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Luo XiaoLou is reborn on the day of his engagement four thousand years later into the Mecha Age and realizes that his current situation is tragic. Not only is he an illegitimate child, but he also has poor physical health, a low genetic rank, and barely passing grades. In order to survive, Luo XiaoLou has no choice but to accept his fate and work hard.

Luo XiaoLou wanted to have a s. Still, hefe, but he meets the bossy Yuan Xi, so has to agree to sign a s*ave contract and do Yuan Xi’s bidding.

Luo XiaoLou is a typical man of the times, realistic and willing to yield to others for the sake of survival, seemingly cowardly to the point of no boundaries. But in fact, Luo XiaoLou still has his own principles and insistence, even in front of his overbearing and powerful master, Yuan Xi. He still insists on the principle of a gentleman’s love of money and the right way to get it, and protects his dignity as a man.

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New Shrike1978 rated it
September 17, 2021
Status: Completed
I found this to be one of the better, more original interstellar stories. The detail and development of the world is substantial, including what a mecha builder, not just a fighter does. I thought that was quite interesting without being overwhelming.

We get to see characters in different types of situations school, tournaments, in the field training, war, personal crises... it's not a repetitive one type of fight after another, something that tends to occur in longer stories. There are also a lot of side characters with well developed, individual personalities... more>> that contribute to the story. Not just for side CPs but for the plot.

The author went to a lot of effort to build up a layered conflict where you don't see the real bad guy until the end and did it without it feeling forced or like a last minute addition. That kind of control over the plot development is always a plus for me.

On to the main characters, where it seems some people have hang ups because of the way the MC and ML are introduced. But this is a 300 chapter story. There is character development for both of them as they grow from inexperienced young men into adults which is what you want to see. If the MC and ML never changed, this would be a very boring book.

In the beginning, yes, the ML is a bully and the MC has a lot of cowardly moments. BUT if you keep reading, you start to see that once the ML really gets hooked on the MC he may shout a lot and be a tsundere but he always backs up the MC, even when he discovers secrets that should have -based on his initial appearance- caused him abandon the MC. He gets angry but he never walks away, protects him and stands up for him. And takes him along on dangerous missions.

As for MC's cowardice, once he gains confidence in this new world, has the ability to take care of himself and develops important skills, he is definitely not a shirker. One character even points out that its mostly the ML telling everyone he needs to be protected, not that he isn't capable of it. He doesn't hesitate to step forward to protect others including the ML.

It's a sweet relationship once they settle in and worth reading about so I definitely recommend this story. <<less
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New Siffleuse rated it
September 3, 2021
Status: c14
I like the hardworking MC but I cant stand the ML at all. I think the term tsundere sugarcoats the entitled, domineering and manipulative ML. After reading the other reviews it seems that there will be little to no character development for him, so I am choosing to drop this. It's not good to view abusive relationships behind rose colored glasses and call it romance.
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Addis rated it
March 1, 2021
Status: Completed
Hey all, translator here. Thank you guys for picking up this new translation. Bear with me while this one will take a little while to do since it is 303 chapters. I am actually relatively surprised this work has never been picked up before. The first chapter was released Nov. 11th, 2011 and the last chapter was posted Aug. 29th, 2014. So this novel took the author three years to write and complete, releasing around 101 chapters every year. Although this novel is almost 10 years old, I still feel... more>> like it is way better than some of the works released in 2020.

I hope you guys like this novel as much as I do. The MC is smart, independent, and adaptable. I love his inner monologues and the way he cusses people out in his mind. The ML is just a giant tsun kitty cat who wants all the love from the MC but doesn't know how to get it. Overall, I really like the combination of these two straight bois who eventually turn into the cutest CP I could have ever asked for.


There is m-preg in the last book, so if any of you are put off by that, shoo, shoo.

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CultivatorBunnyLan rated it
March 24, 2021
Status: Completed
Seeing the chapter count made me both happy and sad.

At first I was afraid of reading this novel. I was afraid of spending a lot of time and feelings only to end up stopping midway but it was actually the opposite.

Yes, at first the ML (Yuan Xi) made me raise my brows at his actions towards the MC but I kinda understand his reasons once you realize where he comes from.

