical gynoids.

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Kaique184 rated it
August 13, 2020
Status: c610
I will tell the reality of this novel. The worldwide construction is simply divine and unlimited, all the skills of the protagonist and the different characters are indeed interesting, but the rest... is terrible. The protagonist receives things very easily, all men are s*upid and ugly (and if they are beautiful, they are killed by the protagonist, only one or two are saved), women are goddesses (all of them, literally, have the same descriptions of celestial beauty), all who do not enter their ranks, are mentally handicapped donkeys (do you... more>> know those young masters of the immortal and cultivated worlds? Do you know those noble European aristocrats before the fall of the Kingdom of France, so... mix them up) and interactions are ridiculous and forced.

There is a part that a guardian of a palace of a specialist magician, literally after almost killing the most powerful gods of that plane, kneels for the protagonist, simply because he is a magician and lets him take the palace treasures!

That and my opinion, I was unable to continue for all these reasons, and I have to say that Warlock of the Magus World is much better in almost all aspects (I like the worldwide construction to be huge, but this East vs. West thing it's really boring). Oh, really, at the end of each battle, his robo army kills everything... why learn spells? <<less
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Thefirstreaderinthemultiverse rated it
April 4, 2021
Status: c254
I decided to drop novel because it's just too dumb when I saw this I thought he was going to build the strongest robot army but noo he just gets b*tches all day a f*cking waste if I so myself and he has too many b*tches like 200 hundred f*cking whores it's not normal I'm telling you this novel is just like those naive protagonist with loli harems but a bit more mature And why didn't he read the memories of the dragon then he would have soo much information... more>> in one go but the f*cking Moran doesn't do it and how do the dark elves b*tches even like him he killed there people and took over there city and there like ohh he cares for his whores looks like I'm in love with him so dumb and if my memory is right where the black dragon was was a portal to another plane with soo much gold and treasures piled and he doesn't do anything even when he gets a treasure that can stabilize a portal and with all those top notch magic stones he could've opened it again and he would be soo rich that the people on the main continent are just like beggars he could've taken over the f*cking world and from there taken over the whole multiverse and another thing that I don't like is that this story is just copy and pasted from warlock of the magus world and you have a f*cking loli coming out of a egg are kidding me we aren't even told here race noo just here have loli that says big brother what a big c*ck truly wasted potential it could've been soo much better
I thought it was going be wars, army building, building space ships conquering world with robots and politics but noo it's just goes to sh*t when he goes to the main continent

maby I should start reading actual books instead of these kids novels and shit
0 stars

sorry for bad grammer <<less
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Mamasere rated it
February 17, 2021
Status: c815
Eh, It's an OK novel to read when you're bored. I'll admit, I had a lot of fun reading it, but I don't think it's that good quality wise.

Let's start with the good parts:

- MC isn't a pu*sy when it comes to killing people. Now I know that some people don't like these immediately cold blooded murder hobo MCs but I find it a good trait in my book.

- Reading about MC's robots zerg rushing Mages and fantasy creatures and shooting them full of holes is f*cking fun. I can't... more>> get enough of people going apesh*t when they see the sheer numbers of his robots.

- MC ens*aves enemies and makes their organizations into his subordinates. This is really smart of him, and I've would've absolutely done the same in his place.

- MC's sect is pretty good to him overall, like yea there's a few dumbasses that need to be knocked around but MC doesn't need to constantly prove himself to a bunch of useless side characters. Also, his teacher is pretty cool, even gives him a lot of life saving items that actually come in handy.

- I like that the women in this world aren't some 'Peerless Jade Beauty Goddesses' that always forgive every dumbass who tries to r*pe them and pretend to be cold and distant when in fact they just don't know how to communicate with people. These women have their priorities straight: need resources for advancement> f*ck MC> get resources> profit. They don't go around yelling "shameless" at MC and all that generic annoying stuff.

Now onto the bad parts:

- Author barely tried with the world building. He almost completely copied Warlock of the Magus World and just changed a few names. He didn't even change the way some things looked, they're literally the exact same as in WMW just that they have a different name. Magi are now all Warlocks, the Dreamscape became Dreamland, Demons became Fiends...

- Author constantly jacks off the Magi- um, I mean Warlocks, only to have them killed the very next chapter in the middle. It gets boring quick. Of course, we have to know their entire biography before they die, as well as descriptions of all of their useless attacks and how many people they've killed with them.