... more>> Btw, he does get better and realizes his shortcomings but it takes a lot of chapters to get there.

And if you'll manage to reach the end like me, you'll know how much the ML loves the MC.



The ML is the 2nd Prince of the Empire. He lost his older brother and close family friends due to the war with beasts.

During those days, as the ruler of the Empire the ML's parents got to busy trying to bring peace and stabilising the Empire that they didn't pay much attention to the ML so now.... He's really lacking in the emotional side.

He doesn't know how to express himself well and in the end it just comes out as if the ML was despising or lecturing the MC whenever he tries to get the point across.

He does get better.

His actions soon reveal his true feelings while his mouth says the opposite. I do like the care and love that you can feel that he has for the MC.


For those who are curious about the pa pa pa scenes...

Yep. There's a lot in this novel.



Once the MC and ML get together, they don't shy away from expressing their passion.

You'll soon notice that they are a passionate couple, although it's the ML who usually initiates, the MC does give back to and there are certain times where the MC is the one who initiates and the ML's reasoning is quite funny too.


The MC is someone who just transmigrated into the future. He currently has nothing after breaking ties with his "family" and tries his best to be able to live and adjust to his new world. He has no "system" to aid him in his new life and everything he makes is made from his hard work.

Of course, due to his secret, the MC also has his "helping hand" and what I really like the most is 125. He's cute and very endearing.

He's the biggest golden finger of the MC and without him, I do believe that our MC will suffer more hardships due to his secret.


His secret?


The MC is half human and half beast. His bloodline contains the blood of an ancient beast which he will later awaken.

It's just that the ML has a huge hatred towards the beasts so reading about the things that the MC has to go through makes my heart soft for him.


The Author's writing is very good for me because whenever there's a confrontation between the humans and beast or whenever the MC's secret is about to be discovered, I can also feel his fear and tension. His actions are grounded and a normal human being will do it too.

There's a huge plot that surrounds the war between the beasts and humans, another thing that I liked is the Arcs. There's the adjustment and school life arc, building mecha arc, competition arc, etc.

Although the process of the MC creating mecha wasn't very detailed. It was just as if he was able to create all of the parts and fuse them together, there's not much details going on here.

Plus points is that plot doesn't go all over the place, the characters mentioned before aren't forgettable because they return in the story and have their own goals.

The only thing that bugs me the most is how often there are people who like to stick to the ML and "seduce" him because he's very attractive and strong. While the MC only had around two people who appeared to be into him. (Yep, it got to that point where I was counting "who ever is going to be attracted to the ML or MC next")

The MC and ML also had kids but they were conceived in an artificial womb.



MC and ML's first baby is a boy (human, and born in an artificial womb) while the other two babies are twins (boy and girl who came from an egg) — courtesy to 125


There are also a lot of side couples but the story isn't focused much on them. I'm pretty proud of myself for being able to finish 303 chapters.

But most of all, I'm glad that I was able to read this. I didn't get bored and I'm happy because the MC and ML had their character growth and was able to stay with each other no matter what challenge came in their life. <<less
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nusratmaria rated it
July 10, 2021
Status: c75
The MC is a true submissive and a pushover.

But I don't hate the MC, even like him a bit. Atleast he is not like other bg MCs who act like they have a backbone but still reluctantly accept the ml's advances. Our MC doesn't have a backbone and doesn't pretend to have one either.

The ML is a total tsundere with negative eq.

But I don't really hate the ml. Don't like him, mind you, but don't hate him either. He is not exactly our normal abusive ml, just a spoiled man-child... more>> with a Edo period prince complex (makes sense)

The mc's mecha ai is childish trouble maker.

IT I HATE. I can't make any excuses for it coz when everyone is using the MC as a doormat I expected the ai to atleast be his support and do what he said. But it keeps causing trouble for the MC and putting him in embarrassing situations. I know the ai is used to push the romance along but it just feels wrong in my palate.

Like whatever little control the MC had over his life (be it resources, money or romance) now it's all gone. It takes resources without asking, uses money from mc's account without asking, sends ML erot*c books under mc's name WITHOUT ASKING as if the MC is horny. Did I mention it withholds important information from the MC until it's too late just because it isn't sure. Like, even if you are not sure, say that there is a probability rather than keeping completely silent. It's like the ai is always giving half information just to run the plot along. Then the ai just cries and the ever passive MC gives an empty threat and says he won't tolerate it again. But the cycle keeps repeating]


I tried reading the novel without the ai's part but still ultimately dropped it which is a pity because it was written well but I just couldn't stomach the contents.l guess it's an acquired taste. <<less
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compass96 rated it
April 28, 2021
Status: --
Can't stand ml. It's only been 10 chapters and he's so f*cking irritating. Gosh such a horrible man, I can't cheer for a romance if I despise one of the people in it so I'm dropping this story. If you don't like stories with a significant gap between the two leads or stories where the ML bullies the MC then don't read this.
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reodavle rated it
March 22, 2021
Status: v1c24
The first few chapters might put someone off. Heck, even the title might. But that's it. Continue reading and you'll be in for a treat!

A tsundere ML and a hardworking-genius MC! I like that the MC is written like a human, with no to very little powerup. No 'System' here to help him, no cheat to give whatsoever. Where he gets to is his pure hard work! It's very inspiring to read because teaches me and constantly reminds me that HARD WORK PAYS! If you're a genius, then that's a... more>> perk. But if you do nothing with that talent, not seize opportunities, lose courage when taking the next steps, then you'll end up nowhere. I just love the MC! Really, really, really!

So very grateful to Exiled Rebels for picking it up. As always, the translation is top notch! (*^*) \ Thank you ExR! <<less
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March 5, 2021
Status: c8
So far, of what's been translated, although I like the quality of the translation and the realism of the MC -- the ML is massively annoying AF. He might be tsundere, but he's so irritating, that I can't find anything remotely likeable about him at the moment.

Hopefully my opinion will change as I read the story. Will update as it gets translated.
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Nao Otosaka
Nao Otosaka rated it
September 1, 2021
Status: Completed
Rating: 5 stars (upto translations)

3 stars (ch.200 to 303)

There were so many mysteries to be unveiled that it kept me hooked upto the parts which have been translated.

    • Like, the mom's mystery. Why was she/he kept in such secrecy by MC's dad and also experimented on.
    • The reason behind OG MC's suicide, whether it was only a failed love or was there something else.
    • MC's instinctual fear of his dad, his bloodline, 125's mysterious background, connection between MC and 125's owner, ML's identity, mysterious disappearance of ML's brother, etc.

I'll give it that it kept me hooked on upto a certain point. Everytime MC seems to be OP, there would be certain 'factors' restricting him, and thus the entire plot wasn't really overshadowed by his OPness (nor ML's). But it has its flaws. Thus, the lowered rating.

    • The plot had a pretty good direction, when it all came tumbling down by the introduction of multiple worlds, an alien virus responsible for the collapse of the entire beast civilization and over-the-top dog-bloodedness. I felt that the scale was kind of tipping to more tragedy for the MC to the point where I felt like, "Sure enough, it's going to end in BE".
    • Apart from that I find the character set-up a little overwhelming. 'Tsundere' and a bit of a low EQ has been used to define the ML but "Tsundere" doesn't include forcing someone unto the bed, forming a s*ave contract (though later it's been revealed that it's not), forcing your own decisions and choices on them and threatening them repeatedly to not come in contact with other people. It also doesn't include invading other's personal space and disregarding other's hardwork. I might make it sound like the ML is a jerk but I think it's better to believe that he's more of an elementary school bully, the leader of the group type. Portraying the character as such is not what makes it less likeable but rather it's being repetitive that makes on loose interest. In terms of emotional factors, ML has indeed shown growth, but I feel like it's pretty, minimal if we were to consider his later treatment towards MC. He's still the same overbearing and rude till the end of the last chapter, so it's a bit of a bummer.
    • MC is, subtly put, soft-hearted, bluntly put, a coward. He's not so acceptant of his alternate identity/bloodline and to certain extent, I hated the fact how he "disregarded"the OG MC and his past. He really doesn't wish to face that part of the past head-on and is an escapist. Though later he comes in terms with his identity and due to special circumstances, he's able to find the "truth" behind what happened.
There's another thing that irks me and it's regarding the MC's past.