- There is a lot of plot holes and ass pulls when MC is about to lose or die because he's either outmatched or overwhelmed. It's not always mind you, but when it happens you just know that it's an ass pull. The worst example is this:


While MC was in another plane, fiends and dark elves attack the place he was in and MC is stuck in a forbidden area of the dark elves. With no support from his robot army, MC is forced to run from the dark elven powerhouses who can kill him with a fart. He finds a temple, and suddenly many more powerhouses come out of the woodworks, each of whom can easily kill MC. What's worse, several strongest gods descend as well because of the inheritance inside. The temple belongs to the strongest warlock emperor, and a guardian in front kills anyone who comes close. Everyone sends MC to go and die, and you know what happens?? The guardian let's him pass simply because he's a warlock........ Oh, and then promptly kills a few gods right after. Yea that's bullsh*t alright.


Also, expect a lot of convenient one in a million years ingredients appearing right in time for the MC to come across them.

- The harem keeps getting bigger and bigger, and I barely even know who is who at this point. I'm not kidding, MC sometimes literally meets some girls once before they're somehow added to the harem in one way or another. And worst of all, those women don't appear in the story again...

- There is a lot, and I mean A LOT, of annoying and detailed explanations of all kinds of things, be it items, personalities of characters, planes, organizations, you name it. It's like the author just can't wait to explain all that stuff so he just dumps it all in the first time it's mentioned. You can literally skip three to four paragraphs of just explanations and you'd miss NOTHING. Oh yeah, and if you didn't read it once, trust me, the author will just love to explain it to you all over again... Sometimes he even copies explanations in multiple chapters just to pad the word count...

- Some of MC's abilities are just a load of shit, like his Fate Algorithm that has like five new abilities every time it gets used by MC. Predicting the future, altering fate of the MC and others, stunning Mages and blocking spells before they are used... What the hell can that thing not do at this point?

- MC's entire motivation to start his journey. At first he's clueless, he has no idea where he is and his entire plan is just survive and gain information. That's fine. Then he learns about the existence of Magi- ahem, I mean Warlocks, and all of a sudden he now wants to live an eternal life??? Why? Leylin from WMW had a clear reason why he wanted eternal life and it was explained in detail, but this MC is just like: "Yea I'm pursuing eternity because why not." It's too sudden and too weird.

- Many chapters get wasted on pointless characters that fight each other, like the time temple sparring between the west and east Warlocks. Like bro, I'm here for the MC and the robot army, not for the fight between some dumbass Apollo and some Yi Yuanjing or whatshisname because Apollo called him tr*sh and this guy went "You dare?!?" I skipped 5-6 chapters of useless idiots fighting and the peanut gallery going Ooh and Aah just searching for when will MC arrive. And you know what? I missed NOTHING.

- There's this weird racism against the western part of the continent, but you can barely even call it racism. It's like the author wants to demonize the west, but while he's writing he just decides to stop in the middle so it always feels incomplete. It definitely isn't like those urban novels where the west is pretty much hell on earth and east is the only civil place. It's weird, it's pointless, it's annoying.

- Shi Xue, oh God do I hate this "character". A sadistic jade beauty that calls MC "brother" while wanting to f*ck him, an incarnation of all that is perfect in the world. She can do anything, her talent is immediately superior level 8 (the best is superior level 9, and that's almost impossible so level 8 is next best thing), every single powerhouse is dying to be her teacher, she becomes some high rank in a measly 30 years (MC took around 300 years to reach the same level and he was called a monster btw, do you see how ridiculous she is?) She isn't even a real character, she is actually a plot device. She appears SIX times through 800 chapters and every times she appears she's so unimaginably powerful that it's ludicrous. The last time she appears her talent is now suddenly superior level 9, which is pretty much just spitting in the face of MC's hard work to get his ass to inferior level 9 by scheming and getting one in a million years herbs and shit, and this bit*h just suddenly pops in like: "Sup brother, I'm a f*cking Warlock Emperor now (two stages above MC), also my talent is superior level 9. Why? Because the author said so." The author tries to justify her bullsh*t OPness by saying she's a clone of some OP ancient person, but that makes no sense because she's a clone that has no connection to her main part and is pretty much her own person. It's just s*upid.

Overall, nothing groundbreaking. I'd even compare it to Bringing the Farm to Live in Another World because of the similar writing style, it's like it was the same author writing both stories. MCs Zhao Hai and Yang Feng also seem eerily similar in behavior, like copy pasted similar... <<less
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Alfha Robby
Alfha Robby rated it
June 5, 2018
Status: c668
Another typical repeated plot line story.