I'll say, I have skipped a few chapters of translations in between so correct me if I'm wrong. MC's mom uses the Source of Consciousness to seal the 'past' in a microchip. The past she shows is that she's the daughter/granddaughter of the man whom the people from the federation experimented on. She even showed a video on how the experiments were conducted on alien beasts and how to escape that place, her father/grandfather massacred everyone. Her (MC's mom) name is Li Qing. But when MC meets up with Li Mo, he refers to MC as his brother 'Li Qing'. Now here's where the discrepancy occurs. If LM is really the brother of MC then who's LQ? What is LQ's gender, like is he a man or woman? Both of their stories vary to differing lengths, which is quite confusing.

Edit: There are facts mentioned I didn't add too. For instance, the war took place 18 years ago, where LM and ML's brother both got trapped in the Grey hole. Now, here's the catch. Back then, the federation caught a "Mythical Alien Beast" and experimented on it and the one caught in the war was LQ. But according to MC's mom's story this shouldn't be the case. So, did three generations get procreated w/in the gap of 18 years? There's another thing. The alien beasts have a long life span of 1000+ years. Their adult beast phase also comes quite late in life. So, LM, who is already an adult beast, should be quite old. Yet, he referred to MC as 'LQ'. This is the reason why both of them don't add up.


Despite its flaws in the later chapters, the reason why I gave this novel 4 stars is because the translator kept his/her word as mentioned in the intro. It's indeed much better than its other contemporaries given it had been published in 2011. It's actually one of the best interstellar themed yaoi I have read thus far on NU.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 27, 2021
Status: Completed
I mtled this novel and it wasn't too hard to read that way.

I'd rate this novel a 3.5 stars for characterization and plot, and 4 stars for world building. MC is written in a way that I think does him a disservice to all his achievements. I think the author could have given him a bit more resolve and courage. Just because he plays a support role combat wise for most of the novel doesn't mean all that he does makes him a wuss. It made him a little hard... more>> to like for a major portion of the novel almost until the very end. I would have preferred a more gradual character growth that let him show more bravery in spirit that he clearly had instead of letting him play foil to the ML's bravery. MC and ML have a very genuine human and imperfect relationship. Weirdly I think MC is a combination of Sailor Moon's cowardliness plus Sailor Mercury's awesome smarts. Not sure why I had that in my mind reading this. All the side characters are fleshed out and get romance side stories that read quite well. I think I was just anxious and worried the author would abuse the MC and ML horribly with some massively angsty plot before climax as some Chinese novels are wont to do. Fortunately that didn't really happen. So for anyone wondering while there are small sections of angst it's not like entire story arc length. This novel reads more like a space opera than a science fiction novel probably because the author doesn't really have a solid grasp of computing or manufacturing and I just mean this by process of mech building is sometimes illogical. Prepare for a roller coaster ride of action, adventure and emotions near the end. The love in this novel is well written even if flawed but also heartwarming and endearing. ML remains tsundere for life so don't expect too many changes. 125 mecha is so fun to read. My fav character to read only because the author had to gimp the MC with cowardliness that didn't match his character development. It was just paced wrong. It's almost a dual protagonist novel as MC and ML seem to both get a big amount of screen time from their perspectives. I find that really refreshing. I think this novel was worth my time and I hope you give it a try. <<less
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ichigofanz rated it
April 8, 2021
Status: Completed
This one is so good!! I've reread this quite a few times, that's how much I like this. It is surprising that no one pick this one up, I'm so glad someone finally decided to translate this one. The first few chapter might feel a bit annoying, but keep reading, you won't be disappointed! The extra chapter is so heartfelt & touching, you can see how much ML love MC despite his tsundere attitude.
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Erudite.Cielo rated it
March 25, 2021
Status: Completed
I really loved this story.. 乂❤‿❤乂 The tsundere cat ML is so cute and the submissive MC is docile. Their love story is full of twists and turns. They had beautiful children. (〜^∇^) 〜 Anyway, my favorite character is the alien mecha 125 -- funny, loyal, cute, collecter. (=①ω①=) The ending is unexpected but awesome all the same. (✪㉨✪)
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crochet rated it
March 12, 2021
Status: c15
I've been following this as the TLs come out. I like the quality of the translation, no complaints.

As for the content! The MC is very relatable and practical, which is a nice departure from MCs that can't do anything for themselves. I don't have much to say about the ML, I can only hope that as time goes on, his character becomes fleshed out accordingly.

This novel has a lot of room for growth with the direction it's going. We're getting some serious setup for political intrigue, major character developments, and... more>> more world building. I have high hopes that this will be a novel I enjoy from start to finish. <<less
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Kuro Novelle
Kuro Novelle rated it
May 19, 2021
Status: Completed
Notice: This is just a personal opinion, no need to get hardheaded

My overall score : 4.2/5

Found the ongoing translation project, but got hooked afterwards then proceed by MTL-ing it myself. So beware of unintended spoiler here.

It was quite an enjoyable reading experience, it didn't really need brain power to read and understand the content, has dynamically developing characters, nice story-plot development, not so nice ML but charming still, there were happy moments and angsty moments too, cheap yet annoying flies-like villains also has their up and downside in the story,... more>> somewhat went south at later part but still enjoyable. Arts-and-crafts focused MC is a big plus for me.

At the end of the story, some parts actually need more explanation rather than just they appear as something like deus ex machina finish.

At some points, I also thought... do the author-sama really need to glorify the ML so much? I mean, okay he got one of the best physical trait of all humans but... look here readers, lets skip his personality defects but why practically every single human inhabitants of the universe went 'ga ga ga' over him? And pretty much almost every major turns of events will be solved by him. The MC need love too okay?

As for characters personal impression; here:

MC : Started with full marks but went somewhat bad later


Cunning yet timid harmless type lil' fox; quite likeable personality, admirable, too trusting towards others, pretty hardworking and independent type at first then got spoiled after married

He started with go independent mindset, quite shrewd in doing business. Pretty dedicated doing his work, learning in school, and improving his skill in craft. Even made his works colleagues regards him in high position. At first, even tried many things to escape the s*ave contracts but his interactions and dependence towards ML made him lose that spirit and instead wants to lean on the ML almost every time in the later part of the story.

He didn't try to resolutely solve his bloodline problem first in fear that ML will abandon him (rather understandable, really... but....). And the most disappointing thing was when he was kidnapped, he didn't try much to escape by himself and just relied on ML to save him later


ML : [important things will be mentioned more than once]


Enigmatic, Aggravating, and Abrasive Ore-sama proud cat type, plenty self-righteous, plenty stubborn, awkward but aggravating, innocent but abrasive, has quite a yandere and tsundere trait, can't accept things if they're different from what he wants, can't really see things as they were, quite unforgiving towards others, loyal and faithful but aggravating still, possessive but abrasive. But but inside all that mask there hidden really fragile part inside.

At the beginning, every time he speaks, we readers will need to regulate our breathing... (yep practically so). For he appears as pretty unreasonable character only towards the MC. Has quite enigmatic mindset... I can't really understand how his brain works, especially when it's regarding the MC (for he's convinced that none will love and treat MC in a good way except him).

Before marriage, he admitted to his parents that he used underhanded means to get into MC's life -something that the latter overheard a part of it. In some way, he understood and knows that he will not meet any other person like the MC. Will only be obedient against his 'mother' but has competitive strike towards his father. Pretty much the young generation of his family and relatives went 'ga ga ga' over him, and regards the MC unworthy as his marriage partner.

Quite hardheaded, even more so in his opinion towards the Exotic beast. This hatred render the MC in a pitiful situation, for he refused to hear his opinion. His hatred towards them is explained later thus we can understand it, but afterwards when the true conspiracy was revealed -and even more so when the true perpetrator was revealed to be a faction of humans, he still persists hating them albeit not to the degree of readily genocide them. He openly hates the fact that his older brother is a couple with MC's 'relative'. He also forbid the MC to have any contact with Exotic beast after he accepted him as exotic beast.

Overall, he can't really show his affection towards the MC in more subtle way


Mascot/125 :


chaotic-alignment silly toddler crow... (yep, crow... not a T. rex) ; it claims as MC's helper but whatever he does is plenty annoying for me, and the main driver-cause for MC's chaotic (sex) life. Many things about this creature put MC into an awkward situation


My Favourite characters? its the support characters actually

  1. Luo ShaoTian'
  2. Yates
  3. Master Yan
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MaeJinIang rated it
April 27, 2021
Status: c61
At first I was reluctant to read this novel because I want to read it once it is completed. But my curiosity is nagging me so I ended up reading it anyway, and there's an update everyday.