Story line In nutshell.

A f*cking strong arrogant enemy that try to f*ck off MC appear -> MC use improved weapon -> the enemy beg for his life when the MC is about to kill him & if its a beautiful woman there's quite high chance the MC will turn her into part of his harem -> when there's literally no opponent for MC he move to different continent or plane -> repeat into the part where arrogant enemy try to f*ck off MC.

And the MC... more>> have plot armor which latter will be justify in the latter chapter when the extradimensional beings invade the humanity.

Yup that's it there's barely any character development on MC while his harem will submit to him.

And the robot is clearly the typical cliche where you could found it from WMW, warhammer 40k. <<less
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NaM rated it
November 14, 2017
Status: c82
An Ok novel.

if I were given a chance to rename this. Then i'll probably rename this as Mechanical Emperor in a Warlock World (MEWW) (lol)

Anway.. Although theme was cool its till Not that bad but also not that excellent. Tbh, I'm not much fond of this author and the reason was because of his previous novel "gdw" which I dropped cause of its heavy Racism, Unnatural r*pe scenarios, unneeded violence and having interc**rse with lolis. Anyway enough about that and lets talk about this novel (mechanical god... more>> emperor).

If you have read this novel then you can see it as largely influenced by wmw or tww. It would have been great if it is his own originality but unfortunately not, but anyway nice read nevertheless. As usual racism and lolis still lingers in this novel And some minor grammatical errors every now and then but Even with all that i'll still give this Novel a 4 stars. Major reasons for the stars were this:

I can see the translators dedication and feel the chapter update frequency (hope it won't change and turn better). Also as I said above this novel is pretty cool and probably cooler if not for authors racism and hardcore loliness. Its a kind of a sci-fi dark fantasy And im impress that he manage to replicate the dark feel that is needed for a dark novel that almost second to WMW. + I also like armies, fantasy, mediaval, robots and wars having all that jammed up into one Made it deemed worty for me to read. I know its a bit early but hopefully this novel will turn better to best and no dropping will be done. (Hopefully) <<less
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abcalltheway rated it
March 25, 2018
Status: --
I think the story is good. And I myself like it but I'm not making this for positive ad negative shit.. I'm just here to make sure everyone understands that this isnt a WmW copy! it was made in the same year even! Also what needs to be noted is that you could even say that WmW was a copy of The Wizard World... same with Age of Adepts, this etc. Just like all mobas today is kinda a copy from original WoW3 Dota. So don't read OLDmanGus review and... more>> think that is a fact.. the rest of his review is definitely good enough but just skip thee copy stuff! <<less
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OldManGu rated it
March 15, 2018
Status: c34
This author is so shameless! This story is a copy-paste of WMW! It has the same cultivation system and the same magic! The warlocks also fight over other worlds! This author didnt even try to be unique! The MC is also a idiot and it feels forced! He can read peoples minds after he kills them. He has already killed a couple of lvl 2 warlocks. His robot already got their memories and knows everything. Why does he need to risk his life going to a warlock school that hates... more>> him? He also said warlocks can kill you by knowing your name and tells them his name anyway! Im shocked the other reviews are not giving 1 stars. The first 34 chapters were about building his robot army and destroying city's. Now its turning into getting bullied at school. This is such a let down. The author should have changed the cultivation system and stayed out of school. War is the best way to get stronger for him. <<less
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selweron rated it
December 16, 2017
Status: c102
Well the interactions seem shallow and characters dumb, but this novel is like eating fastfood at Mc'Donalds: while cheap and made without much effort, it still fills your belly and provides entertainment.

If you want a very fast paced novel with conquers, wars, while ignoring the somewhat dumb plot and cliche characters then don't hesistate to read.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
KirbyReviews44 rated it
December 11, 2021
Status: --
This story is an abomination that is below tr*sh tier, 1 star only because I can't give it zero or negative stars.

The cheap power system is nonsensical.

There is no semblance of a story.

The writing quality is beyond atrocious.

It's just a bunch of words thrown onto the page with minimal effort.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 31, 2020
Status: c547
Well the good/bad thing is that he has a harem. There's so many girls in his harem that I don't remember any of their names except for the early members.

... more>>

at the end of the novel pretty much all of the harem members that stay with him leave with him on some kind space ship he created.