O (≧▽≦) O as expected of exiledrebel ❤

The ML (Yuan Xi) is arrogant and overbearing, his attitude might be intolerable to some people but he do have gentle feelings with the MC (Luo Xiaolou) but there were some scenes in the novel that want me to scold Yuan Xi.

that time when it was his birthday (Yuan Xi) Xialou gifted him (Yuan Xi) a 7 grade energy box that he worked so hard to create, in exchange he wanted to dissolve the s*ave contract but Yuan Xi misunderstood, and he 'wanted' to kill Xialou for that. Which I made me upset, like wtf is wrong with you man, Xialou just want to live his life. The misunderstanding was fixed later on.


The MC (LX) treasured his life so much, he's wary of Yuan Xi because of his exotic beast identity, and Yuan Xi seemed to hate that species I don't know why. I really really hope that Yuan Xi won't hurt Xialou once he discovered the truth about Xialou's identity.

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August 22, 2021
Status: Completed
The summary and the title are very different from the story. You think it's about sm or abo relationship but it's more than that. Proof, there are multiple books. Very attaching characters. There are some inconstancy but that's ok in front of the big work. Pity, would have love to have sidestories about the other characters.
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August 6, 2021
Status: c161
Not a fan of the yikes relationship dynamics and lack of MC's sense of pride but wrapped within an interesting enough plot to kill time.

The MC faceslapping is probably the biggest sell of this novel with recurring "prove haters/doubters wrong" moments. Very appealing for those who want to root for a protagonist whom most people despise for being weak but does a turn around and shocks everyone with their strength.

I also like the plot arcs and I genuinely find them entertaining with the MC slowly leveling up as they progress.

World... more>> building is okay with some interesting sci-fi elements to it but the author doesn't spend much time expounding it and setting up a futuristic intergalactic atmosphere which is disappointing. Feels more like a xianxia artifact-refining novel skinned into a sci-fi mecha story.

Sidekick mascot kinda annoying at time but serves more as a plot pusher.

But the yikes parts come from the relationship between MC and ML which goes from master-s*ave to violent husband-pushover wife to codependence. With a lot of heteronormative rationalizing that this is how strong men show love to their weak wives. Straight male-female couple stereotypes skinned into gay couples is a fault in many danmei but it's much much more heavily pronounced in this one.

MC does learn to stand his ground on some things and ML comes to care for and pamper the MC albeit aggressively and possessively which some people might find cute and romantic.

Not for someone who expects fluffy healthy equal relationships or an MC with conviction and a sense of pride.

Overall, a time-killer but not something you'd cry over or devote time thinking about. <<less
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Cheryl R
Cheryl R rated it
July 29, 2021
Status: c154
Excellent read. Props to the translation team for picking this book up. I give this a five star, but the review is not letting me check five stars, only 4!!!
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karoshiSama rated it
June 25, 2021
Status: c120
really good, I like it. The update are daily so it is very easy to follow. Nice translation, nice vibes from the team. That's a part of the translation too. The story is nice, if you like mecha, extraordinary beasts, royalty, mysterious compagnionship, you'll be happy. Don't the love story of course.
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elaves rated it
May 26, 2021
Status: c90
So far it is good. I like the humor and the progress of the history. The ML can be... complicated at times but I love the mental dialogue of the MC.
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May 13, 2021
Status: c78

... more>>

Okay so, the characters are all pretty cool except I have a bit of beef with the ML... tsundere type ML seem to be my type of ML.. I like how he gets awkward about stuff and blushes often, , , ITS CUTE.. but whenever he gets mad he straight up abuses the MC. HE CHOKED HIM WTF. HES GETTING BETTER BUT MAN IS SRSLY VIOLENT. Also I hope the MC clears up misunderstandings soon. Can the ML stop saying hes a slut? or that hes really thirsty/horny?? ITS WEIRD.


Anyways besides this the ML and MC r pretty cool hopefully they continue being the best in this universe <<less
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