Bad thing about this novel is that it starts to focus more on the warlock cultivation instead of his mechanical system ability. I skipped so many chapters just to read the parts about the machines killing his enemies. But I think the author is a bit ret*rded when it comes to military stuff. Like why would you have jets use their cannons when they're supposed to use missiles from far away. Why can't he use normal shells like a 152mm or 155mm? Why does it have to be 150mm. Why does it have to be 897mm instead of 914mm?

Also, watch out for the nationalism and racism. The continent is divided between east and west and boy does the author make the westerners as racist as possible. There's also the Japanese in the story. You know how it goes. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
sungjinwoo rated it
May 11, 2020
Status: --
Basicaly this novel take all the plot story from Warlock of the Magus World. But, more like in Sci Fi. If in WMW have no space ship or laser gun, mecha.. etc. All of that, exists in here!. Cool mecha, cool gun and all of that is the main story of this novel, yeah your if like mecha thou.

Bad thing : MC can't use his 'Golden finger' properly, I mean not entirely. If you are girl?.. hehe... join me!!... ths is the main personality of MC, but all guy loves... more>> harem so,.. it okey. If you are guy... hmmp!!! s*aves!!! in WMW is like that too.


I hate to say this... but please read WMW first before you read this novel, this is the main 'scifi' you want. I read all the reader complainig about (WMW have no scifi! or whatnot) and read this novel for scifi things.. its good




I alredy reached chapter 170. Ths is my review = ulter tr*sh. No story development, inconsistent ability, useless side character, and ofcourse a brainless MC. Why? its because, everytime MC search for problem and in the life and death situation, he's will always saved from plot armor. Plot hole= wow...i mean all story that have no connection with mecha, will be tr*sh. I recommend this novel to reader who love mecha and super beauty harems..

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Zeeksi rated it
January 15, 2020
Status: Completed
My final thoughts, I liked it.

This novel has a lot similar with the authors other novel, God and Devil World.

The writing style is similar, the actions the MC take are similar to the build up, the AI stuff takes alot of influence from the Mech Empire in GDW and the peoples views are similar.

A big difference between the two is that this one isn't set in our world primarily so we don't get to see the writers views on other races, there's still plenty species bigotry but it's better than... more>> blatant racism.

It starts off slow, gives the feeling that the AI side of things will be a major component of the story and it is somewhat but it eventually diverges into, A) AI/Bots are just innumerable cannon-fodder for the MC, B) His personal progress advances by leaps and bounds quicker than the AI.

Eventually it feels like the AI is just there for background flavour in a traditional cultivation novel, and as a cultivation novel.... it's not very good.


Cultivation in this world needs spiritual aptitude, time and resources. Spiritual Aptitude is impossible to increase without some 'legendary' items that everyone tries to get, no one has enough time which is why all the old strong people were asleep for a long time and resources, well this is just silly imo, MC plunders literally everything he can from everywhere by the end (literally starts attacking and devouring everyone except his 'allies and subordinates') and still massively comes up short from what he needs to jump to the next lvl, how can anyone else follow in his steps?


The harem, might as well be non-existent. He starts off getting a few women and their interactions are ok, but it very quickly just becomes a collection thing while MC is off on his solo adventures across the different planes and universes, often bringing a girl back for the collection and promptly forgetting she exists. I felt sad for the AI in the Devil God Universe, she got left behind until right at the end, never to speak again.

The story, seemed rather random with plots not really coming together in the end, i.e.

What was the point of making the god kingdom at Faso Plane? What was the point in the Planar Tide? What was the point in hiding Shi Xue's heritage (i mean it was obvious when king of taboo was calling MC the 'person my lord chose') What happened to the Abyss plane? What happened to the true blood plane? All the people on there?

There's many more but the story overall felt directionless after the universe devouring.

The scale feels like it gets too big and there's no time for the smaller stories of the world, we just get a story of the MC going around owning everything.

It truly was interesting when he would choose to be reborn in a new universe, slowly get adapt to the rules, have a few plots to get involved in and slowly control that universe, which he does right until the end but it goes from taking his time to slowly build up to MUST GET ALL RESOURCES AND GET IMPOSSIBLY STRONG ASAP.

Overall I liked it but there were many problems that may keep you from enjoying it, don't read it due to the sci-fi aspect as the only way it helps him is a) 100% loyal and perfect empire steward, b) 100% loyal cannon-fodder soldiers and c) teleportation gates.

Plenty of other races have huge battleships, cannons etc. The only thing that other races don't have are teleportation gates.

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